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I’m not the only one with a high-tech toy

Still loving my Kindle, and yet still very interested to hear what others think about their high-tech reading devices. On No Want Decaf!, an editor shares her thoughts about her Sony Reader, and how it has basically changed the way her publishing house does business — saving huge bundles of money on copying fees alone:

Step 1: You receive the manuscript via email and put it immediately on your e-reader, swinging your deliciously small bag over your shoulder with glee. You can tell that the people shuffling their newspapers are impressed as you read one-handed while standing on the train.
Step 2: You love the manuscript and ask other editors to read it, and email it to them right away. When you walk by the copier later, you can’t help but smile.
Step 3: Good news, the other editors love the manuscript too! Time to take it to acquisitions — email the manuscript to everyone on the committee. Get on with the rest of your job!

Now, granted, I don’t have the same worries about sharing material widely that an editor does, but I still found it interesting reading — not just about a reader, but also about the acquisitions process.

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