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I’m Not 100% Sure I Agree With This

But Cory Doctorow (yes, him again) posits an interesting idea on publishing, and the value of giving stuff away for free.

Dandelions and artists have a lot in common in the age of the Internet. This is, of course, the age of unlimited, zero-marginal-cost copying. If you blow your works into the net like a dandelion clock on the breeze, the net itself will take care of the copying costs.

Now, I know I do agree with artists having a place on the web where their readers can find them, and that those sites should be frequently updated with new information, which should be shared widely. Do I believe in giving away copies of their books for free? All of them?
Ummm, no. But making them available to read in large chunks, and links to sites where you CAN get the book immediately? Yeah, I like that.
I’m looking forward to Doctorow’s next article.

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