July 29th, 2015

Petruck WabiSabi BWI’m delighted to share the news of a new sale for Rebecca Petruck, which was announced in PW’s Children’s Bookshelf yesterday!

Screenshot 2015-07-29 08.09.17

In case that’s too small to read, here’s the lovely pertinent details:

Howard Reeves at Abrams/Amulet has bought Rebecca Petruck’s Will Nolan Eats Bugs, in which a class clown tries not to worry about how his parents fight all the time by being funnier than ever. But a “hilarious” presentation with insects as snacks leads to heckles, retaliation, and possible expulsion. Publication is set for fall 2016; Kate Schafer Testerman at kt literary did the deal for world English rights.

Please join me in congratulating Rebecca on Twitter at @RebeccaPetruck.

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2011_JaneKindred_125x188Congratulations to Jane Kindred on today’s sale of THE WATER THIEF to Samhain Publishing!

Jane is the author of the Russian-inspired erotic M/M fantasy series THE DEMONS OF ELYSIUM. Starting with PRINCE OF TRICKS all three books were named “Best E-Original Romance of 2014″ at Library Journal.

She is also the author of the LOOKING GLASS GODS trilogy which launched this year with IDOL OF BONE.

Jane’s books have been Recommended Reads at USA Today and PRINCE OF TRICKS was the winner of one of my all-time favorite book reviews which read, “Damn this book stole my head.” –MM Good Books


from Publishers Marketplace:
Digital: Fiction: Women’s/Romance
Author of the DEMONS OF ELYSIUM trilogy and the LOOKING GLASS GODS trilogy Jane Kindred’s WATER THIEF, about a young nobleman framed for his twin sister’s murder who assumes her identity to exact revenge, to Linda Ingmanson at Samhain Publishing, for publication in 2016, by Sara Megibow of kt literary (World).

Check out Jane’s books on her website
and say hi and congratulations on twitter @JaneKindred

29 July 2015


saint-coverA huge round of congratulations to RITA-award winning authors Tiffany Reisz and Juliana Stone and their editors Susan Swinwood, Aubrey Poole and Leah Hultenschmidt!

Last weekend in New York City, Tiffany won the prestigious RITA award for Best Erotica for THE SAINT and Juliana won the RITA for Best Young Adult Romance for BOYS LIKE YOU.

A RITA represents the highest award of distinction in romance fiction – we couldn’t possibly be more proud of you two!

Read an excerpt of THE SAINT by Tiffany Reisz here!

Read an excerpt of BOYS LIKE YOU by Juliana Stone here!

And say congratulations to both authors on twitter @tiffanyreisz and @Juliana_Stone


27 July 2015


IMG_5351A huge thank you to Dr. Jill Adams, a professor of English at Metropolitan State University of Denver, who invited author Derek E. Sullivan to speak with her class via Skype today. Also thank you to the wonderful class – the students were prepared, professional, enthusiastic – I learned a ton from the experience!

Derek is the author of the debut contemporary young adult novel, BIGGIE. Dr. Adams kindly invited me to attend today’s class and I want to share just one of my notes:

Question to Derek, “what kind of research was involved in writing BIGGIE?”

My notes on Derek’s answer, “A ton of research was involved – more than anyone would believe. I even had to research the Chipotle in Iowa – there wasn’t a page in the book that didn’t involve fact checking. I talked to a doctor about diabetes, I talked to baseball players about what kinds of stunts they do.”

Great questions! Great answers! Great class!

