Which Comes First?

August 30th, 2011

My friend @gooddirt shared an interesting article today discussing the age-old writer’s dilemma: which comes first when you’re writing, characters or plot? The post also shares five great tips on starting with either, and so I highly recommend giving it a read. But it got me wondering — do you think writers of certain genres […]

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More About Mary Sues

August 1st, 2011

The other week, while on vacation, I reposted an old blog post about Mary Sues. Today, I read an interesting post by Zoe Marriott on the same subject, but taking it to a new level I hadn’t previously considered: namely, that many critics’ dislike of Mary Sue characters, as they call them, is actually a […]

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From The Archives: “One Girl in all The World”

July 12th, 2011
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While I’m on vacation this week, I’m diving into my archives for a look at some of my favorite old posts. You voted on what you want to see, and this is the result. The following was originally published in June of 2010. Enjoy! I tweeted this the other day: “I think I’m completely over […]

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When Your Characters Behave Unexpectedly

July 22nd, 2010

Some friends and I were playing an RPG tonight (role-playing game, for those of you that grab your geek creds from elsewhere), and when the GM left the room for a few minutes, the other players and I came up with a brilliant plan to tie up the approximately 5 various different plot lines that […]

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Ask Daphne! About My Query LXIV

July 16th, 2010

If it’s Friday, it must be time for Another About My Query post! And it is, so it is, so there. Going to take this query paragraph by paragraph, which is to say I’m stopping after each paragraph to make comments, and not reading the whole thing at once. You can chose to do the […]

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