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Ask Daphne! About the Marketplace

I’ve decided the Ask Daphne posts lacked a certain style, so much like the images that grace all my other blog posts, I’m going to add some here, too. And what else but shoes?
Today, Bill writes,

Have you ever heard of an author finding a publisher or agent by posting on the Publishers Marketplace right board? Do you ever search them or glance at them? I’m trying to decide if that’s worth doing.

Honestly, Bill? No, I haven’t. I can’t speak for other agents, but I barely have time to get through all the queries that are sent to me, never mind seeking out postings of material on Publishers Marketplace or in other locations. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t happen, but I wonder if it isn’t like that old Hollywood story of the girl getting discovered at the counter at Scraff’s Drugstore — it happened once, so everyone hopes it may happen again, and they just keep showing up.
I have found authors online, but usually through blog links or via websites I’m already reading. Sorry for the dismaying answer, but hey — pretty shoes!

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