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Back to work!

Back at official kt literary headquarters, following up on all my NYC meetings and responding to those authors who’ve sent me partials in recent history. If you send me a partial and haven’t received a response yet, there’s a good chance I never got your email. Please go ahead and resend it to me. I still have a number of fulls to get through, which I’m tackling this week, and my pile of queries is hovering around 125, so that needs to be sorted out soon, too.
But there’s other, more exciting news out there. Alyson Noel’s Fly Me To The Moon is coming out in a Spanish language edition, and the cover is above. She’s heading up to San Francisco for the RWA national convention shortly, so head over to her blog and wish her luck!
Later this week, we have more Ask Daphne questions coming, as well as the answers to your Ask An Editor questions. Stay tuned!