December 20th, 2014

Merry Happy Season’s Greetings, everyone! We’ll be closed for the holidays through January 4th. May you all find lots of good stuff to read in the next two weeks!

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IMG_3891We made it! 15 days of awesome holidays giveaways, and for the big finish, I’ve got FIFTEEN books to give away. Yes!! Are you ready for this book-a-palooza? Leave a comment below, and you could win one of these fabulous prize packs:

A paperback of ALBATROSS by Josie Bloss
A digital copy of MORE THAN MUSIC by Liz Briggs
A digital copy of FORGET ME by Kim Harrington
Paperbacks of XVI and TRUTH by Julia Karr
A package of audio books, including THE NAME OF THE STAR and THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH by Maureen Johnson and ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS and LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins
Four Spanish paperbacks of SUITE SCARLETT by Maureen Johnson (ideally, for a Spanish teacher!)
A paperback of THE LAST GOOD PLACE OF LILY ODILON by Sara Beitia
And a rare galley of TUNNEL VISION by Susan Adrian, plus bookmark!


19 December 2014


Savage CompAnother great two-fer giveaway today! Alexandra Duncan’s debut Salvage was recommended to me by the fabulous Stephanie Perkins, whose blurb called it “kick-ass, brilliant, feminist science fiction.” All that, plus a multi-cultural story that soars from the star-filled galaxy, to the garbage-strewn oceans, to teaming, steamy Mumbai. You can read the first few chapters here, or comment below to win one of two galleys!

Still need convincing that it’s awesome? Check out this review from Publishers Weekly:

Duncan makes an excellent debut with a novel that’s part feminist polemic and part coming-of-age adventure. In a space-faring future, supply ship “crewes” have developed into patriarchal tribes, with strict gender roles and a mythology to justify them: “Women of the air, stay aloft,” the girls of the vessel Parastrata are warned. Ava is considered to be deviant for several reasons: she is of suspect Earthly descent, and she has a knack for both math and mechanical engineering, disciplines that are forbidden to women on her ship. After further transgressing Parastrata’s laws through a romantic encounter, she is cast out into the Void. With a fierce desire to survive and with the help of a female spaceship captain named Perpétue, Ava escapes space for the deadly gravity of Earth, where she eventually discovers emotional, sexual, and intellectual liberation. Duncan’s thoroughly realized setting and subtle control of Ava’s voice result in a powerfully immersive story that uses its far-future SF premise to thoughtfully explore gender politics.

18 December 2014


20120308-Harris_Bad Hair DayWe’re getting near the end of our giveaways, and I still have piles of books for prizes. So today, we’re giving away TWO copies of Bad Hair Day by Carrie Harris! Originally published in 2012, here’s a brief description:

Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school’s premed program. But after he’s arrested for murder, she’s left with the bodies. And when Kate’s brother, Jonah, stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, Kate realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness taking over her town. Someone—or something—is murdering kids. Something really hairy. And strong. Possibly with claws.

Could it be werewolves, like Jonah and his dorktastic friends think? Kate’s supposed to be a butt-kicking, zombie-killing genius . . . but if she can’t figure out what’s behind the freakish attacks, the victims—or what’s left of them—are going to keep piling up.

“Readers will get a kick out of this book that reads like a Wes Craven movie. The plot may be a little far-fetched, but the ride is so much fun it doesn’t much matter . . . what’s not to love?”–Kirkus Reviews

“Kate combines the smarts of Veronica Mars with the attitude of Buffy . . . a fast-paced read.”–School Library Journal

“Entirely enjoyable.”–Publishers Weekly

Leave a comment below — two will win!

17 December 2014

Get to Know

thumb_MarisaReichardtOh man, I just saw the most beautiful cover for Marisa Reichardt‘s upcoming debut Underwater, which I can’t quite share just yet, but trust me, you guys are going to LOVE it! In the meantime, enjoy this “Get to Know” post on the Sweet Sixteens blog. A snippet:

Fun facts:

  • Favorite book growing up: RAMONA QUIMBY, AGE 8 by Beverly Cleary
  • Childhood aspiration: Marine biologist
  • Favorite time of day/place to write: In the morning in a library or coffeehouse
  • Book currently reading/most recently read: I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson
  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Swimming in the ocean
  • Favorite sports teams: USC Trojans
  • Surprising personal fact: Peppermints make her sneeze
  • Greatest thing about being a 2016 debut author: Meeting other debut authors
  • Click through to read the whole thing!

