July 17th, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Honeybourn on today’s release of WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU DEMONS!!

What people are saying:

“A quick, enjoyable romance with an entertaining side portion of monster. Readers who like their high-school drama with apocalyptic stakes will eat this up.” —Booklist

“Despite the dark topic, the tone is light and Shelby’s first-person narration is comical. … A rapid-paced read with plenty of action.” —School Library Journal

“A cute, fast, easy read that will have you smiling and rooting for the good guy. Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans will enjoy this demon hunter tale, as much as anyone who enjoys—a fun version of—The Exorcism of Emily Rose. … If you’re looking for a book that is fun and uplifting, with a tickle of a teenage romance, then this is a good pick!” —Dani the Bookaholic

About the book:

Some people have school spirit. Shelby Black has real ones.

Sixteen-year-old Shelby Black has spent the past year training to be an exorcist. Her great-uncle Roy—a Catholic priest and Shelby’s guardian—believes she has a gift for expelling demons, and he’s put her through exorcist boot camp hell, but he still doesn’t trust her to do an exorcism on her own.

High school is hard enough without having to explain that you fight demons for a living, so Shelby keeps her extracurricular activity quiet, especially from Spencer, her cute math tutor. Secrets run in Shelby’s family, though: her mother has been missing ever since an exorcism went horribly wrong, and Uncle Roy is tight-lipped about it. But Shelby’s hell-bent on finding her mom, no matter what—even if what it ends up costing her her soul AND a date with Spencer.

Learn more about Jennifer’s books on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @Honeybourn!

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Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Next week is the National Romance Writers of America Conference and it’s here in Denver.

To celebrate, Boulder Bookstore has invited us to present a Romance Writers Panel on Wednesday July 18th.

Join us!
Wednesday July 18, 2018
1107 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO

Literary agent Sara Megibow and authors Aliza Mann, Angelina M. Lopez, Roni Loren, Tiffany Reisz, L. Penelope and Maggie Wells.

12 July 2018


I’m thrilled to welcome YA author, feminist, history lover, avid reader, gardener, Pitch Wars YA mentor, and consummate museum goer Jamie Pacton to the KT Literary team! Jamie wowed me with her feminist fantasy novel, reminiscent of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse, then blew my mind with her contemporary story of girl power at a Medieval Times-like restaurant. I can’t wait to share these manuscripts with the world!

You can follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamiePacton or on Facebook, or check out her website!

Welcome, Jamie!!

11 July 2018


Happy (almost) Independence Day! In that spirit of freedom, we are partially closing to queries through the end of August. Or at least, Kate and Hilary are closing to queries. Renee remains closed, although Sara and Hannah will continue to consider your amazing work. Full details are available on our submissions page.

While we announced this partial closure a few days ago, I’m a little behind in posting it, so I will aim to read and respond to all queries received through the end of the day today, July 3rd. Anything received by me or Hilary after that point will be deleted unread.

I can’t wait to use this time to get caught up on my beach reading! I have a pile of great books on my TBR, including LEGENDARY by Stephanie Garber, FRONT DESK by Kelly Yang, and CROOKED KINGDOM by Leigh Bardugo. And I keep adding new ones everyday! What’s on your summer reading list?

3 July 2018


Please join us in congratulating New York Times bestselling author Jaleigh Johnson on today’s release of THE DOOR TO THE LOST!

“The exquisite worldbuilding will please steadfast fans of Johnson’s other Solace books…Your new favorite fantasy.” – Kirkus, starred review

There was no warning the day magic died in Talhaven. It happened with a giant explosion and the arrival of a skyship full of children, all with magic running through their veins and no memory of home.

Rook and Drift are two of those children, and ever since that day, they’ve been on the run, magical refugees in a world that doesn’t trust magic. Because magic doesn’t die right away–it decays, twists, and poisons all that it touches. And now it’s beginning to poison people.

Try as they might, Rook and Drift can’t remember anything about their lives before Talhaven. But it’s beginning to look like they’re the only ones who can save their adopted world . . . if that world doesn’t destroy them first.

