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So what are YOU up to this weekend?

Well, if you’re not me, with a still growing pile of manuscripts to read, perhaps you’re up for the 48 Hour Book Challenge proposed by Mother Reader! I love the idea of this — take an single, continuous 48-hour period this weekend, as long as you’re done by 7am on Monday, and read as much as you can. Woot! That’s the basic version — you can also blog all about it, and share your stats (pages read, books read, sodas consumed, etc.) with the other participants. Post reviews too, and tell others what you thought of the books you tear through.
I’ll even make it MORE fun for you — add a comment on Monday with a link to your list of books read (following Mother Reader’s rules), and I will send the person who read the most books an ARC of my client (and Class of 2k8 author) Ellen Booraem‘s forthcoming novel THE UNNAMEABLES, which Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is publishing in October. Be sure to post your comment with your email address, so I can get your mailing address and send the ARC to the winner!

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