books aren’t just what we do, they’re who we are

(Net)Work it, baby!

Borrowed Rexroth’s car last night to drive on up to Boulder to meet with the writers of Murphy’s Fiction Collective, a group of creative souls who gather with some regularity, as is appropriate, in a local Boulder bar. They were the hosts, along with other local writers and creative types, of a fun networking party for the local writing/publishing community.
I had a great time meeting and chatting with teachers at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, the founder of Sub-Scribe magazine, and the books editor for NewWest, among others. I was reminded once again that just because people in New York consider themselves the epicenter of the publishing community, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is empty! In just a short time out here, I’ve already come in contact with representatives of multiple writers groups, heard of at least three or four local conferences, and met a ton of writers. Maybe it’s that — outside the bustle of NYC — people with an interest in writing and publishing become more vocal about their interests, more keen to gravitate to each other. Whyever it might be, it’s great fun to be a part of.
I’m grateful to the writers of Murphy’s Fiction Collective for the invite!