January 17th, 2017

Congratulations to Gerald Brandt and Michael J. Martinez whose books made the prestigious Nebula Suggested Reading List!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America call the Nebulas an award for the “Best Stories.”

The suggested reading list isn’t an official nomination for the award – rather it’s a curated list of best SF/F stories from the year. Please check out the whole list here and happy reading to all!

Nebula Suggested Reading List

THE COURIER by Gerald Brandt
Kris Ballard is a motorcycle courier. A nobody. Level 2 trash in a multi-level city that stretches from San Francisco to the Mexican border—a land where corporations make all the rules. A runaway since the age of fourteen, Kris struggled to set up her life, barely scraping by, working hard to make it without anyone’s help.

But a late day delivery changes everything when she walks in on the murder of one of her clients. Now she’s stuck with a mysterious package that everyone wants. It looks like the corporations want Kris gone, and are willing to go to almost any length to make it happen.

Hunted, scared, and alone, she retreats to the only place she knows she can hide: the Level 1 streets. Fleeing from people that seem to know her every move, she is rescued by Miller—a member of an underground resistance group—only to be pulled deeper into a world she doesn’t understand.

Together Kris and Miller barely manage to stay one step ahead of the corporate killers, but it’s only a matter of time until Miller’s resources and their luck run out….

Follow Gerald online at:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @geraldbrandt

MJ-12: INCEPTION by Michael J. Martinez
A team of superhuman covert operatives emerges from the ashes of World War II in a Cold War-era paranormal espionage thriller from acclaimed genre-bender Michael J. Martinez.

It is a new world, stunned by the horrors that linger in the aftermath of total war. The United States and Soviet Union are squaring off in a different kind of conflict, one that’s fought in the shadows, where there are whispers of strange and mysterious developments. . .

Normal people across the United States have inexplicably gained paranormal abilities. A factory worker can heal the sick and injured. A schoolteacher bends emotions to her will. A car salesman alters matter with a simple touch. A former soldier speaks to the dying and gains their memories as they pass on.

They are the Variants, controlled by a secret government program called MAJESTIC-12 to open a new front in the Cold War.

From the deserts of Nevada to the palaces of Istanbul, the halls of power in Washington to the dark, oppressive streets of Prague, the Variants are thrown into a deadly game of shifting alliances. Amidst the seedy underbelly of nations, these once-ordinary Americans dropped in extraordinary circumstances will struggle to come to terms with their abilities as they fight to carve out a place for themselves in a world that may ultimately turn against them.

And as the MAJESTIC-12 program will soon discover, there are others out there like them, some with far more malevolent goals. . .

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Say hi and congratulations on twitter @mikemartinez72

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Slightly shoe-obsessed YA and MG superagent Kate Testerman (aka Daphne Unfeasible) blogs about her books and authors, answers your questions, and talks about publishing industry gossip. , subscribe to this blog, or check out her Writer's Resources.

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karsenaultrivera-605661-e1466528165140A huge round of congratulations to debut author K Arsenault Rivera and her TOR Books team – Entertainment Weekly announced THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER yesterday in an exclusive reveal!

Read the Entertainment Weekly article here!

Entertainment Weekly gave did a cover reveal and posted an excerpt of this book – the first in a Mongolian-inspired epic fantasy trilogy.

New York Times bestselling author V.E. Schwab calls the THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER, “simply exquisite” and Barnes & Noble has already called it one of the “2017 Fantasy Debuts We Can’t Wait To Read.”

Follow K’s debut journey by watching her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @ArsenaultRivera

12 January 2017


MTDEbookA belated, but still heartfelt congratulations to Elizabeth Briggs on the publication yesterday of the final book in her Chasing the Dream romance series, MORE THAN DISTANCE!

She’s off-limits, but he’s the only one who can help her…

Carla Jackson has her life all mapped out, so when her plans fall apart she’s more lost than ever. A spot on the reality TV show Road Trip Race seems like the perfect escape, except she needs a partner. The only option is her brother’s best friend: the man she’s secretly loved forever and the last person she wants to be stuck in a car with.

Tech billionaire Ryan Evans has done everything he can to put his bitter past behind him. He’s avoided Carla ever since they shared a forbidden kiss six years ago, but when his best friend asks him to protect her on the show, he can’t refuse—even if the biggest threat to her heart might be himself.

As Carla and Ryan drive across the country while competing on the show, there’s no escaping the undeniable chemistry between them. But when they’re thrown off course, can they find their way home together?

Available now!

Also, a happy paperback release day to UNDERWATER by Marisa Reichardt!

11 January 2017


2016-12 KD Edwards headshot200A huge round of congratulations to debut author K.D. Edwards!

