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Fabulous and Fun Writing Exercise

A writer friend of mine forwarded this delectable link to Daily Monster, where artist Stefan G. Bucher creates a daily drawing of a monster, and invites his blog readers to contribute the creature’s backstory. What a great writing exercise! He’s up to Monster #152, whom I particularly love for the fabulous spats and shiny black shoes. Bucher has a book coming out with his first 100 monsters, including a DVD, but you can still contribute to his daily site.
Writers are often advised to “write, write, write,” so even if you’re blocked on your novel, why not set aside some time to write a backstory for a monster? If that’s not for you, how well do you work under word constraints? Try 100 Word Stories, which gives you a theme each day and invites you to contribute a short short of just 100 words. Or how about OneWord? This site gives you 30 60 seconds to write as much of a story as you can on a single word — use it as a theme, as a punchline, or any other way you like.
What other writing exercises do you know of out there? What are your favorites?
EDIT: Seems like OneWord isn’t working anymore, which makes me even more eager to hear your ideas for writing exercises!

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