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Linkapalooza! (or why to write YA)

Like many agents, I regularly get email links to sites that mention my authors, my agency, or myself. Today I found this nice mention of SAVING ZOE by Alyson Noel, from author Amanda Ashby, and this review of DEVILISH by Maureen Johnson from Trashionista. But I also love to follow the references and see where they lead, hoping to find something great to post about. (Because if you think coming up with a daily post is easy, you’re a wee bit insane!) So today I was thrilled to follow another mention of Maureen Johnson to this wonderful list of Reasons to Write YA, from aspiring author Mary Danielson. I’m not necessarily sure I agree with every reason she lists, but it’s definite food for thought.
What about you? What are YOUR reasons to write YA? Or for any other age range or genre? The comments are open!

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