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Up at the family homestead this weekend, while watching the football championship games (Go Giants!), I finished the latest Gabriel Allon thriller, The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva. Allon is an Israeli assassin and master spy, as well as a renowned art restorer. In previous books, he saved the President’s life, foiled an attempt on the life of the Pope, and killed countless terrorists. In this latest go-around, Allon’s attempt to warn the British about a possible attack on their soil leaves his name and picture all over the press again, and he must gather his trusted team to save the girl, and himself.
I always enjoy Silva’s books, although this latest one seemed to start off rather slowly. The spycraft always feels incredibly authentic, although I must admit (and this is probably also a statement on our own world, from which Silva draws his fiction) that the last few books which find Allon pitted against Islamist jihadists have started to feel similar.
Still, I’ll look forward to the next one. What are some of your favorite spy novels? And Matt Damon aside, which was better, The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, or the Doug Liman movie?

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