THE DOOR TO THE LOST is a fantasy adventure story for middle grade readers and the introduction to a brand new world unique from Jaleigh’s previous novels. It’s the perfect summer read for tweens filled with themes of friendship and overcoming prejudice.

Learn more about Jaleigh’s New York Times bestselling books on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @JaleighJohnson

3 July 2018


Please help us congratulate Rebecca Roanhorse on the release of her debut novel, TRAIL OF LIGHTNING!

“Roanhorse vividly depicts Navajo land, legends, and culture in her marvelous fantasy debut.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ultimately, “Trail of Lightning” made me want nothing so much as a television show. Someone please cancel “Supernatural” already and give us at least five seasons of this badass indigenous monster-hunter and her silver-tongued sidekick. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the next volume.” – New York Times Book Review

While most of the world has drowned beneath the sudden rising waters of a climate apocalypse, Dinétah (formerly the Navajo reservation) has been reborn. The gods and heroes of legend walk the land, but so do monsters.

Maggie Hoskie is a Dinétah monster hunter, a supernaturally gifted killer. When a small town needs help finding a missing girl, Maggie is their last best hope. But what Maggie uncovers about the monster is much more terrifying than anything she could imagine.

Maggie reluctantly enlists the aid of Kai Arviso, an unconventional medicine man, and together they travel the rez, unraveling clues from ancient legends, trading favors with tricksters, and battling dark witchcraft in a patchwork world of deteriorating technology.

As Maggie discovers the truth behind the killings, she will have to confront her past if she wants to survive.

Welcome to the Sixth World.

Learn more about Rebecca on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @RoanhorseBex

26 June 2018


Please help us congratulate Julie Czerneda on the sale of MIRAGE and SPECTRUM, the next two exciting science fiction novels in her Web Shifter’s Library series!

Julie is an award-winning and international bestselling author. #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris recently posted this blurb about Julie’s books, “Charming, complicated, with magic and without, their adventures are compelling and edge-of-the-seat exciting.”

From Publishers Marketplace:
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Award-winning author Julie Czerneda’s MIRAGE and SPECTRUM, the sequels to October 2018’s SEARCH IMAGE of the Web Shifter’s Library series, to Sheila Gilbert at DAW Books, in an exclusive submission, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2020, by Sara Megibow at kt literary (world).

SEARCH IMAGE is the first in the Web Shifter’s Library series and it releases October 2, 2018 from DAW Books.

Esen’s back! And the dear little blob is in trouble, again.

Things began so well. She and her Human friend Paul Ragem are ready to celebrate the first anniversary of their greatest accomplishment, the All Species’ Library of Linguistics and Culture, by welcoming his family back. He hopes. Having mourned his supposed death years ago, understandably, feelings are bent.

Instead, they’ve unexpected guests, starting with an old acquaintance. Paul’s father has gone missing under dire circumstances.

Before he can convince Esen to help him search, a friend shows up to use the Library. A crisis on Dokeci Na is about to explode into violence. To stop it, Evan Gooseberry needs answers. Unfortunately, the artifact he brought in trade holds its own distracting secret. A touch of very familiar blue. Web-flesh.

The race is on. Paul, to find his father. Esen, to search for a mysterious legacy while helping Evan avert an extinction. What none of them realize is the price of success will be the most terrible choice of all.

Learn more about Julie on her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @julieczerneda

20 June 2018


Please help us congratulate K.D. Edwards on the release of his debut novel, THE LAST SUN!

“Intriguing characters, a fast-paced mystery, and an original magical hierarchy will immediately hook readers.” – Library Journal, starred review!

Available in print, ebook and audiobook (narrated by the brilliant Josh Hurley!) – here’s to many happy readers and the launch of a brilliant new fantasy series!

In this debut novel and series starter, the last member of a murdered House searches for a missing nobleman, and uncovers clues about his own tortured past.

Rune Saint John, last child of the fallen Sun Court, is hired to search for Lady Judgment’s missing son, Addam, on New Atlantis, the island city where the Atlanteans moved after ordinary humans destroyed their original home.