“Sullivan’s debut novel packs in a lot, and the attainment of perfection is a key theme. Ultimately, this is about Biggie daring to reconnect with others in his life instead of choosing to be invisible.” – Jill’s Bookmark review

BIGGIE by Derek E Sullivan
Henry “Biggie” Abbott is the son of one of Finch, Iowa’s most famous athletes. His father was a baseball legend and his step-dad is a close second. At an obese 300+ pounds though, Biggie himself prefers classroom success to sports. As a perfectionist, he doesn’t understand why someone would be happy getting two hits in five trips to the plate. “Forty percent, that’s an F in any class,” he would say. As Biggie’s junior year begins, the girl of his dreams, Annabelle Rivers, starts to flirt with him and suggests he should play baseball. Hundreds of people before his dream girl have told him to follow in his dad’s footsteps and play ball, but Annabelle might be the one to actually convince him to try. What happens when a boy who has spent his entire life trying to remain invisible is suddenly thrust into the harsh glare of the high school spotlight?

Thanks again to everyone!
Please reach out to Dr. Adams on twitter @jilladams73
And to author Derek E. Sullivan on twitter @DerekESullivan


23 July 2015


DRAGONFLY_jkt_frontPlease help us celebrate with Jaleigh Johnson whose debut fantasy middle grade THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY is now available in paperback!

This wonderful book received starred reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly when it hit bookstores in hardcover in March 2014. Now enjoy the magic in paperback – so excited to bring this book to more readers!

For fans of Frozen, The City of Ember, and The School of Good and Evil, The Mark of the Dragonfly is a fast-paced adventure story about a mysterious girl and a fearless boy, set in a magical world that is both exciting and dangerous.

Piper has never seen the Mark of the Dragonfly until she finds the girl amid the wreckage of a caravan in the Meteor Fields. The girl doesn’t remember a thing about her life, but the intricate tattoo on her arm is proof that she’s from the Dragonfly Territories and that she’s protected by the king. Which means a reward for Piper if she can get the girl home.

The one sure way to the Territories is the 401, a great old beauty of a train. But a ticket costs more coin than Piper could make in a year. And stowing away is a difficult prospect–everyone knows that getting past the peculiar green-eyed boy who stands guard is nearly impossible.

Life for Piper just turned dangerous. A little bit magical. And very exciting, if she can manage to survive the journey.

“Heart, brains and courage find a home in a steampunk fantasy worthy of a nod from Baum…A well-imagined world of veritable adventure.” -Kirkus, starred review

“Johnson has brilliantly taken the dystopian genre to a level accessible to tween readers. The Mark of the Dragonfly is a fantastic and original tale of adventure and magic with steampunk elements and a little romance thrown in.” -School Library Journal, starred review

Jaleigh’s next magical book – in the same world but a completely unique adventure – is THE SECRETS OF SOLACE, coming in March 2016. Check out these amazing books on her website:

And say congratulations on twitter @JaleighJohnson

22 July 2015


2015-01 STORMBRINGER final coverPlease help me celebrate with Alis Franklin as we cheer on today’s release of STORMBRINGER.

STORMBRINGER is Book #2 in Alis’s Norse-inspired urban fantasy trilogy that started last year with LIESMITH.

On LIESMITH, Library Journal gave us this stunning review, “In this wildly entertaining debut novel, Australian author Franklin has kicked off what’s sure to be a popular series. Fractured, funny, and fast-paced, this book is guaranteed to resonate with fans of mythopoeic fantasy from the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, and Neil Gaiman.”

I’ve always loved Norse mythology and can’t wait for more readers to enjoy the adventures of Lain aka Loki, Sigmund and the Wyrd. Congratulations Alis! Happy reading everyone!

Ragnarok—aka the end of the world—was supposed to doom the gods as well. Instead, it was a cosmic rebooting. Now low-level IT tech and comic-book geek Sigmund Sussman finds himself an avatar of a Norse goddess. His boyfriend, the wealthy entrepreneur Lain Laufeyjarson, is channeling none other than Loki, the trickster god. His best friends, Em and Wayne, harbor the spirits of slain Valkyries. Cool, right?

The problem is, the gods who survived the apocalypse are still around—and they don’t exactly make a great welcoming committee. The children of Thor are hellbent on reclaiming their scattered birthright: the gloves, belt, and hammer of the Thunder God. Meanwhile, the dwarves are scheming, the giants are pissed, and the goddess of the dead is demanding sanctuary for herself and her entire realm.

