October 28th, 2016

Thanks for dropping in to read today’s About My Query! Without further ado, here it is:

Dear ktliterary,

 Eighteen-year-old Caparina didn’t ask to be Captain; but three years ago the crew elected her and now it’s her duty to protect them from starvation, infection, and enslavement by the vindictive President Graelick. But Cap’s primary concerns are protecting her little brother and trying not to explode the precarious relationship she has with her best-friend/boyfriend who also happens to be her second-in-command. 

Following an apocalyptic cyber-attack in the not-too-distant future, noxious smog has crept over the nation, bringing with it the deadly Indigo Infection. Only Cap and her crew of orphans have retained their freedom from the corrupt government, GraeliCorp, by seeking refuge in an abandoned military bunker hidden beneath the Rocky Mountains. But when a curious stow-away sets into action a course of events that Cap can’t control, she is forced to leave the safety of their base to search for answers on the Upper Deck—GraeliCorp’s caste ruled metropolis above the smog. The last thing Cap expected to find there was her mother, whom she long believed was killed by the Indigo Infection. Now Cap must risk the safety of herself and her crew for a chance to reunite her family. Torn between betraying the man she loves and upholding her responsibilities as Captain, sister, and daughter, Cap must decide whom to protect and whom she is willing to sacrifice.

The Plains Above, complete at 78,000-words, would appeal to readers of other post-apocalyptic YA novels with strong female leaders such as Marie Lu’s Legend and Veronica Roth’s Divergent… or anyone who knows what it’s like to be an overprotective sibling.

I graduated from Valparaiso University majoring in Creative Writing and Digital Media Art. My work has been published in literary and commercial magazines.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Author


I think this query is a great start! There are a lot of fascinating elements to play with, especially the Upper Deck versus the bunker in the Rockies. I’m definitely intrigued, but I do have some thoughts.

Generally, I think the best queries start with a short hook, an inciting incident, conflict, stakes, and worldbuilding throughout as you introduce each element. When the query opened, you had me hooked with a paragraph about Cap and her crew. I was on board – until I realized Cap was not captaining a ship (a space ship, a sea ship, what-have-you), and that the setting was very different from what you generally imagine when talking about a captain and her crew. The length of the first paragraph also forced you to condense other actions within your second paragraph.

As much as I do like the first paragraph, I think it’s a bit misleading. You might want to consider reworking it a bit to mix it into the set-up of the second paragraph and give us a better sense of what she’s actually captaining. For example:


            Eighteen-year-old Caparina didn’t ask to Captain a group of misfits and orphans. But after an apocalyptic cyber-attack, noxious smog crept over the nation, bringing with it the deadly Indigo Infection. The only safe place to be found was deep in an abandoned military bunker hidden beneath the Rocky Mountains, where three years ago the survivors there elected Cap to lead them. Now it’s her duty to protect them from starvation, infection, and enslavement by the vindictive, surface bound President Graelick.

            But when a stowaway is discovered….


This isn’t perfect, but it combines much of your first and second paragraph, and gives you more space to explain to us how and why the stowaway showed up, how long and how far she explores the Upper Deck, and what she learns about her mother (because this is missing and I’d really like to understand!).

I do think it’s probably smart that you have not categorized this as dystopian in your query, since we all know that that is a tough category to try and enter right now. If there are additional ways to show that this stands out from the others, definitely use them! I like the idea that the core group of teens here are treated as a captain and her crew – I’d love more insight into where that comes from and how it plays into all facets of the book. And if you’re going to take the time to mention her boyfriend/second mate, you might talk a bit about the conflict facing their relationship within this story as well, to up the stakes overall.

So, to sum up: I’d try and combine more of your first and second paragraph to give yourself space to talk about the inciting incident, ultimate conflict, and the stakes for all involved when dealing with that conflict. You’ve touched on all of these, which is great! Now give us just a bit more insight into what’s going to happen – to her, to her second mate, to her crew – if she chooses to get involved in the conflict.

Thanks so much for submitting your query! I hope this has been helpful.

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MaggieWells200A huge round of congratulations to author Maggie Wells whose PLAY DATES trilogy of contemporary romance novels sold to Kensington!

From Publishers Marketplace:
Digital: Fiction: Women’s/Romance
Author of LOVE & ROCKETS Maggie Wells’s first in her new PLAY DATES series, featuring hot single dads learning new lessons in love and trust, again to Martin Biro and Marci Clark at Lyrical Press, in a three-book deal, for publication in 2017, by Sara Megibow of kt literary (World).

