KT Literary Retreat 2011

October 12th, 2011

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting with ten of my authors for our first annual KT Literary Retreat, in Estes Park, Colorado. And I do mean “meet”, at least in 8 out of ten cases. The wonder of the internet and today’s publishing world is that it allows us to communicate and […]

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A Year in Queries

December 17th, 2010

I had great intentions this year to post quarterly status reports on my query stats, but I seem to have missed a quarter (here’s April and July, at least). A quick recap: in the first three months of 2010, I saw 1,297 queries and requested 20 partials, passing on all of them. In the next […]

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Guest Blog by Kater Cheek

August 23rd, 2010

Since I’m out of the office this week on vacation, I’ve turned my blog over to my clients, who wanted to share their thoughts with you on a variety of subjects. I let them have free rein because otherwise, well, just trust me, it’s for the best. Today’s post is by Kater Cheek, who lives […]

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My Turn

March 15th, 2010

I thought we’d try something a little different today. I’m always happy to feature your queries, and, in the past, I’ve also shown you some successful queries that worked, and helped convince me to offer representation. But an agent’s job isn’t just about reading, it’s also about writing — just like you. And I love […]

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