Caught in the coils of the Wyrd, the ancient force that governs gods and mortals alike, Sigmund and his crew are suddenly facing a second Ragnarok that threatens to finish what the first one started. And all that stands in the way are four nerds bound by courage, love, divine powers, and an encyclopedic knowledge of gaming lore.

Read more about Alis Franklin and the Books of the Wyrd on her website:

And say hi and congratulations on twitter @lokabrenna

21 July 2015


MaggieWells200Please help me congratulate Maggie Wells on her sale of three more delicious contemporary romance novels to Kensington!

Maggie’s GOING DEEP releases this fall (September 15, 2015) and we’re thrilled to announce two more books in this COASTAL HEAT series coming in 2016! FLIP THIS LOVE will be out in April followed by LOVE AND ROCKETS in September. So exciting! In addition, Kensington will also publish A WILL AND A WAY in March, 2016 which is the sequel to THREE LITTLE WORDS. Such great news – congratulations!

from Publishers Marketplace:
July 17, 2015
Fiction: Women’s/Romance
Maggie Wells’s FLIP THIS LOVE, the second in her COASTAL HEAT series following GOING DEEP, to Martin Biro at Kensington Lyrical, in a three-book deal, for publication in 2016, by Sara Megibow of kt literary (World).

Read an excerpt of GOING DEEP here:

Visit Maggie’s website here:
and say hi and congrats on twitter @MaggieWells1

Cheers Maggie and here’s to many happy readers!

17 July 2015


SaraMegibow_byKateTestermanPublishing and Literary Agents 101

Please join us!

The amazing Northern Colorado Writers have invited me to present to their chapter on Monday July 27, 2015 in Ft. Collins, CO. The event will be 6-7:30pm and costs $25

Registration and event information (including location, etc) are listed here!

Workshop Will Cover:
What does a literary agent do

You have a completed manuscript and you want a literary agent – how do you go about it?

You have a completed manuscript and you DON’T want a literary agent – what’s next?

Traditional Publishing, Small Press Publishing, Self-Publishing: Pros and Cons of each

Plus there will be time for Q&A!

I am honored to be back in Ft. Collins and very much looking forward to this event. Please spread the word and come learn with us.

If you have a question, feel free to ask me on twitter @SaraMegibow

Northern Colorado Writers is online at


8 July 2015


2014-09 CALL ON ME comp cover4Please help me congratulate Roni Loren on today’s release of CALL ON ME – the seventh full-length book in her contemporary erotic romance LOVING ON THE EDGE series.

Roni is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have been called “a scorcher” by Romantic Times Book Reviews and “Hot and Romantic” by New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black.

“Loren’s thoroughly pleasing seventh Loving on the Edge erotic romance (after Nothing Between Us) shines the spotlight on rebellious drummer Pike Ryland, who’s torn between his wild rock star lifestyle and his attraction to Oakley Easton. She’s a well-behaved receptionist by day and a phone sex operator by night; when Pike discovers her secret job, he senses a fellow wild spirit and throws caution to the wind. What starts as flirtation swiftly escalates into pulse-pounding, white-knuckle carnal satisfaction that leaves them both reeling, physically and emotionally. Loren continues to portray safe, sexy, consensual BDSM, with Pike happily introducing Oakley (who’s not especially vanilla to start with) to all manner of toys and techniques, in a series of encounters that practically sets the pages on fire. The romance is as sweet as the action is hot, and there’s something deeply satisfying about the way this couple comes together. Oakley’s 11-year-old daughter, a stereotype-busting adorably punk girl with autism, will immediately win readers’ hearts. A bonus story features a submissive doctor in need of emotional healing finding a dominant woman who can push him past his limits.”
–Publishers Weekly

Read an excerpt of CALL ON ME here!