Maggie is the author of the COASTAL HEAT series (also published by Kensington) and an upcoming series called SILVER FOXES (Sourcebooks, Fall 2017) starring delicious 40+ year old protagonists.

Learn more about Maggie’s books on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @MaggieWells1

27 October 2016



Please join me in welcoming kt literary’s newest client, Grace Li!

Her YA Fantasy re-imagines the afterlife of some of Greek mythology’s heroes, and her beautiful writing had me hooked from page one. Grace is one to keep an eye out for.

Bio: Grace Li grew up in Houston, Texas, and in elementary school, her parents once had a meeting with the librarian because they thought she was reading too much. She is currently a senior at Duke University studying biology and creative writing, and she still reads too much. Her writing has previously been published in an anthology of short stories as part of the Saturday Evening Post’s Great American Fiction Contest.

I cannot wait to share Grace’s book with the world! Her talent will blow you away.

Follow Grace on Twitter!

25 October 2016


2016-10 final APOCALYPSE print coverCongratulations to Dr. Frederick Turner whose epic science fiction poem APOCALYPSE is now available in trade paperback and hard cover!

It’s been a whirlwind season for this book – the fabulous Baen Publishing made APOCALYPSE available in serial format over the summer and ebook right after Labor Day. Now we’ve partnered with boutique publisher Ilium to make the work available in print. Happy reading everyone!

What is an epic science fiction poem? Dr. Turner and Sci-Fi author Michael J. Martinez discuss APOCALYPSE and poetry here.

And in Fred’s own words, here is a post called “Apocalypse Is Here, And It May Be More Fun Than You’d Think.”

It’s 2067. The Antarctic ice sheets have collapsed. World sea levels have risen several feet and are rising faster still. The climate has changed catastrophically, and meteorological disasters are becoming a daily occurrence. Yet global power structures fail to respond, remaining frozen in political and ideological gridlock.

To confront this chaos, billionaire Noah Blazo recruits a team of genius misfits to bypass the political paralysis. With support from a coalition of island and coastal nations that are vulnerable to these catastrophes, his team launches an unsanctioned geo-engineering effort to restore the Earth’s ecological balance–an activity that prompts a global power struggle immediately leading to war.

Events in the center of this conflict inadvertently trigger the emergence a quasi-divine being, Kalodendron, who dwells within the Internet. With her arrival comes a further threat to the Earth–the appearance of the dark star Wormwood, which looms within our solar system and is drawing closer.

With Kalodendron’s help, can Blazo’s team avert this two-fold threat the Earth’s destruction? Or do the tragedies that quickly follow ensure the planet’s final destruction?

Read more about Frederick Turner on his website:

24 October 2016

About My Query

AboutMyQueryToday’s About My Query comes to you live from New York City! I’m drinking coffee, eating a bagel and watching the city buzz…

Dear Agent,

In a futuristic world divided by disease and controlled by wealth, Nia, a 16-year-old prodigy, has only ever known a life of poverty, amateur fighting, and a dying mother. Until the day she receives a package with a last will and testament and a hologram addressed to her. In its message, Nia is indicated as the sole beneficiary of a wealth beyond her imagination, inherited from a now dead father that she hadn’t known had even been alive. What’s more? He’s the man plastered on all of the Breaking News screens… and he’s white.

Her father was Oliver Grant, the infamous billionaire and engineer of the HYPE injection that cured the world of a pandemic disease and further enhanced human capabilities. But the injection is only affordable to the rich and given to the poor in controlled portions. Now Oliver is dead, suspected foul play surrounds his death, and Nia holds the only evidence that confirms there actually was.

Because there is another injection, one more advanced than its predecessor, one worth killing over. As a condition of receiving her inheritance, Nia is commissioned to infiltrate the wealthy division and destroy her father’s research before it destroys the world. First, she must join Match Masters, a superhuman fight club, in order to gain the trust of the only person who knows where the injection is hidden. But there was no strategy for meeting Legend, the young and illustrious Match Master fighter who pleasantly distracts Nia in ways she hadn’t prepared for. But it’s Legend who may reveal the most deceptive secret of all.

Complete at 75,000 words, I am seeking representation for my YA, Science Fiction MATCH MASTERS and believe you may be interested. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you.


