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Ask Daphne! A Day in the Life

A Peachy Student asks:

I’m currently taking Intro to Public Relations at my state university (Georgia State University) to major in PR. For our research paper we are supposed to write about a PR profession we are interested in and write about it. I chose literary agent. As this is something I would like to know more about and possibly do.
Part of our essay has to include “A Day in the Life of” type of feature. So my question to you is, “What is a day in the life of “Daphne Unfeasible”?” Especially as it relates to your profession.

Well, Peachy, it’s been a big change in the last few days, but here’s how it’s shaking down.
Up at 7am, or earlier, sitting in front of the computer at 8am Mountain time. Check emails, read industry news, catch up on author (and other) blogs.
9am – Post something to ye olde blog: either an Ask Daphne question, a bit of news I’ve pulled from an author or industry site, or something miscellaneous. Keep checking email.
Rest of the morning – follow up on submissions, keep in touch with editors, read queries, send manuscripts and galleys for submission to either domestic editors, our foreign subagents, or interested movie folks. Review contracts, if necessary.
12 noon – lunch! (I’m not actually good at this yet, but I’m trying to get on a Mountain Time schedule.) In any case, if I’m working at home, this is just a half hour break, and then it’s back to work.
The afternoon – check emails, respond. Set up meetings for my next trip to New York. Afternoon mail run with everything I’m sending out, and hopes to find a fancy check for one of my authors in the box. Read more queries. Sort mail, respond or file as necessary. Check in with other editors.
Rinse, repeat.
Some days are like that. Some aren’t. Soon, I’m hoping to get some help in building a fancy new tracking program for my submissions, so that may take some time away from other things. And of course, all this above doesn’t account for frantic calls from my authors needing information or reassurance, all of which I’m happy to track down or provide.
And when I’m in New York, the days are packed full of meetings – breakfast, lunch, office meetings, drinks, and sometimes dinner (if I’m on super friendly terms with an editor).
Evenings, all the time, are for when I can sit down with a block of time and hope not to be interrupted, reading chapters and full manuscripts.
Weekends, of course, are for shopping for shoes.

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