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Band Geek Pub Day!

It is the official pub date for Josie Bloss‘s debut novel BAND GEEK LOVE, and in celebration, I’m sharing tales of my high school geekiness. Oh yes.
Unlike the classic high schools you read about in teen fiction (or, if you were a child of the 80s, saw in a plethora of John Hughes films), my high school wasn’t huge. Didn’t have hundreds of people. Didn’t even have boys, actually — we were an all girls Catholic school in the New York suburbs, just down the road from a giant high school in a gorgeous gothic styled building that was all those things I saw on the movie screen. And for about half a semester my senior year, myself and four of my best friends walked the two and a half blocks to that giant high school every day to take Calculus.
Our school was closing, you see. The writing was on the walls. No freshmen had enrolled, all the girls who would be juniors left to get in two full years somewhere else, and most of the sophomore class had also bailed, leaving just 41 seniors in an echoing building. So no, the administration wasn’t about to bring in a specialized teacher for those of us who had advanced beyond their teaching capabilities. Thus — the walk down the road to the public high school.
Now, every public high school has its geeks — band geeks, drama geeks, science nerds, etc. But this is nothing — nothing, I tell you — to five plaid-skirted girls coming to your high school just to take Calculus.
I could tell you I was also a cheerleader, helped organize a fashion show, drove a red convertible on ring day and gave speeches on class day, but this does nothing to balance out my Calculus-taking geekiness.
Eventually, someone caved to pressure and they brought us back within the confines of our school’s walls and found us a teacher. And after passing that class (thanks to a sister who retaught me every principle of Calculus at home each night while I struggled over my homework), I never had to take another math class again.
That’s me. How were YOU a geek in high school?

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