Thank you so much for sending in this query – great work! I love young adult science fiction like FALLS THE SHADOW by Stefanie Gaither so I read this submission eagerly. There’s a lot of potential here and a great story with a ton of meat on its bones. I have three general observations in terms of query critique so let’s dive in…

As with every query, the number one thing I’m looking at is quality of writing. There’s a ton of action and excitement in this pitch but there are also some moments of choppy grammar. Choppy grammar is a red flag for me. Avoid incomplete sentences like this, “Until the day she receives a package with a last will and testament and a hologram addressed to her” and avoid run-on sentences like this, “But there was no strategy for meeting Legend, the young and illustrious Match Master fighter who pleasantly distracts Nia in ways she hadn’t prepared for.” A query must demonstrate superior craft in order for me to request sample pages so do another round of edits here to make sure the writing is as flawless as possible.

The second thing I notice in this query is that I’m not sure what is the inciting incident. At what point does the story launch? Is the inciting incident when Nia receives the last will of her previously unknown father? Or is it when she’s commissioned to destroy her father’s research? Or, is it when she joins Match Masters? My guess is that the inciting incident is when Nia is told she must destroy her father’s research (although I’d make sure to point out why she has to do this – is it just so she can inherit or is there more at stake). If I’m correct then my suggestion would be to reorganize this query to focus on that moment and trim back on the backstory. The query could be edited like this:
“a 16yr old prodigy is commissioned to destroy the research of her previously unknown father. She could say no but that would condemn her to a life of violence and disease” or something similar.

Finally, the query has a few other hiccups that fall under the umbrella of “writing isn’t as strong as it could be.” For example, avoid describing Nia as, “16-year-old prodigy, has only ever known a life of poverty, amateur fighting, and a dying mother” as a recitation of details like this feels weak. Also, work on making Legend’s character more of a focus. He’s introduced at the very end of the pitch in a way that makes it hard to know if he’s a major character or how his character influences Nia’s plot.

In short, there’s a ton to love here – great work! Edit the grammar to make it as strong as possible, focus on introducing the inciting incident and trimming back on the backstory and make sure the overall writing is as strong as possible. I hope this helps and happy querying!


21 October 2016


CoverRomantic Times Book Review selected THE ODDS OF LOVING GROVER CLEVELAND as a Top Pick and gave it a 4.5 star rating!

“The true beauty of Crane’s book lies in the way she handles the ugly, painful details of real life, showing the glimmering humanity beneath the façades of even her most troubled characters…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Go check out the full review on the RT Book Review site! And be sure to follow Rebekah on Twitter and Facebook for news about all of her books!

20 October 2016


2016-08 headshotCongratulation to Spencer Ellsworth whose debut space opera trilogy will be in audiobook next year! Spencer inked a deal with Audible for A RED PEACE (Book #1) and its sequels – we’re thrilled!

From Publishers Marketplace:
October 18, 2016
Audio rights
Spencer Ellsworth’s A RED PEACE, first in the STARFIRE trilogy, in which the oppressed half-Jorian Crosses have risen up to supplant humanity and dominate the galaxy, to Ryan Macgavin at Audible, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Sara Megibow at kt literary.

Follow Spencer’s debut adventures on his website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @spencimus

19 October 2016


2016-10 cover for EBundleFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Crash Into You comes four previously published Loving on the Edge novellas, together for the first time…

Congratulations to Roni Loren whose LOVING ON THE EDGE ebook bundle is available today!

In Still Into You, married couple Seth and Leila head to The Ranch, a resort where any sexual fantasy can be had. Seth hopes to put the spark back in their marriage and to show Leila why he’s the only man for her…

In Forever Starts Tonight, two Dominant men and one submissive woman attempt to jumpstart their relationship with a getaway at a mountain cabin. When they get snowed in, however, the heat between them reaches a fever pitch, and secrets come out…

In Yours All Along, two men, Devon and Hunter, shared a hot night in college, but an accident tore their relationship apart. Four years later, Hunter is a professional baseball player, engaged to a woman, and in Devon’s bar. Neither man can get that one night off their minds…

In Break Me Down, Samantha Dunbar and sexy executive Gibson Andrews are Dominants, and according to Gibson, that makes them incompatible. But after an attack shakes Sam to her core, Gibson finds himself unable to let her go…

“Roni Loren writes sexy and unconventional erotica.” – Bookish Escape on RITA-nominated BREAK ME DOWN

Congratulations Roni and very happy reading to everyone!

Learn more about Roni’s LOVING ON THE EDGE series as well as her upcoming THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY series on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @RoniLoren

18 October 2016


51sIxlpmTpLHappy Holidays!!

