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Early reviews for SUITE SCARLETT

Maureen Johnson’s debut novel with her new publisher Point/Scholastic won’t be published until May, but devoted readers of her blog won early copies, and the reviews are fabulous. Little Willow (yes, that is a Joss Whedon reference, and so I love her) writes:

Maureen Johnson’s sixth novel – and Scholastic debut – is not to be missed. Johnson’s trademark wit is here (“Before, liking Eric was like a mirror – it was just a shiny thing, and it only went one way”) as is her ability to capture simple truths. There are many truths to be told here about families, first loves, careers, living in New York City, and simply growing up.

And a teen librarian from the Kinnelon Public Library writes:

I cannot overstate how much I love all of Maureen’s books. In an age of mindless chick lit for girls, Maureen writes novels where the heroines are smart, spunky, and with fierce independent streaks. But the books are also pretty breezy and light as well, and you can generally count on a big old dollop of romance mixed in, too. What more can you ask for?

For more SUITE SCARLETT news, check out Maureen’s blog, or insideadog, where she’s guest blogging now through February 15th.

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