K.D. writes amazing high-action fantasy set in a unique Atlantis-inspired world. His debut book, THE TAROT ACCOUNTS, sold to Pyr at the end of 2016 in a two-book deal and today we get to celebrate the sale of both of those books to Audible!

From Publishers Marketplace:
Audio rights
Debut author K.D. Edwards’s THE TAROT ACCOUNTS, the first in an Atlantis-inspired fantasy series pitched as a gay Green Arrow set in a Westworld-esque world, about the remaining heir to an Atlantean throne and his best friend who are tricked into hunting for a missing scion, to Ryan Macgavin at Audible, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, by Sara Megibow at kt literary.

Congratulations K.D.! Here’s to many more subrights deals and excitement in 2017!

Follow K.D. on his website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @ked599999

11 January 2017


PrintHappy New Year!

The KT Lit team is doing a lot of traveling in the first quarter of 2017 – come meet us!

Renee Nyen
Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Conference
Scottsdale, AZ
January 18, 2017

Kate Testerman & Renee Nyen
ALA (American Library Association) Midwinter Conference
Atlanta, GA
January 20-24, 2017

Hannah Fergesen
San Diego Writers Conference
San Diego, CA
January 20-22, 2017

Sara Megibow
Heart of Denver RWA Conference
Denver, CO
January 21, 2017

Sara Megibow
Tucson RWA
Tucson, AZ
January 28, 2017

Kate Testerman
February 3, 2017

Sara Megibow
Castle Rock Writers Conference
Castle Rock, CO
Feb 13, 2017

Sara Megibow
Colorado Writing School
Louisville, CO
February 16, 2017

Sara Megibow
Emerald City ComicCon
Seattle, WA
March 2-5, 2017

Sara Megibow
Writers Digest Michigan Writing Workshop
Detroit, MI
March 25, 2017

Kate Testerman
Bologna Book Fair
Bologna, Italy
April 3-6, 2017

5 January 2017


January: Title reveal

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4 January 2017


beachreadingImagine a scenario where you’re all caught up on new books, or somehow unable to keep up with the constant flood of newly published titles. I asked my colleagues, in that dream scenario, what they would love to reread, given all the time and luxury to do so.

Sara’s Desert Island Reading List:
Luxury, to me, is being able to RE-read something! We have 6 (7??) full bookshelves in our house and I frequently gaze longingly at books I’d love to jump in to a second time. So, my desert island reading list would include:

BROWN GIRL DREAMING by Jacqueline Woodson

Hannah’s Desert Island Reading List:
Like Sara, I love to re-read my favorites, and that’s definitely what I’d be bringing with me!

Is it cheating to say The HARRY POTTER series? I hope not, cause I love these books so much!
I’d also bring THE FIONAVAR TAPESTRY series by Guy Gavriel Kay
DEATHLESS by Catherynne Valente
STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel

Renee’s Desert Island Reading List:
I didn’t even have to ask Renee — I know what’s on her list. Harry Potter, forever and always.

Kate’s Desert Island Reading List:
I would love to dive back into Discworld by Terry Pratchett. The whole thing — witches and guards, Tiffany Aching and the wizards of Unseen University, Death and everything else. I first read this series living paycheck to paycheck in London with Maureen Johnson, where I would buy one book at W.H. Smith on the way to the Tube to work, finish by lunchtime, being careful not to crack the spine, exchange it at another W.H. Smith for the next one, and so on and so on. Since then, I’ve replaced most if not all of the books I exchanged back, but I’d happily take the full series to that mythical desert island, and settle in for the long haul.

Oh! And what a unique pleasure to start back at the beginning and reread the epic romance of Amelia Peabody and her Emerson!

I hope this gives you some ideas for reading lists of your own. If you’re finishing up a 2016 challenge, congratulations! If you’re getting ready to sign on for a new one, good luck!

Photo above by Flickr user jmcangel, used under a Creative Commons license.
23 December 2016

Recent Reads

sm-IMG_1233_DecMaybe you’re one of the few, the proud, and you finished all your holiday shopping early, and you’re ready to snuggle up in front of a cozy fire with a cuddly pet of your choosing at your feet, warm flannels, and something great to read.

While we can always suggest some great KT Lit titles (all our 2016 print releases are in the pick to the left! Click to embiggen), we thought you might be interested to hear some of our favorite non-client books we read in the past year. Enjoy! And if you pick one up and read it, let us know!