Congratulations to Tiffany Reisz whose second book in her contemporary holiday romance trilogy releases today!

HER NAUGHTY HOLIDAY earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly who called the book, “…delicious, festive R-rated fun.”

HER NAUGHTY HOLIDAY hits bookstores in print today with the ebook releasing on November 1.

Clover Greene would sooner crawl into her oven than host family for Thanksgiving dinner. Yet another annual ritual of too much food, served with a side of criticism over “Clover’s Bad Life Choices.” This year, she needs to distract them all—with a handsome fake boyfriend. And she has the perfect guy in mind.

Contractor Erick Fields is the poster boy for sexy single dads, and Clover has been secretly crushing on him for ages. She certainly wasn’t expecting Erick to agree to her insane charade…or to add lots of hot, wicked sex to the deal. If they can pull it off, the worst Thanksgiving ever might give them something to be really thankful for!

Follow Tiffany’s holidays release schedule as well as information on her other internationally bestselling books on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @tiffanyreisz

18 October 2016


WeightofZero_front cover new12.inddKaren Fortunati’s debut THE WEIGHT OF ZERO released last week and while she was out on book tour we inked our first foreign rights deal. Hungarian rights have sold to Könyvmolykepzö!

From Publishers Marketplace:
Hungarian rights to debut author Karen Fortunati’s THE WEIGHT OF ZERO about a teenager with bipolar disorder who is contemplating suicide, and her march towards – and struggle to recognize – better mental health, supported by a network of family, doctors and friends, to Könyvmolykepzö in a nice deal by Milena Kaplarevi? of Prava i prevodi, on behalf of Sara Megibow at kt literary.

In addition to inking this deal and prepping for the Frankfurt Book Fair, glowing reviews have been pouring in. We wanted to share this one – it’s personal and moving and says THE WEIGHT OF ZERO, “…just gets it.”

Congratulations Karen and thanks to all you wonderful readers – here and soon in Hungary!

Follow Karen’s debut excitement on her website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KarenFortunati

18 October 2016

About My Query

AboutMyQuery 16-year-old Eden has always dreamed of traveling the universe, and when she’s chosen to compete in the Starlight Princess pageant, her wish has come true. But her fight for the title won’t just determine who wins a crown – it will decide the fate of a galaxy on the brink of war.

For Eden, the competition is a chance to explore planets forbidden to Earth for centuries. For her new friends across the galaxy, it’s their only hope of escape from a tyrannical theocracy, an apartheid state, or a dying home world. With a promise to unite their fractured solar system, the girls enter the pageant’s labyrinthine compound on the Moon, where one of them will take home a crown and a position as an ambassador for peace. Or so they believe.

Behind the glitz and glamour, this pageant hides a dark secret. By day, hopefuls learn decorum and diplomacy; by night, they train in elemental arts both dazzling and dangerous. When disqualified contestants start disappearing, Eden and her friends suspect there’s a more sinister purpose to this contest than choosing a beauty queen.

Aided by an ally with an agenda of his own, the girls learn that hidden within the labyrinth is the real reason they were brought here: a weapon with the power to destroy planets. One which can only be used by a daughter of the lost world that created it.

She’s the one many have died to protect. The one many more would kill to find. The one who will become the Starlight Princess – and she’ll hold the fate of the galaxy in her hands.

Complete at 70,000 words, THE STARLIGHT CROWN is a YA sci-fi that combines the fantastical future of Marissa Meyer’s Cinder with the magical mayhem of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen, and is the first in a planned series. Thank you for your time and consideration.

For starters: If this came through my slush pile, I would read your opening pages based off those fantastic comps alone. Though I don’t personally connect with the beauty pagent hook, I like almost everything else about the story you describe. That’s one of the hard things about querying–you come up against agents’ personal tastes. You can do all your homework: check their #MSWL, their Twitter feed, read all their interviews, and still might miss on something like that–and that is okay. I recognize that it sucks to get a form rejection, but please know, sometimes behind that is the thought, “that is great, but it is not right for me.”

I like the stakes you have outlined. This feels like part Miss Congeniality, part Ender’s Game, and part Jupiter Ascending. You could even use those in your query letter. “THE STARLIGHT CROWN is Miss Congeniality meets Jupiter Ascending. Complete at 70,000 words, it will appeal to readers who enjoyed the fantastical future of Melissa Meyer’s….”

