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Reading Time

BEA was hectic, of course, and after getting through the most pressing follow-up I needed to do, I’m left with a giant (metaphorical) pile of reading to do. Here’s the problem, though — the more material I have on a project, the longer it takes me to read. Well, sure, that only makes sense. But follow along with me here for a sec — a query which contains a letter and about three pages of text takes about five minutes to read, roughly. At the moment, I have about 80 unread queries after clearing them all out just last week. Then I’ve got the partials I requested — the first five chapters of books that intrigue me, which each take about 45 minutes to an hour to read, sometimes less. Say about 45 of those. Then there’s the full manuscripts — either the first time I’m seeing a full, or a revision of a full that I requested that I need to give my full attention. I’ve got about ten of those waiting patiently for my eyes.
Now, it’s much easier and feels like I’ve done a lot more if I read through a pile of queries. But I’m getting behind on my more in-depth reading, which takes more time, and is less suited to the “I’ve only got ten minutes” kind of reading that I can fit in between other work.
So today — and possibly tomorrow — and CERTAINLY this weekend, I’m going to be concentrating on reading fulls and partials and getting back to people with my reaction. On the plus side, I feel like I’m close to signing a new client or two. Maybe more. Stay tuned!
And please, folks, keep those questions about agents and the publishing industry coming. I can’t possibly have already answered every last burning question you have, have I? Am I THAT good? Wow.

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