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Kirkus gives us some love, take some away

In very typical fashion, the professional review journal Kirkus throws Maureen Johnson’s SUITE SCARLETT a backhanded compliment. But kt, you ask, if so, why are you posting it on your website?
Well, readers, because that’s the way Kirkus likes to roll. A little love, a little pain. Much like life, I think. The kicker:

There are a lot of pieces packed into Johnson’s caper comedy, and at times the fantastical plot feels a bit unwieldy. However, the authentic charm of the characters and the endearing sweetness of their odd familial relationships do, finally, make this light read worthwhile.

The full quote is up on bn.com. Personally, I think Kirkus can take their “light read”s and stick them somewhere untoward. The sense that YA novels are light and fluffy (unless they’re dark and depressing) is one that abounds in critical analysis of teen fiction, and it bugs me.