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It’s like she’s just had a book published, or something

MJ is everywhere! She’s on John Scalzi’s blog, talking about The Big Idea. My favorite part:

This is not the Manhattan of Gossip Girl. Suite Scarlett isn’t about buying things or vying for position. I wanted to write about the New York I understood — the one where you make things, and the creative underclasses and the rich mingle, sometimes uneasily, sometimes very fruitfully. Scarlett soon learns the skill of making things up — solutions that have little to do with money, and everything to do with creativity and embracing the implausible and slightly insane. I think this is an especially important principle to introduce to today’s teens, some of whom may be laboring under the misapprehension that things in life are supposed to work in a certain way, that a series of standardized tests will lead to a life of perfect order — a life in which mistakes and risks are things to be feared and avoided.

Also, she’s in Michigan! Or will be, tomorrow. With John and Hank Green. If you live in the Grand Rapids area, feel free to go see her in public, and poke at her (the use of sticks as poking devices is neither implied nor condoned).

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