Sara’s Picks:
To date I’ve read 53 non-client books in 2016. I tend to read in the same genres I represent – to know what’s out there and, well, because I love it! Before submitting to an editor I want to read 2-3 things they’ve helped publish. And, I read debut authors to know what kinds of voices are breaking out. And, I read things that I hear about on twitter or from other agents and authors. And, I impulse buy WAY too much at my local bookstores. It’s hard to come up with a Favorites list because there are so many amazing books out there. But, here is what I came up with:

GHOST by Jason Reynolds
A PROMISE OF FIRE by Amanda Bouchet

Hannah’s picks:
I represent a wide variety of genres, so you know my personal reading list is often all over the place too! But this year I was definitely drawn to lush, dark and complex fantasies and magically realistic narratives:

THE READER by Traci Chee
THIS SAVAGE SONG by Victoria Schwab

Renee’s Picks:
As for books I loved this year: I was really into the female-led thrillers/mysteries this year. GIRLS ON FIRE by Robin Wasserman, ALL THE MISSING GIRLS by Megan Miranda, and YOU WILL KNOW ME by Megan Abbott were all gripping, haunting, masterful books.

Books I loved that weren’t about murder: Tahereh Mafi’s FUTHERMORE, Sabaa Tahir’s A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT, Ruta Sepetys’ SALT TO THE SEA, and Tim Federle’s THE GREAT AMERICAN WHATEVER.

Kate’s Picks:
Two books absolutely blew me away this year, both contemporary YA: EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR by E.K. Johnson and the forthcoming WE ARE OKAY by Nina LaCour.

In middle grade, I loved OMEGA CITY by Diana Peterfreund, and can’t wait for the sequel, and I’m loving the Magisterium series by Holly Black and Cassie Clare: THE IRON TRIAL, THE COPPER GAUNTLET, and THE BRONZE KEY are all out so far, with more to come!

Happy Reading!

22 December 2016


GiftI may have mostly finished my Christmas shopping, but there’s always that one person (or more) who falls through the cracks, and suddenly it’s 4 days before Christmas and you need a gift, like, stat! Well, the ladies of KT Literary are here to help you out with some of our favorite book-related or book-themed gifts. And while we can’t guarantee delivery, you could also show this post to that certain someone with a wink and a nudge, and tell them they’ve got something coming!

Sara writes: Ho! Ho! Ho!
Do you have a Geek Dad to buy for? Try MAJESTIC 12: INCEPTION by Michael Martinez which GeekDad called, “A Cold War with Different Super Powers”

How about a Keep Me Warm At Night stocking stuffer? That would be deluxe hot cocoa and WAKING THE SERPENT by Jane Kindred – an “on fire” Top Pick at RT Book Reviews.

In all seriousness, the holidays are tough on families struggling with mental health issues. Remember THE WEIGHT OF ZERO by Karen Fortunati whose glowing review, “with treatment there is hope” from Publishers Weekly has resonated with so many.

And Hannah adds: While my clients don’t have books out just yet, I have bookish things I like that will make fun gifts for book-lovers! Particularly this sweet banned books mug from Out of Print, and this Christmas at Hogwarts candle.

And I can’t forgot my own recommendations: If you don’t already have it, get in the festive mood with two NY Times bestselling holiday collections — LET IT SNOW, co-written by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle, and MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME, edited by Stephanie Perkins!

I love silver bracelets, and wear several on each wrist with words or sayings or images that mean something to me. If you have a favorite book quote, lots of great jewelry makers can personalize a bracelet for you! Probably not in time for the holidays, but try Emery Drive, Cinnamon Sticks, or The Vintage Pearl!

And I fell in love with this store in Charleston, SC last year at the KT Literary Retreat. It’s still a favorite for fun, personalized gifts, neat home decor (balloon art dog statues!), and accessories!

Hope this helps!

(At the time of this writing, all of the above links say the books will arrive before Christmas!)

Photo above by Flickr user Asenat29, used under a Creative Commons license.
21 December 2016


JenniferHawkins200It’s been a wonderful year from books here at KT Literary, and I’m thrilled to take some time this last week before the end of the year to welcome a new client, Jennifer Hawkins! Jennifer is a slush pile find, and her YA novel, THE LANGUAGE OF CHERRIES is a lush multicultural magical realism romance that reminds me of Chocolat, and was a 2016 YARWA Rosemary Award Finalist.

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer to our team! You can find her on Twitter at @jennymarieh, on Instagram at @jhawksnest, or on her website.

20 December 2016


2016-12 KD Edwards headshot200A huge round of congratulations to author K.D. Edwards on his first book deal!

K.D. came to me via the traditional route – a slush pile query letter. I fell in love with THE TAROT ACCOUNTS right away partly because the two heroes, Rune and Brand, demonstrate such fierce loyalty to each other. Loyalty, passion and…a Lich King to fight. HUZZAH! I love this book so much!

