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July 2nd, 2008 • Kate

My head needed a break yesterday from reading queries and partials, so after work yesterday, I sat out on our back deck and dove into Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much. I’m not sure if I’ve previously mentioned my addiction to TLC and HGTV, but Peter was one of the organizational gurus on TLC’s Clean Sweep, and It’s All Too Much is a guide to follow his steps to live clutter-free, happier lives.
Does it work? Let’s just say that halfway through the book, I took a break to clean out our hall closet, packing heavy winter coats away in storage and finding boxes and bags to hold out hats, gloves, and scarves more neatly. After another chapter, I cleared off the top of our hutch, which still hosted some wedding gifts for which we hadn’t yet found a permanent home. By the time I finished, late last night, I’d prepared a plan of attack to organize and de-clutter three more rooms — my home office, our bedroom, and the master bathroom.
Highly recommend.

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2 Responses to “Recent Reads”

  1. Julia Says:

    I need that book!

  2. Caryn Says:

    The key — for me, at least — is not in the first round of decluttering, but in actually finishing the entire task and then keeping things organized afterward. The closest I've gotten to a housekeeping goddess was when I was a Flylady follower for a while a few years ago. Next time I'm ready for a good house-keeping binge, I'll have to pick this book up and see if it helps. Who knows? Maybe some of the habits will even stick. A few of Flylady's did.