With his companion and bodyguard, Brand, he questions Addam’s relatives and business contacts through the highest ranks of the nobles of New Atlantis. But as they investigate, they uncover more than a missing man: a legendary creature connected to the secret of the massacre of Rune’s Court. In looking for Addam, can Rune find the truth behind his family’s death and the torments of his past?

Learn more about K.D. Edwards on his website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KDEdwards_NC

12 June 2018


Congratulations to Gerald Brandt and Julie E. Czerneda who have both been nominated for the prestigious Aurora Award for Best Novel of 2017!

The Aurora Awards are nominated by members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. Check out the entire list of nominees here.

Gerald has been nominated for THE REBEL, Book #3 in his San Angeles trilogy of cyberpunk novels.

Julie has been nominated for TO GUARD AGAINST THE DARK, the final book in her Clan Chronicles series of science fiction novels.

Check out the San Angeles series on Gerald’s website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @GeraldBrandt

And the Clan Chronicles series as well as Julie’s other amazing science fiction and fantasy novels on her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @julieczerneda

11 June 2018


Please join me in welcoming my newest client, middle grade author, Henry Clark. Henry is the author of several middle grade adventure stories – WHAT WE FOUND IN THE SOFA AND HOW IT SAVED THE WORLD and THE BOOK THAT PROVES TIME TRAVEL HAPPENS.

His hilarious, inventive project, THE SEVEN MINUTES A DAY MAGIC WORKS, is a wildly original middle grade fantasy that came to me via the slush pile. Between Henry’s exquisite knack for humor that will land squarely with the middle grade audience and also keep adults rolling, and his action-packed plot, I knew I had to work with him.

This project is MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY meets CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY with an environmental twist in the form of the DavyTron Ultra, a 3-D printer that converts tomato juice into real-live (though rather tasteless) vegetables. It’s putting local farms out of business and Calvin Sapling (no, he won’t respond to “Sap”), and his two friends, Modesty and Drew, are in a race against the clock to save Cal’s family’s farm and the magical land of Congroo from the elusive and potentially dangerous, Elwood Davy.

Once again, please give a warm welcome to Henry – I’m thrilled to have him as part of the KT family.

To learn more about Henry’s other middle grade books, visit his website and connect with him on Twitter.

7 June 2018


“Considerable ingenuity…Think of it as a visually spectacular movie.” – Locus

A huge round of congratulations to John E. Stith on this week’s audiobook release of MANHATTAN TRANSFER!

Tantor Audio hired the brilliant Kevin T. Collins to narrate this novel and we’re so excited for listeners to fall in love with his work as much as we do.

When aliens abduct New York City, carrying it into space inside a huge dome, the citizens trapped inside must find out why, what they can do to save themselves…and to save the dozens of other cities which the aliens have stolen from other planets.

Manhattan Transfer is a stunning tour-de-force of science-fiction storytelling, with gripping action, believable characters, and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Check out Tantor’s website:

John’s website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @johnestith

6 June 2018


“Even better than the first in this series…” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

“a sexy, captivating romance.” – Kirkus, starred review

“this is a romance readers are unlikely to forget.” – Booklist, starred review



Happy Book Birthday to New York Times bestselling author Roni Loren and THE ONE YOU CAN’T FORGET!

This second book in Roni’s The Ones Who Got Away series received three stunning starred reviews and was chosen an Amazon Best Book of the Month for June. We know readers will love Rebecca and Wes as much as reviewers did. Enjoy!

Learn more about Roni’s books on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @RoniLoren

5 June 2018


Please help us congratulate Michelle Ruiz Keil on the’s sale of ALL OF US WITH WINGS

From Children’s Bookshelf, May 21 2018:

Amara Hoshijo at Soho Teen has bought Latinx author Michelle Ruiz Keil‘s debut novel, All of Us with Wings, a YA fantasy imbued with elements of Aztec mythology. The book follows Xochi, a teenage governess living with her young ward Pallas’s glamorous rockstar family in San Francisco. When Xochi and Pallas perform a cathartic punk-rock ritual on the Equinox, they accidentally summon a pair of ancient creatures determined to avenge transgressions from Xochi’s troubled past. Publication is set for summer 2019; Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary brokered the deal for world English rights.

