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A lovely editor in the Random House group was kind enough to slide me a copy of Sophie Kinsella’s latest, REMEMBER ME? This is the story of a woman who wakes up from a car accident with three years worth of amnesia, and spends the rest of the book trying to match her memories of herself and her life with the cold, uncaring, driven, glamorous person she’s apparently become. I’ve decided I much prefer Kinsella’s non-SHOPAHOLIC books, since I’m not quite as prone to spend my reading time annoyingly frustrated with the main character. This was a perfect escape between final wedding prep and my sister’s marathon viewing sessions of crime dramas. As I’ve said before, Kinsella is one of my fave women’s fiction writers, although her work is consistently on the lighter side of things. And sometimes you need that. Who else should I try next time I need a break?

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