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Ask Daphne! How many is too many?

A plethora of shoes for Narda, who asks:

As most agents are very busy and even an E-mail query may take quite awhile to receive a reply, how many agents should you query at one time?

As many as you want, Narda, but more importantly, only as many as you can track. Remember, of course, that you should be researching every agent before you query them, making sure that your work is appropriate for them, and personalizing every email that you send out. Nothing will get your email query deleted unread faster than a huge field of agents’ email addresses in the cc field and a form letter that starts “Dear Agent.”
But if you’ve researched 5 agents whose lists seem to match your work, whose tastes you agree with, whose clients you admire or respect — or if you’ve done that with 10, or 20, or 50 agents — then be sure you’re tracking every email you send out, and go ahead.
Of course, should one of your dream agents respond positively and offer representation, you’ll need to let everyone else know, which may cut down on your widespread querying, but that’s a pretty good problem to have, I’d say.

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