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Ask Daphne! About archives

May asks

I recently wanted to return to one of your older blog posts…only to find that it was no longer on the the blog page. Furthermore, I could not find any links to a blog archive. Is this something you plan to set up in the future?

First of all, May, I’m thrilled you wanted to go back and read one of my posts again. I’m enough of a n00bie professional blogger to love that people are reading and enjoying my posts enough to want to go back and read them again. And speaking of being a n00b — yes, you’re right, there isn’t a link to the archive on the main Ask Daphne page.
However, every post has its own individual page, and if you click on any one of the posts on the main page (down at the bottom of each post, on the date/time stamp), it will take you to a permanent link for that post. And on the sidebar of THAT page, you’ll find links to the previous post, as well as to the archives. As well, at the bottom of the post, you’ll find links to other posts that use the same tags and categories.
It’s not the most perfect system, but it’s what we have right now. I’ll see if Rexroth and I can put some work into making a more obvious link to the archives on the main page.

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