From Publishers Weekly:
Rene Sears of Pyr acquired world English rights to debut author K.D. Edwards’s The Tarot Accounts, the first book in an Atlantis-inspired fantasy series, as part of a two-book deal brokered by Sara Megibow of KT Literary. According to Megibow, the series centers on “the remaining heir to an Atlantean throne and his best friend who, in this first adventure, are tricked into hunting for a missing scion.” She added that the series was originally pitched as “a gay Green Arrow set in a Westworld-esque world.” The first book is set to be published sometime in 2017.

Author Scott Reintgen read THE TAROT ACCOUNTS and said, “This is a debut? Edwards takes the promises of his genre and outruns all possible expectations…The central characters, Rune and Brand, combine the loyalty of Frodo and Samwise with the sacrilege of a pairing like Tyrion and Bronn. Absolutely sensational.” – author Scott Reintgen, NYXIA

Follow K.D.’s debut adventures on his website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @ked599999

19 December 2016


WeightofZero_front cover new12.inddCongratulations to Karen Fortunati – the Washington Independent reviewed THE WEIGHT OF ZERO and absolutely nailed the important, moving, brilliant heart of this book!

Mental health care is vital at all times of the year and even more so now at the holidays. Please read and share.

“This intelligent debut examines adolescent mental illness with a realistic view of what “better” may look like.” – Washington Independent

When shopping this novel back in 2015, I called it “a hopeful contemporary YA about mental health care – the book librarians have been clamoring for.” This review echoes my own thoughts:

Washington Independent
“Head over to Goodreads and look up “young adult novels and depression” and you’ll find a plethora of books about hospitalization, suicide attempts, and the loneliness and stigma of being diagnosed with mental illness and the fear of never “being normal.”

You’ll also find a vocal fandom, both those who suffer from various forms of mental illness and those who do not, who decry the popular YA trope of “hospital heals everything.” In this tried-and-true formula, the narrator enters the hospital (usually after a suicide attempt or public breakdown), meets with initial antagonism from the other patients, partners with a gentle doctor, begins a well-planned regimen of medication, and emerges hopeful and solidly healed in three to six months, usually with a new love interest on her, or his, arm.

But the best contemporary YA novels about depression focus on after. Because it isn’t realistic to expect that help (and the hospital) heals all. The reality is that depression, and other mental illnesses like bipolar disorder or self-harm, are lifelong disorders that require daily diligence and monitoring. There isn’t a cure-all for sad.”

Read more about Karen’s novel on her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KarenFortunati

16 December 2016


2016-12 not final MASS EFFECT coverCongratulations to New York Times bestselling author Jason M. Hough and author K.C. Alexander on the announcement of their deal with Titan Books and Bioware to write the first MASS EFFECT book!

From the Titan Books press release:
Titan Books will work closely with acclaimed video game developer BioWare to publish three brand new novels set in the universe of MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA.

The action will weave directly into the new game, chronicling storylines developed in close collaboration with the BioWare game team. The action takes place concurrently with the adventure of the game itself, setting up the story and events of the game adding depth and detail to the canonical MASS EFFECT saga.

Starting with MASS EFFECT™: NEXUS UPRISING by Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander on 28th March 2017, with two further novels due for summer and fall of 2017, the stories will offer fans of the blockbuster game further insights into the worlds and characters of MASS EFFECT.

Pre-order MASS EFFECT™: NEXUS UPRISING at Barnes & Noble here and at amazon here.

Follow Jason at:
on twitter @JasonMHough

Follow K.C. at:
on twitter @kacealexander

The wonderful Lisa Rodgers of JABberwocky Literary Agency represents K.C. and we worked together to bring you this amazing book. Thanks, Lisa, for all your help and support! Thanks Jason and K.C. for your enthusiasm – Mass Effect fans are so excited!

13 December 2016


Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest clients, Christie Stanger and Elise Robins!

I am so excited to share this news because I’d barely started reading their middle grade novel before I fell completely in love. Besides the incredibly endearing characters, this book is full of heart, friendship, and imagination, all topped off by a deliciously spooky house.

Christie and Elise met in the dorms their first week at U.C. Berkeley, where Elise majored in Mass Communications with a focus on nurturing creativity in children and Christie wrote her English thesis on witchcraft in literature. Christie also holds a master’s degree in Early Childhood Bilingual Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York.

While Elise moved up and down the West Coast after college, Christie bopped around the country until she landed in the Northeast for a second time. It was then, located on opposite sides of the country, that the two friends began writing together. Their brains are kept functional by coffee and chocolate and their hearts are kept functional by their families.

Check out their website and say hello to them on twitter!


8 December 2016