DEMON DERBY has “character sass and kick-butt moves”!

September 22nd, 2014

It’s a rainy dreary Monday here in Colorado, so of course one’s thoughts turn to fall, demon hunters, and roller derby. Or is that just me? In any case, I’m thrilled to share a great review from Voya for Carrie Harris‘ novel DEMON DERBY, which totally coincidentally includes both demon hunters AND roller derby. Wacky! […]

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Happy Pub Day to DEMON DERBY!

July 9th, 2014
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A belated but heartfelt happy pub day to Carrie Harris’ awesome DEMON DERBY, which was released on July 8th. I’m gonna steal right from Carrie’s awesome website for the cool details: Casey kicked cancer’s ass. Now a demon wants to kick hers…. Casey hates being known as the girl who survived cancer. She wants to […]

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