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Why oh why no wifi?

The New York office today is a cafe on Franklin Street in Tribeca called Pecan, which has — huzzah! — free wifi. And conveniently located power outlets. Although I have not yet located the restrooms, which, considering the amount of tea I have already consumed this morning, might be a problem. I tried Starbucks first, but the wifi was NOT FREE (for shame!) and the free connections I could make kept going in and out. Very annoying.
My plan for the day, between meetings, was a close, long look at my queries in a way that I’m not often able to do at work during regular office hours. There’s always something else that needs being done, another phone call to make, etc. Here, I can’t be distracted by a pile of filing to do, although, it may be argued, sitting in a bustling cafe isn’t the most peaceful of spaces.
I like it, though.
Tonight, I have drinks with a client, and then some good old-fashioned non-work related socializing. After all — I’m in New York! Even though I lived here for most of my life, there’s always something new to see, favorite stores and buildings to visit, and shopping to do. On a short trip like this one, that means a lot of running around, but it’s part of the bustle of the big city.

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