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I am typing this on a Dell laptop

Another day in the New York office, but I will be very glad to get home tonight. So I’m up early, getting ready for my meetings, checking my blogs, and I see a post from my author Lili Wilkinson that touches on yet another hot-button issue of the day, product placement in books. And I do a little googling, and I find a few other links on the subject. I also find the original New York Times article (yes, again) that set it off. But here’s what I found most amusing: the top story that comes up if you search for the words “product placement” and “new york times” and “young adult books”? Not the most recent article, but one that touches on the exact same themes and was published TWO YEARS AGO.
Now, take of that what you will — a validation of the thesis that product placement in YA books is becoming too widespread, or the recognition, as Lili mentions, that a book that fakes its brand names may not hit the same chord with its teen readership than one that is more authentic to their experience. Now, conversely, an authentic book today may be more dated in a few years, but let’s throw the question open to the floor: how do you feel about using brand names in your books? Do you? If not, how do you get around it?

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