Band Geek Pub Day!

July 1st, 2008 • Kate

It is the official pub date for Josie Bloss‘s debut novel BAND GEEK LOVE, and in celebration, I’m sharing tales of my high school geekiness. Oh yes.
Unlike the classic high schools you read about in teen fiction (or, if you were a child of the 80s, saw in a plethora of John Hughes films), my high school wasn’t huge. Didn’t have hundreds of people. Didn’t even have boys, actually — we were an all girls Catholic school in the New York suburbs, just down the road from a giant high school in a gorgeous gothic styled building that was all those things I saw on the movie screen. And for about half a semester my senior year, myself and four of my best friends walked the two and a half blocks to that giant high school every day to take Calculus.
Our school was closing, you see. The writing was on the walls. No freshmen had enrolled, all the girls who would be juniors left to get in two full years somewhere else, and most of the sophomore class had also bailed, leaving just 41 seniors in an echoing building. So no, the administration wasn’t about to bring in a specialized teacher for those of us who had advanced beyond their teaching capabilities. Thus — the walk down the road to the public high school.
Now, every public high school has its geeks — band geeks, drama geeks, science nerds, etc. But this is nothing — nothing, I tell you — to five plaid-skirted girls coming to your high school just to take Calculus.
I could tell you I was also a cheerleader, helped organize a fashion show, drove a red convertible on ring day and gave speeches on class day, but this does nothing to balance out my Calculus-taking geekiness.
Eventually, someone caved to pressure and they brought us back within the confines of our school’s walls and found us a teacher. And after passing that class (thanks to a sister who retaught me every principle of Calculus at home each night while I struggled over my homework), I never had to take another math class again.
That’s me. How were YOU a geek in high school?

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7 Responses to “Band Geek Pub Day!”

  1. Alyson Noel Says:

    YAY for Band Geek Love!!!
    Um, I wasn't really a geek in the classic sense, but I wasn't exactly popular either– I somehow managed to stay outside all of that, and was much more of an observer . . .
    But, you were a cheerleader??? My gawd, Daphne, you've done it all, haven't you?

  2. Rexroth Says:

    I was:
    – A marching band geek.
    – A concert band geek.
    – A swing band geek.
    – A roleplaying game geek.
    – A book geek.
    – A drama geek.
    – A 'smart kid's class' geek. (Calc, Trig)
    I was also a starting lineman for the varsity football team that went to the State playoffs and one of the 'weekend partying' kids, so I really didn't get much crap from anyone about any of it.
    It was a small town — one had to be multi-talented.
    Specialization, as the man said, is for insects.

  3. Trish Says:

    Gah! Band Geek Love came out on my day off! *rushes off to B&N*
    Well, I'll rush off after I answer the question. In high school I was like Alyson, neither popular nor a geek. I went to a very small Catholic school and our class was tight, so we really didn't really stress about cliques.

  4. robin Says:

    I was definitely a geek, I think. I took Calculus, Honors English, and two choirs. I had a ton of friends, but I didn't party much (or at all, I guess). DH would say I was definitely a geek — he used to call me 'the short-haired chick'. He was a jock — but we ended up married anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Only 14 years later)

  5. Marva Says:

    Fun topic. High School, eh? I recall belonging to the Cave Painting Geek Club.
    I was a theater geek: Anybody who walks down the middle of the street late at night with a group of other theater geeks singing West Side Story songs at the top of our lungs. Well, you know who you are.
    Three years in A Capella choir.
    Honor Student geek. That's the worst. We did get the best damned teachers in the school system. Never did learn how to parse a sentence, but I got an A on my esssay comparing Candide (Voltaire) to Candy (Terry Southern). Duh.
    My penultimate geekiness came senior year. One of the clique girls was repping a sorority at the University. She had to ask, but the message was clear: "You don't want to be in XYZ Sorority, right?"
    Ah, yes. The bad old days.

  6. Little Willow Says:

    High five! When I was in middle school, I went to the high school to take math.
    When I was in high school, I took additional math courses, up through Calculus, and then they ran out of math classes for me. Oh, and I was the VP (and sole female member of) the Math Club, which lasted for two meetings.
    In high school, I took all high honors courses. I belonged to multiple clubs and academic and service organizations. I was a member of both honor choirs – one for classical training, the other for musical theatre – and I ended up teaching both classes while still a student myself.
    I'll stop there, or I'll just. keep. typing. I have a lot of stories related to academic pursuits.
    Smart people rule. Intelligence should be commended, not mocked. Whenever someone calls me a nerd or a geek, I reply, "Thank you."
    Question: When was the last time someone asked me if I was a Catholic schoolgirl?
    Answer: Today.
    I'm serious. *points to today's ensemble*

  7. jeanoram Says:

    Honestly, truly? In high school not so geekitude. Strange, yes. Geek no. I was the one becoming a ski instructor, making the weird ghost voice in Hamlet, and disappearing for weeks on end because I was on some family adventure. Oh yes, and I lived in an old school. And I lived in a town of about 100 people. Kinda stuck out in good old farm land. Not to mention my parents kept bees and not cows.
    Now? I'm a geek. I own a GPS and use it to hunt treasures left by other geeks (geocachers). I was asked to speak at a tech conference. (I didn't feel geeky enough to do that though…) I like to hack code on my blog and make graphics. For fun. I'm the one in the family that knows how to program the VCR. I also make up new words and test them on my mom who is a latin/word geek. I find Michael from The Office cute and charming. Oh, and I still quote Back to the Future, even though the movie is how old…
    Does that make me a qualifier?