Going through with it

July 3rd, 2008 • Kate

Over on her blog, Josie Bloss shares her top secret pub day plans for Band Geek Love: a tattoo!

I love this idea, and have seen it before on authors. What a fantastic way to celebrate the culmination of years of work! I even know another one of my authors has made a similar promise to herself.

So here’s my question for you before the long holiday weekend: if your WIP or totally imaginary book’s publication day was tomorrow, what would you do to celebrate?

I’ve thought in the past about a tattoo to celebrate a life’s milestone, but I think I’m too indecisive when it comes to my personal appearance. I mean, I change my hair color with the seasons, and I have long hair precisely so I can wear it lots of different ways. And my clothes run the gamut from preppy to classic to trendy to stay-at-home (step)mom. I did have one idea for an image that has several meanings to me, but where would I put it?

No, too many decisions to live with for the rest of my life.

So I think I would go shopping. I like the idea of a small piece of jewelry that I could wear to remind myself of my accomplishment, that I could change if I wanted to wear something else. Something like a small diamond earring.

What about you?

In other news, I’m going to do my best to get through all my queries before the long holiday weekend, in case you’re waiting on a response from me. I’m hoping to read partials over the weekend, so will have responses on those for some people next week.

Have a great Fourth of July!

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8 Responses to “Going through with it”

  1. Alyson Noel Says:

    I'm like you Daphne- I like the idea of a tattoo but could never settle on the design or placement! I like to celebrate my releases by buying a small item I've had my eye on- CRUEL SUMMER = Gucci Sunglasses!
    Happy 4th to you!

  2. Amie Says:

    I would totally get another tattoo (and plan to for my birthday). That said, it took me YEARS to decide on a design for my second tattoo.
    Happy Fourth!!

  3. Trish Says:

    My date is still quite a ways off, but my plan is to hire one of my favorite bands to play at a launch party. Since I know the guys in the band, I'm hoping I'll be able to convince them to make it a charity event with donations going to their favorite cause. But, the point here… having my boys play a personal show. πŸ˜€

  4. Fie Eoin Says:

    Dinner at the Charleston Place Hotel. Last year when I finished NaNoWriMo we got to have dinner there because one of the other wrimos worked there. It was probably the best dinner I've ever had. So hubby and I would go there for dinner to celebrate.
    And then appearantly I'm supposed to help him start a restaurant with that oh-so-huge check I'll be getting for my book πŸ˜› (I don't think he knows how much unknown writers actually make).

  5. Marva Says:

    I would have celebrated when I got the advance. Since I'd already be broke again the day before publication date, then I wouldn't do anything except what my agent and publisher have scheduled for appearances, signings, etc. I hope those entities still do some publicity setup. There must be a reason why they get the big bucks.
    On my last published book (released 6/1/08), I said, "That's nice," and continued on my WIP.

  6. Julia Says:

    I've thought tattoo umpteen times (especially since my book revolves around a tattoo.) But, I'm too indecisive about location & if I really want to be looking at that particular image when I'm 100!
    So, I think I would throw a huge party at my favorite wine bar & have all my friends & family celebrate with me!

  7. beth Says:

    Ever since I saw how the Dixie Chicks tatooed little chicken feet on their own feet for every milestone in their record sales, I thought it would be cool to put a little symbol on my feet/ankles for every book I sold. I was thinking of maybe stars…
    Here's a pic of the Dixie Chicks design: http://www.vanishingtattoo.com/tattoo/celeb-dixi_

  8. Pema Says:

    A happy dance. If a writer's going to get published, the writer might as well do a happy dance. Or at least this writer.
    Cake would also be present. Nothing is celebrated without cake. (That's why I dance so much.) πŸ˜‰