Your first two paragraphs do a lot to set up the political landscape of your world. I would recommend scaling back on much of that in order to give you some room in the plot descriptions of paragraphs three and four. “Brink of war” and “fractured solar system” go further than you think in setting up the political unrest. Lean on those phrases. “Tyrannical theocracy” and “dying homeworld” matter very little, especially since we don’t yet have any emotional connection to the characters from these places.

However, “elemental arts”, disappearing contestants, and an “ally with an agenda of his own” are all incredibly intriguing and I would ask for a little more about these plot points –told through the emotional lens of your main character.  If you could frame some of the plot description through her point of view, I think it would go a long way to connect her to the reader. For example, I assume the elemental arts training will be a big part of Eden’s journey. Is she learning magic? Science? Witchcraft? Do all the contestants exhibit this power? Does it have anything to do with their place in the contest to begin with?

Is the mysterious ally the romantic lead? Assuming he is, I would like to see a little bit more about that. A brief acknowledgement of the romantic tension would do well here, possibly including his name.

As for the structure of the query itself, there are a lot of paragraphs. I would recommend combining several of the shorter ones into a longer paragraph. I like to see no more than five paragraphs in a query, with the synopsis of the book no longer than three paragraphs.

Thank you for letting me take a stab at this! Though I think there are things you can do to improve this query, I would have absolutely dipped into your sample pages. You have a good concept, an appealing quest for your main character, and good sense of where this fits in the YA market.

I hope this helps!


14 October 2016


2015-02 final ZERO WORLD coverCongratulations to New York Times bestselling author Jason M. Hough on inking a deal with Patrick Dempsey’s Shifting Gears Productions for Television Rights to ZERO WORLD!

“I don’t think I’ve read a more exciting sci-fi novel…I would recommend this if you like action movies, if you like thrillers like Jason Bourne novels, or Richard Morgan-type sci-fi…I need moooooooore!”
–Felicia Day

From Publishers Marketplace:
October 13, 2016
Television rights
NYT bestselling author Jason M. Hough’s ZERO WORLD, a near-future spy thriller pitched as James Bond meets Inception, to Patrick Dempsey’s Shifting Gears Productions with Joannie Burstein and Justin Franklin by Jerry Kalajian of Intellectual Property Group on behalf of Sara Megibow of kt literary.

Published in rapid succession, Jason M. Hough’s first three novels, The Darwin Elevator, The Exodus Towers, and The Plague Forge, earned mountains of praise and comparisons to such authors as James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Now Hough returns with a riveting near-future spy thriller that combines the adrenaline of a high-octane James Bond adventure with mind-blowing sci-fi speculations worthy of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Technologically enhanced superspy Peter Caswell has been dispatched on a top-secret assignment unlike any he’s ever faced. A spaceship that vanished years ago has been found, along with the bodies of its murdered crew—save one. Peter’s mission is to find the missing crew member, who fled through what appears to be a tear in the fabric of space. Beyond this mysterious doorway lies an even more confounding reality: a world that seems to be Earth’s twin.

Peter discovers that this mirrored world is indeed different from his home, and far more dangerous. Cut off from all support, and with only days to complete his operation, Peter must track his quarry alone on an alien world. But he’s unprepared for what awaits on the planet’s surface, where his skills will be put to the ultimate test—and everything he knows about the universe will be challenged in ways he never could have imagined.

Follow Jason’s TV news on his website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @JasonMHough

13 October 2016


WeightofZero_front cover new12.indd“with treatment, there is hope.” – Publishers Weekly

A huge round of congratulations to debut author Karen Fortunati on today’s release of THE WEIGHT OF ZERO – a brilliant contemporary young adult novel with an intense and hopeful look at mental health care. The release of this book has been an exciting and emotional roller coaster and we’re excited to now share Catherine’s story with readers.

“An honest, informative, and ultimately optimistic novel about living with mental illness.” – Kirkus

“Catherine’s first-person narration is smart in its wit and, at times, painfully sharp in its candor about living with mental illness.” – Horn Book

“Fans of Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999) and J. J. Johnson’s Believarexic (2015) will want to read this debut novel.” – Booklist

Seventeen-year-old Catherine Pulaski knows Zero is coming for her. Zero, the devastating depression born of Catherine’s bipolar disorder, almost triumphed once; that was her first suicide attempt.

Being bipolar is forever. It never goes away. The med du jour might work right now, but Zero will be back for her. It’s only a matter of time.

And so, in an old ballet-shoe box, Catherine stockpiles medications, preparing to take her own life before Zero can inflict its living death on her again. Before she goes, though, she starts a short bucket list.