Stop by Roni’s website to learn more about the LOVING ON THE EDGE series:

And say hi and cheers on twitter @RoniLoren

Congrats Roni!

7 July 2015


2015-03 final front cover JESSES GIRLPlease join me in celebrating today’s release of JESSE’S GIRL by Miranda Kenneally!

“Jesse’s Girl is the perfect summer novel hitting all the right notes.” –VOYA

“I always know my heart will be full and I’ll have a happy grin when I pick up a Miranda Kenneally book. The stories she weaves together are romantic, inspirational, and quite magical in their own right.” — San Francisco Book Review

Practice makes perfect.

Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke. So when Maya said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she’d get to shadow the Jesse Scott, Nashville’s teen idol.

But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true. He’s as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he’s accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya’s lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves. Not to mention that Jesse’s pushy and opinionated. He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya’s playing back up to other people’s dreams. Does she have what it takes to follow her heart-and go solo?

JESSE’S GIRL was included in the B&N 2015 Contemporary YA Summer Romance Preview and on Teen Reads Summer Buzz Books! This is Miranda’s 6th book in her Hundred Oaks series – another amazing YA romance that will make you giggle, cheer, cry and fall in love!

Visit Miranda’s website at

and say congratulations on twitter @MirandaKennealy


7 July 2015


sm-SDCC-7573It’s almost upon us, folks. Nerd Prom, aka San Diego Comic Con, is almost here, and I’m thrilled to have been asked to speak on a panel again.

Friday, July 10 • 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Ask An Agent

Literary agents Holly Root (Waxman Leavell Literary Agency), Michael Bourret (Dystel & Goderich Literary Management), and Kate Testerman (kt literary) team up with film agent Brandy Rivers (ICM Partners) to take your questions and discuss the wild world of manuscript querying, the role of agents in the publication and film rights process, and more. No pitches, please. Room 24ABC.

But maybe one panel isn’t enough time to spend with me! Here’s a few of the other book-related panels I’m looking forward to attending, including a few with some of our awesome KT Literary clients (in bold):

Wednesday, July 8 • 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Creating Superheroes in the Classroom: An Interactive Workshop for Teachers

Antero Garcia, Peter Carlson, Susan Kirtley, and Jenn Anya Prosser lead a hands-on workshop for K-12 educators interested in utilizing comic books in classrooms. Open to teachers of all subjects, the program will look at how content-area literacy can be supported through comic books and popular culture in various disciplines. During this workshop panelists will explore how comics support student achievement, discuss ways teachers can align curriculum to use comic books meaningfully, and provide resources for participants to take into their own classrooms.

Thursday, July 9 • 10:00am – 11:00am
The Buffy Effect: Teen Heroines Then and Now

Buffy the Vampire Slayer revolutionized the paradigm of the teen heroine, especially in young adult books. Now, eighteen years later, Buffy continues to have an impact on the TV shows and books we read today. Hear your favorite authors discuss Buffy, the queen of the teen heroine, and how she single-handedly changed the game for strong and snarky female characters who are not the sidekicks. Panelists are Kiersten White, Rachel Hawkins, Rae Carson, Brittany Geragotelis, Brittany Geragotelis, and Valerie Tejeda. Moderated by Sarah Kuhn.

Thursday, July 9 • 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Return of the Smitten Word

Bestselling authors Rachel Hawkins (Miss Mayhem), Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard), and Anna Todd (After) talk about the evolution of fan fiction and the power of online readership and engage in another hilarious battle over movies, TV shows, and Hollywood’s hottest. The discussion will be led by S.J. Harper (Reckoning).

Thursday, July 9 • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Spotlight on Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell (New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, and Landline) sits down with Leigh Bardugo (New York Times bestselling author of the Grisha Trilogy) to talk about books, fantasy, “the last three words,” and what Rainbow has planned for this year’s Carry On, her much-awaited return to young adult fiction.

