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January 1st, 2008 • Kate

As an aspiring writer or published author, you’re likely already a master of the internets. Here are just a few of my favorite very helpful sites for authors navigating the world of publishing:

Add your favorite links in the comments, and I’ll update my list as I hear of great new sites.

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4 Responses to “Writer’s Resources”

  1. L.C. McCabe Says:

    I wanted to welcome you to the blogosphere and say that I was directed to your site by Kristin Nelson's blog.
    I tried registering with Movable Type, but I was never sent a confirmation email to finish the registration process. So I shall try to post using the Anonymous function and see if that works any better.
    There is a link I would like to mention as a resource for writers that is not currently in your list:
    Anne Mini's Author!Author blog. It is filled with fabulous tips on writing.
    If anyone has a question about standard formatting of manuscripts, she goes into painstaking detail.
    Her blog can be found here:
    Here's hoping your move into the new office is smooth and as reasonably uneventful as can be expected in Denver in the winter.
    Linda C. McCabe

  2. A. Mysterious Person Says:

    One of the best places for new writers to figure out how not to be idiots about publishing is the Bewares and Background Check at Absolute Write:

  3. Helene B Says:

    I had the same problem with the Movable Type login, but wanted to add my favourite writing community:
    Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to hyperlink, but the forum has a myriad of sections for various genres including a YA/Children's section and a private critique group for YA/Children's writers.
    Good luck with the launch of your new agency!

  4. Kate Says:

    Bella Stander has a brilliant and extensive list of Book Publicity Resources here