December 11th, 2019

Congratulations to New York Times bestselling author Casey McQuiston!

The winners of the prestigious Goodreads Choice Awards were announced this week and RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE came home with two wins!

We’re so proud – congratulations and thank you to all our readers!

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I’m so so so thrilled and excited to share the news of the sale of Trish Doller‘s debut adult novel FLOAT PLAN to Vicki Lame at St. Martin’s/Griffin for publication in Winter 2021. Not only did Vicki immediately get this amazing story of recovering from loss and finding the strength to go on and find love again, but more importantly, to find oneself, but her team in the rights department has rocked our world with a flurry of international deals already! From a German auction resulting in a significant sale to Blanvalet, to deals in Italy, Brazil, Russia, Romania, and Croatia, we couldn’t be happier to have found a home for this book with St. Martin’s!

Feel free to congratulate Trish on Instagram (where I stole the above image) or on Twitter! You can also listen to the episode of our KT Literary podcast where we spoke with Trish about sailing, her YA novel START HERE, and this very book, on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting hub! And I can’t wait for you all to meet Anna, Keane, and Queenie!

10 December 2019


New York Times bestselling author of RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE Casey McQuiston’s ONE LAST STOP, pitched as a queer Kate & Leopold, in which a 23-year-old realizes her subway crush is displaced from 1970’s Brooklyn, and she must do everything in her power to help her – and try not to fall in love with the girl lost in time – before it’s too late, to Vicki Lame at St. Martin’s Griffin, in an exclusive submission, for publication in summer 2021, by Sara Megibow at kt literary (world English).

Huge huge huge congratulations to Casey!

Learn more about RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE and ONE LAST STOP at:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @casey_mcquiston

5 December 2019


Set after the Aurora Award-winning novel, A Play of Shadow, this novella explores the story of a young boy whose fanciful tales of dragons and dangers may prove to be more than just fiction…

Please help us celebrate with Julie E. Czerneda whose A DRAGON FOR WILLIAM is available today!

Werfol returns to Vorkoun with his family to find their fortunes changed for the worse. His father is in disgrace and banished from court. Meanwhile, Vorkoun has been ceded to Asnor by the prince’s treaty and no one knows what that will mean.

And to complicate matters further, Werfol is now a truthseer, able to discern if another is lying. His training has barely begun, but his mother refuses to send him back to his uncle in Marrowdell. Werfol, bored and heartsick, retreats to his imagination, secretly writing a story about a brave boy who befriends a young dragon. In their adventures, “Prince William” is always the hero but, in real life, Werfol grows angrier and more afraid every day.

It doesn’t help that Werfol’s brother Semyn, once his closest confidant, can’t remember Marrowdell’s magic. Then Semyn, worried about Werfol, finds his story and shows their parents. Their mother, plagued by dangerous dreams, fears her son may become a doorway to a threat far more dangerous than a treaty.

For Werfol wrote of a dragon the colour of a Sei, a being so potent its curiosity once tore apart worlds. Suddenly, no one, not even Werfol, can be sure where his imagination ends and the magical Verge begins.

Can a boy who sees the lies in others find the truth within himself?

Learn more about Julie’s award-winning Night’s Edge series on her website:

And say hi and congratulations on twitter @julieczerneda

3 December 2019

Podcast, Uncategorized

I had the privelege of speaking with Award-winning author L. Penelope this week for the podcast. She is an absolute delight and has so much amazing advice for writers! You can check out the episode anywhere you download podcasts.

And don’t forget to check out her alternate 1920’s fantasy series, The Earthsinger Chronicles!

27 November 2019


Please help us celebrate with Dan Hanks on the sale of his debut fantasy, CAPTAIN MOXLEY AND THE EMBERS OF THE EMPIRE, to Angry Robot!

Dan is a former reviewer for Fantasy Faction and their site kindly hosted an author interview and announcement here: ANGRY ROBOT PURCHASES DAN HANKS DEBUT

From Publishers Marketplace:
November 27, 2019
Fiction: Science Fiction/ Fantasy
Debut author and former reviewer for Fantasy Faction Dan Hanks’s CAPTAIN MOXLEY AND THE EMBERS OF THE EMPIRE, in which the Captain is forced into protecting her archaeologist sister in a race to retrieve two ancient keys that will unlock the secrets of a long-lost empire – to ensure a civilisation-destroying weapon doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, to Eleanor Teasdale at Angry Robot, for publication in fall 2020, by Sara Megibow at kt literary (world English).

Follow Dan on his website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @dan_hanks

27 November 2019


Congratualtions are due again to Maureen Johnson, whose novel THE VANISHING STAIR made the Chicago Public Library’s list of Best Teen Fiction of 2019. Congrats also to new client Jen Petro-Roy, whose novel GOOD ENOUGH was named to the CPL’s list of the best fiction books published in 2019 for kids in 4th through 8th grades.

