Geek love

Josie Bloss’ BAND GEEK LOVE continues to get some great early reviews, like this one from the Ya, Ya, Yas and this one from Book Divas. An excerpt:

I really, really enjoyed this book. I give mad props to Josie Bloss for writing an atypical story of a girl dating a younger guy. Josie’s [I think she means Ellie’s] unorthodox parents are a huge factor that causes her to be so rigid and focused on being a band geek, and I found that aspect to be very real as well. The story had humor, a realistic portrayal of high school life, and of course, a very sweet romance as well. I really enjoyed all of the characters and was pleased Josie Bloss took the time to focus on the very endearing secondary characters and concluded their respective storylines in a satisfactory way as well. Overall, I give BAND GEEK LOVE a resounding two thumbs up and will look forward to what Josie Bloss writes next!