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Chill in the air

When I was a kid, for four wonderful summers I went to sleepaway camp in Westchester County — only two weeks at a time, but that’s all I remember of those four summers. Canoeing, hiking, horrible “bug juice” in the mess tent, bonfires, cabins, and the girls I became friends with. And, well, there’s a certain kind of chill in the air this morning that makes me think of summer camp — all you have are shorts and t-shirts, which you pile on under the only sweatshirt you packed, then huddle with your bunkmates and watch the rain outside, sharing treats sent from home in brown-paper-wrapped care packages, passing around the few books you brought with you.
All this to say — yes, it’s another reading day here at kt literary. Yesterday was pretty successful (I got through two full manuscripts), so I hope for more of the same today. While I’m reading, tell me — did any of you go to camp? Did you love it? Hate it? Still feel like it’s an authentic childhood experience to share in your novels, or is it as dated as sock hops and roller skating?

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