Friday, July 10 • 1:00pm – 2:00pm
From Novel to Comic to Film: Turning Books into Other Forms of Pop Culture

New York Times bestselling author Hugh Howey sits down with his literary agent Kristin Nelson, John Nee (co-CEO of Cryptozoic Entertainment and book packager), Paul Morrissey (Eisner-nominated editor, Jet City Comics), Jimmy Palmiotti (writer and owner of paperfilms), Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Gary Whitta (Book of Eli) to discuss how popular novels are turned into comic adaptations and feature films. Get the behind-the-scenes and nitty gritty, from selling options to major film studios to working with visual artists and comic book writers in their adaptations. Hugh Howey’s novel WOOL is in development with Ridley Scott, and the comic adaptation and graphic novel are available from Jet City Comics. Gary Whitta is also adopting Howey’s novel SAND for television.

Friday, July 10 • 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Building the Modern (Super)Heroine

More and more, heroines are being positioned front and center on the page and screen-Katniss, Agent Carter, Tris, Furiosa, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel, just to name a few. What do creators and fans want out of a powerful female protagonist? How can you pay tribute to the heroines of the past while still looking toward the future? What’s the difference between writing established heroines and creating your own? And how can one best position and support these characters to usher in a whole new era of totally bad ass (super)heroines across all platforms? This dynamic group of creators and expert commentators will discuss the challenges of building modern heroines in a variety of mediums. With Cecil Castellucci (Stone in the Sky), Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex), Andrea Letamendi (psychologist, Arkham Sessions), Jose Molina (Agent Carter), and Babs Tarr (Batgirl). Moderated by Amy Ratcliffe (Star Wars online).

Saturday, July 11 • 11:30am – 12:30pm
Inside the Writers’ Room: The Pilot: Part One

Before there can be a hit series (or even a Manimal), there has to be a pilot, and this panel of expert creators and writers will share their experiences-the good, bad, and the very ugly-in selling and making a television pilot. Get the straight scoop from some of today’s most talented and outspoken creators. Moderated by Sony Pictures Television’s senior VP of drama development and production, Chris Parnell. Panelists include Sarah Watson (Parenthood, About a Boy), Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The Middleman, Lost, Helix), Ashley E. Miller (Terminator, Fringe), Craig Engler (Z Nation), Kay Reindl (Scream, Millennium), Steve Kriozere (Agent X, NCIS), Amy Berg (Caper, Da Vinci’s Demons) and Thomas P. Vitale (Fmr. EVP Chiller Strategic Operations, SYFY Original Movies and co-productions).

Saturday, July 11 • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Fantasy Literature

Learn about fantasy literature and book-to-movie adaptations from New York Times bestselling authors Heather Brewer (Vladimir Tod series) and Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin), Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures series), Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn series) and Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Cycle series). Moderated by Henry Herz (Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes).

Saturday, July 11 • 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Choosing the Right Publishing Path for Your Manuscript: Traditional, Small Press or Self-Publishing

Authors Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass series), Seanan McGuire (October Daye series), Cora Carmack (Losing It) and Elizabeth Briggs (Chasing the Dream series), along with editor Adam Wilson (Simon & Schuster) and literary agent Holly Root (Waxman Leavell Literary Agency), discuss the various options for publishing fiction and how to determine what works for different genres. Moderated by author, former literary agent, and all-around publishing guru Nathan Bransford.

Saturday, July 11 • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Author Talk with Del Rey Books

Del Rey Books has been publishing the best of science fiction and fantasy for nearly 40 years. Authors Alan Dean Foster (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Jason Hough (Zero World), Naomi Novik (Uprooted), Scott Sigler (Alive), and Harry Turtledove (Bombs Away) discuss their latest novels and answer questions about writing and publishing. Moderated by Tricia Narwani (editorial director, Del Rey).

If you’ll be there, some find me and say hello! You may even see me indulging in one of my many extracurricular hobbies — either cosplay or photography!

Photo above by me! My family Firefly cosplay at SDCC in 2012.
6 July 2015