A Love Story with Carrie Allen

February 9th, 2016
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I’m excited to share another true love story from a KT Literary client for our month of Peace, Love, & Books! Please help me welcome YA author Carrie Allen, whose debut is currently on submission. Carrie is a local Colorado author, semi-retired from sports medicine, and fully-tired from chasing two little girls around the house. […]

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In which I am Sporty

July 7th, 2010

I felt very sporty today, as I went with my sister and her kids (as well as Trixie Implausible) to tour Invesco Field this afternoon, then to a Rockies game at Coors Field this evening with Rexroth joining us. And I had a great time, despite how often I might otherwise say I’m not really […]

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Sports Talk

February 15th, 2010

Every couple of years, like so many people, I become obsessed about sports I otherwise pay very little attention to. Mostly, it’s figure skating and gymnastics, but as Neil Patrick Harris tweeted this morning, “I never thought I could care so much for people or sports that I just learned about six minutes beforehand.” Moguls […]

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