26 November 2019


Some exciting news coming soon about a pre-order campaign for the third book in Maureen Johnson‘s TRULY DEVIOUS trilogy, THE HAND ON THE WALL, but in the meantime, I’m happy to share a fabulous starred review from Kirkus!

You can read the full review online.

22 November 2019


Go Team!

Please help us congratulate Margaret Rogerson, Casey McQuiston, Juno Rushdan and Rebecca Roanhorse whose books were named Best Of 2019 by Amazon

These lists are outstanding – cheers to all the winners!

SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson
Best Young Adult Books

RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by Casey McQuiston
Best Romance

Best Romance

STORM OF LOCUSTS by Rebecca Roanhorse
Best Science Fiction and Fantasy

14 November 2019

Podcast, Uncategorized

This week on the podcast Hannah and Renee tackle National Novel Writing Month! Whether you are participating this year, have chosen to sit out, are under deadline with something completely different, or even if 1,600 words per day sounds like your own personal torture chamber, we hope this episode contains something helpful and encouraging for you!

13 November 2019


The opening round of the annual Goodreads Choice Awards is live!

From the Goodreads website, “The choice is yours. Vote for the best books of the year in the 11th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers.”

Best Books of 2019

Congratulations to Casey McQuiston, Maureen Johnson and Margaret Rogerson!

Best Romance 2019

Best Debut Novel 2019

Best Young Adult Fiction 2019

Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction

Vote for your favorites and congratulations to all the finalists!

8 November 2019


Please help us congratulate Rebecca Roanhorse on today’s release of STAR WARS: RESISTANCE REBORN!

In this pivotal prequel to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the heroes of the Resistance—Poe Dameron, General Leia Organa, Rey, and Finn—must fight back from the edge of oblivion…

Rebecca has won the Hugo, Nebula and Locus Awards and this release of STAR WARS tops off a simply amazing year!

Available now in ebook, print and audiobook (narrated by the brilliant Marc Thompson) check out STAR WARS: RESISTANCE REBORN:

The Resistance is in ruins. In the wake of their harrowing escape from Crait, what was once an army has been reduced to a handful of wounded heroes. Finn, Poe, Rey, Rose, Chewbacca, Leia Organa—their names are famous among the oppressed worlds they fight to liberate. But names can only get you so far, and Leia’s last desperate call for aid has gone unanswered.

From the jungles of Ryloth to the shipyards of Corellia, the shadow of the First Order looms large, and those with the bravery to face the darkness are scattered and isolated. If hope is to survive, the Resistance must journey throughout the galaxy, seeking out more leaders—including those who, in days gone by, helped a nascent rebellion topple an empire. Battles will be fought, alliances will be forged, and the Resistance will be reborn.

Learn more about Rebecca on her website:

5 November 2019

Get to Know, Podcast

This week I speak with the wonderful Kim Harrington! Kim is the author of books like Clarity, Forget Me, and The Gamer Squad series. We talk about Spooky Season traditions, classic horror books, and how to ramp up tension in a manuscript.

You can find the episode on almost any podcast platform!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Be sure to check out Kim’s newest book THE REVEGE OF THE RED CLUB a MG period mystery (uterus, not historical!)

31 October 2019


Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, Son M.!

I am thrilled to welcome Son into the kt literary family! Her upper YA graphic novel and narrative prose projects left me drooling for more, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Son M. is an Algerian multimedia writer, writing narrative prose, comic scripts and video game narratives. With a love for horror and science-fiction, Son M. seeks to bring her voice into these genres, and filling them with ridiculous plot lines that center around friendship and character growth. This can be seen in the successfully funded and distributed comic A Vampire in Paris and their current webcomic ANIMALHEADS. She is also the head developer for the indie game studio Perfect Garbage.
Son M. loves to write horror, science-fiction and stories that culminate to her characters sitting at a diner in the middle of the night. Dark comedy is a particular favorite and Son M. hopes to bring her writing to various parts of media, especially animation. You can find her on her website and on twitter!
Welcome to the kt literary team, Son!
21 October 2019


Congratulations to author K.D. Edwards on this exciting announcement…

From Publishers Marketplace:
Escape Artists is attached to adapt THE LAST SUN by debut author K.D. Edwards (Pyr, 2018), a queer Tarot-inspired fantasy in which the only remaining heir of The Sun Court must find Lady Judgement’s missing son somewhere on New Atlantis, the island city where Atlanteans moved after ordinary humans destroyed their original home, for TV development.

The amazing team at Two Gay Geeks has an exclusive podcast with K.D. today – pop over here to listen: Two Gay Geeks

And the brilliant Books, Bones and Buffy is hosting an exclusive excerpt of the second book in the series. THE HANGED MAN is the sequel to THE LAST SUN and releases December 17, 2019 from Pyr Books. Head over here to read the exclusive excerpt: Books, Bones & Buffy

Read more about K.D. and his books here:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KDEdwards_NC

15 October 2019