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Reading up a storm

Spent another day running around the city to meetings with editors, authors, and scouts, and while I had to replace the battery on my phone/mobile email device, my Kindle is standing up like a champ! I am the new champ of subway reading! Granted, I got a head start on my flight into town, but I am tearing through my submissions pile and have found at least four manuscripts out of the 40 or so partials I requested where I’d like to see the full novel. And they’re not all what I might expect.
Which leads me to carefully issue the following statement: sometimes, what I want to represent is not what I say I’m looking for, or what even I might expect. Now, please don’t take this to mean you should suddenly flood my inbox with queries far beyond my stated interests, or completely disregard my stated dislikes. I’m merely saying, for instance, if I’m open to a YA or middle grade novel with sci-fi elements, I might consider an adult novel with similar elements.
Not always. But maybe. Sometimes.
*ducks for cover under a sudden flurry of new queries*

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