    16 December 2014


    AspenFor today’s giveway, I’m delighted to offer a signed copy of Aspen by local Colorado author (and Renee’s first client!) Rebekah Crane. From the book’s description:

    One quiet night in Boulder, Colorado, Aspen Yellow-Sunrise Taylor made a mistake. In the next instant, her life changed forever. Aspen doesn’t want to remember when Katelyn Ryan, a sleek-haired popular soccer player, crossed the yellow line in her car and smashed into Aspen’s. But forgetting is pretty hard– because Katelyn may have died — but she didn’t leave. Her ghost is following Aspen around, and heading into senior year, it’s kind of a problem. Especially when Katelyn’s gorgeous former boyfriend Ben appears to be the only person at school with a clue as to how Aspen feels. Popularity, college, Homecoming Court, hot guys – none of these things ever mattered to Aspen. She’s been busy trying to rein in her giant mass of blonde curls, keep her stoner mother Ninny away from Toaster, her mom’s awful bongo drumming boyfriend, and prevent her best friends Kim and Cass from killing – or kissing – one another. But with Ben sitting next to her in Physics looking all too gorgeous, Katelyn’s spirit dogging her steps, and her obsessive snow-globe collecting therapist begging her to remember all the things she wants to forget, Aspen is thrust into a vivid, challenging world she can’t control … and doesn’t want to. A darkly funny, emotionally gripping story of opening up, letting go, and moving on, ASPEN is about the best-worst accident of your life … and what comes next.

    Enter below to win!

    16 December 2014


    MattsmiththumbsupNo, not that one. But we are on the last full week of our 15 Days of Christmas giveaways, and things are getting REAL in here! Today, we’re giving away a copy of Amy Spalding’s Ink Is Thicker Than Water and two temporary tattoos. If your idea of fun this holiday season is surprising your mom or other disapproving parental type figure with (fake) tattoos, this is the contest for you! What do they look like, you ask? A lot like the title treatment on the cover, just a little smaller.

    Ink Is Thicker Than Water

    Leave a comment below to win!

    15 December 2014


    _64637495_advent_10In case you missed any of them, I’ve posted links to the 10 giveaways so far. Comment and win! Your odds are good!

    Day One: Stephanie Perkins
    Day Two: Maureen Johnson
    Day Three: Ellen Booraem
    Day Four: Trish Doller
    Day Five: Kiki Hamilton
    Day Six: Rebecca Petruck
    Day Seven: Ransom Riggs
    Day Eight: Matthew Cody
    Day Nine: Krista Van Dolzer
    Day Ten: A. L. Sonnichsen

    12 December 2014


    thumb_RedButterflyAnother great review for Red Butterfly by A.L. Sonnichsen, this time from School Library Journal (subscription required):

    After being found abandoned as an infant in Tianjin, China, Kara was never formally adopted by her American parents, leaving her with no identity papers. Kara’s mother hasn’t had a valid visa in years, but she refuses to leave China without Kara. Now 11, the girl is discovered by police who deport her mother and send Kara to an orphanage for disabled children (she has a malformed hand). There she struggles with her feelings of abandonment, and the emotional conflict from the reality that the Chinese government won’t let the only mother she’s ever known adopt her. But soon a different family wants her. Told in free verse that occasionally plays with form to capture Kara’s mood and decorated with small illustrations mixing watercolor and collage, the narrative is broken into three distinct sections: “Crawl,” set in Tianjin; “Dissolve,” set at the orphanage; and “Fly,” set in Florida. Based on the author’s own experiences in fostering for years before being allowed to adopt from China, “Dissolve” is particularly heartbreaking and occasionally shocking, despite the underfunded orphanage being (under)staffed by caring adults. Readers everywhere will empathize with and root for Kara as she discovers where she belongs and her true home. –Jennifer Rothschild, Arlington County Public Libraries, VA

    So for the tenth day of our 15 Days of Christmas Giveaways, I’m giving one galley of Red Butterfly to a random commenter below. Get to commenting!

    And remember, all 15 giveaways are open until close of business on Friday, December 19th.

    12 December 2014


    Day Nine, and the opportunity to share some super exciting news for KT Literary client Krista Van Dolzer. If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know Krista’s debut middle grade historical The Sound of Life and Everything is coming out from Putnam in May. Today, we’re pleased to announce the title of her next MG, a contemporary coming from Sourcebooks in August 2015:

    Screenshot 2014-12-11 16.35.24

    To celebrate, I’m giving away one galley of The Sound of Life and Everything. Enter below to win!

    11 December 2014


    Some heavy duty math for today’s giveaway. And to make up for my lateness in posting it, it’s a big one. Not one, not even two, not three or four, but FIVE books! All from Matthew Cody — the complete Supers of Noble’s Green trilogy (Powerless, Super, and Villainous), plus the standalones Will in Scarlet and The Dead Gentleman. You get all this AND a tease for Matt’s next three books (5 + 3 = 8, for today’s number), The Secrets of the Pied Piper series. I can’t post text without permission, but how about this beauty?


    Comment below to enter to win hardcovers of Powerless, Villainous, and Will in Scarlet, a galley of Super, and a paperback of The Dead Gentleman. Good luck!!

    10 December 2014