I met took on Michelle’s incredible contemporary fantasy last year and immediately fell in love with her lush characters, magic, and world. This book will break your heart and patch it back together again, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @MichelleRKeil


31 May 2018


Congrats to editor Maureen Johnson and assistant editor Kate Linnea Welsh on the publication today of HOW I RESIST, from Wednesday Books!

An all-star collection of essays about activism and hope, edited by bestselling YA author Maureen Johnson.

Now, more than ever, young people are motivated to make a difference in a world they’re bound to inherit. They’re ready to stand up and be heard – but with much to shout about, where they do they begin? What can I do? How can I help?

How I Resist is the response, and a way to start the conversation. To show readers that they are not helpless, and that anyone can be the change. A collection of essays, songs, illustrations, and interviews about activism and hope, How I Resist features an all-star group of contributors, including, John Paul Brammer, Libba Bray, Lauren Duca, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita, Alex Gino, Hebh Jamal, Malinda Lo, Dylan Marron, Hamilton star Javier Muñoz, Rosie O’Donnell, Junauda Petrus, Jodi Picoult, Jason Reynolds, Karuna Riazi, Maya Rupert, Dana Schwartz, Dan Sinker, Ali Stroker, Jonny Sun (aka @jonnysun), Sabaa Tahir, Shaina Taub, Daniel Watts, Jennifer Weiner, Jacqueline Woodson, and more, all edited and compiled by New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson.

In How I Resist, readers will find hope and support through voices that are at turns personal, funny, irreverent, and instructive. Not just for a young adult audience, this incredibly impactful collection will appeal to readers of all ages who are feeling adrift and looking for guidance.

How I Resist is the kind of book people will be discussing for years to come and a staple on bookshelves for generations.

I’m so proud to work on this book. Here’s a bit of what people are saying about it:

“The Ultimate Resistance Guidebook.” – Bustle

“How excited are we? I mean. Do I really need to entertain this question?” – B&N Teen, Named one of the “Most Anticipated Anthologies of 2018”

“Candor and passion radiate from the 30 voices raised in this trenchant and timely compendium of interviews, essays, reflections, illustrations, and poems.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Interspersed within such essays are important poems, art, and music, from which readers can draw inspiration to make mistakes, start over, try something new, and keep a positive outlook on life no matter what harsh circumstances occur. This book will be a light in the darkness for some, and help guide them from despair.” – Booklist

“This offers plenty of access points for teens looking for advice, catharsis, and/or motivation.” — The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“This is an impactful, contemporary guide to activism that gives voices to individuals who are making a difference in today’s tumultuous social climate. A useful classroom tool that will generate discussion around topics that matter to many young people today.” – Kirkus Reviews

Follow #HowIResist on Twitter for personal insights from all of the contributors, and give a shout out to Maureen and Kate for all their hard work. I also have to think everyone at Wednesday Books and especially Sara Goodman for believing in this project, and helping us make it a reality. Grab a copy today at Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, or your favorite local bookstore! All of the contributors’ proceeds are being donated to the ACLU.

15 May 2018


Please help us congratulate Aliza Mann on today’s sale of BREAKING HIS RULES!

From Publishers Marketplace:
May 14, 2018
Fiction: Women’s/Romance
Debut author Aliza Mann’s BREAKING HIS RULES, about a man notorious for casual dating, the woman who calls him on it and the sizzling chemistry they share that makes them question their rules for intimacy, to Sue Grimshaw at Loveswept, for publication in 2019, by Sara Megibow at kt literary (world).

I met Aliza at the Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America conference about a year ago so I know for a fact that she’s not only a brilliant author but a wonderful person. I can’t wait for everyone to read this amazing book!

Learn more about Aliza on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @AlizaMannAuthor

14 May 2018