The bucket list, the support of her family, new friends, and a new course of treatment all begin to lessen Catherine’s sense of isolation. The problem is, her plan is already in place, and has been for so long that she might not be able to see a future beyond it.

This is a story of loss and grief and hope, and how some of the many shapes of love—maternal, romantic, and platonic—affect a young woman’s struggle with mental illness and the stigma of treatment.

Read more about THE WEIGHT OF ZERO on Karen’s website:

Join her on book tour this week by following the #YARoadTrip hashtag or checking out her tour schedule here:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KarenFortunati

11 October 2016

About My Query

AboutMyQueryThanks to all who’ve already sent in their queries for review and critique on this series. if you’re interested in hearing our feedback on your query, please send it to, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Now onto today’s query!

Dear kt literary:

When the universe resets itself, no one notices—except for Lia Tobin. Since she was six years old, Lia’s been able to recognize when the universe has reset and given her a chance to live life differently. The flip side of this gift? She can’t control when it happens.

After the disappearance of her little sister, Lia would give anything to be able to make the universe reset itself so she could have a chance to save Maddy. But the universe is uncooperative, which forces Lia to live through the rest of her senior year in infamy as the girl with the missing sister, watch her parents’ marriage dissolve, and finally discover Maddy’s body. All without a single chance at a do-over.

Until her former classmate, Jay Garza, is murdered, and the universe resets six months. Lia has the chance to save both Jay and Maddy, and she’s not going to waste it. On the day of Maddy’s kidnapping, Lia skips school to watch over her, thwarting the plans of whatever creep kidnapped her in Lia’s original timeline. Relieved, Lia turns her attention to Jay, hoping that if she can get close to him, she’ll be able to prevent his death. When she meets someone else who recognizes the resets, she learns that ten years in the future, Jay is a celebrated researcher on the brink of developing a cure for cancer. Protecting Jay now feels like saving the whole world.

But then Maddy disappears again. In fact, every time Lia gets closer to Jay, something happens to Maddy. When she focuses on Maddy, bad things happen to Jay. Lia is reset to avert each catastrophe, but she knows she must do more than fix things—she’s got to find out who’s responsible. As she knows only too well, the universe could stop resetting whenever it chooses, leaving Jay or Maddy to a terrible fate.

RESET is a 78,000-word work of speculative fiction for young adults that crosses EDGE OF TOMORROW with BEFORE I FALL. I am a regular contributor to the writing blog [redacted], as well as a stay-at-home mom of three with a Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling who greatly prefers writing novels to academic papers. Thank you for your consideration.


Thanks for sharing! On the whole, I think this is a really tight query. In fact, if this showed up in my query inbox, I’d probably request pages (hint, hint!).

Getting in to the nitty-gritty, you might be able to find a replacement word for “reset” in the second sentence, which could also help to define what you mean by it. Maybe something like “Lia’s been able to recognize when the universe has rebooted and given her a chance to live life differently.” Or “refreshed”?

Moving on, in the next paragraph, I think you can cut “in infamy”, which implies that Lia has something to do with Maddy’s disappearance, rather than what I think you intend, that she’s living out the rest of the year under a cloud of gossip.

You may also want to cut some of the plot you’ve included here. It’s informative, certainly, but I think there’s an emotional component that’s missing. How old is Maddy? What’s her relationship with Lia like? What do you mean by “every time Lia gets closer to Jay”? Are they dating? Is she stalking him?

I’m also quite curious about the “someone else who recognizes the resets”. If this is the antagonist, maybe you can tell us a little more about him/her. Are they actively working against Lia? Are they also trying to save someone they love?

I’d rather hear more about the relationships and the characters than just what happens next. Give me a little more of that, and I think this would be a slam dunk.

Hope that helps!

7 October 2016

Get to Know, News

Brandy200Please join me in welcoming kt literary’s newest client, Brandy Fummerton!

Her YA time-travel story had me hooked from the opening scene. I devoured her opening pages in one sitting and requested the full manuscript at 1AM on Labor Day Weekend. Despite the holiday, (Labour day is also celebrated in Canada in early September, I learned) she obliged and sent me the full manuscript! I loved it all as much as the opening pages.

Brandy Fummerton was born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, where she currently lives with her wife and two young daughters. She received dual degrees in political science and psychology as well as a masters in public health from Lakehead University. She currently works in corrections at a maximum security prison. Odyssey is her first novel.

I cannot wait to share this book with the world! You’re going to love it.

Follow Brandy on Twitter.

6 October 2016