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Of familiar faces and friends

Sitting in my hotel lobby grabbing some free wifi before I head out to a bunch of meetings, I came across these two websites which happen to mention a few kt literary projects. First, Under the Coversthinks Maureen Johnson’s SCARLETT cover model looks like Scarlett Johanssen, while Jose Bloss’ BAND GEEK LOVE seems to deliberately call to mind Alyson Hannigan’s famous band geek character in American Pie. Hmmm…
Then, over on the blog Garish & Tweed, the author ponders the theme of YA protagonists without friends, or somehow separated from their friends for the course of the novel, mentioning SUITE SCARLETT again. I couldn’t help but think also of CRUEL SUMMER by Alyson Noel, whose heroine Colby is an ocean away from her new group of friends, with other actions separating her from another good friend.
Does your WiP or novel fit this mold as well? Or, conversely, what examples can you give me of a YA novel protag with a strong group of friends, not a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, when all four friends share protagonist-ship, but a single central character with a realistic numbers of buddies?

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