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Hotel getaway

We’re all about themes this week at kt literary, and since the Shelf Elf has posted a great review of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, and mentioned fondly The Hopewell Hotel which plays such a big part in the story, I couldn’t help but wonder…
What are some of the most memorable hotels you’ve stayed in?
For me, there was this hostel in the Garden District of New Orleans my junior year of college. Five friends and I drove down from Delaware for our spring break, and stayed on the second floor at the front of a converted mansion. A small bathroom linked our two bedrooms, each of which had floor-to-ceiling windows wider than an arm’s reach that opened out onto a balcony. At the time we were staying there, the hostel was also hosting an international smorgasbord of other young travelers, and we spent many nights that week all out on our balcony, talking to each other, learning about everyone’s travels (and drinking). I’m not sure I’d want to go back now, being in a completely different time of my life, but it was a perfect hotel for a college-age kt.
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