November 21st, 2017

Congratulations to Betsy Dornbusch on today’s paperback release of ENEMY!

ENEMY is the third book in Betsy’s Seven Eyes trilogy – a series which author Carol Berg called, “…a non-stop adventure with a fascinating world and some terrific magic.”

Library Journal reviewed Book #1 in the series saying, “Love, war, and redemption all play a part in this fantasy series opener, which brings to life a brooding hero and a resourceful queen against an exotic fantasy background.”

Learn more about the Seven Eyes series on Betsy’s website:

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EXILE = Book #1
EMISSARY = Book #2

ENEMY = Book #3
Everything Draken thinks he knows is wrong.

The last time Draken traveled Akrasia, he was the highest lord in the land. His journey before that was eased by royal favor and the grace of the gods. This time is different. His adopted country buckling under attack from religious fanatics and his Queen presumed dead, Draken must flee a deadly coup by an upstart lord. Bitter from fighting an insurmountable war and losing the life he’s built, he lets the ghosts of past mistakes drive him into vigilante revenge. But Draken is about to learn gods and wars have a way of catching up to a man.

In the thrilling conclusion to Dornbush’s Book of the Seven Eyes trilogy, follow Draken as he tries to find peace solace in a life that has been surrounded by bloodshed. Will he avenge those he cares about, while striking down those that stand in his way? Enemy covers all this and more in this epic fantasy series.

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Please help us welcome Dan Hanks – sci-fi/fantasy writer and our newest KT Literary client!

Dan has an incredible fantasy novel packed with horror and nostalgic elements (think Goonies meets Ghostbusters) that I can’t wait to share – I’m so excited to be working together!

Aside from writing fantasy novels and enjoying the current trend for everything 1980s, Dan works as a freelance copywriter and screenwriter at in the beautiful Peak District, UK. He’s also a husband, a dad to two boys, and a wrangler of two dogs, Indy and Maverick.

Say hi and congrats on twitter @dan_hanks

17 November 2017


A huge round of congratulations to New York Times bestselling author Margaret Rogerson – AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS sold to Cbt in Germany!

Glückwünsche! Congratulations!

From Publishers Marketplace:
International rights: Children’s
German rights to NYT bestselling Margaret Rogerson’s debut AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS, to CBT, in a nice deal, by Carina Hippke of Schlueck Agency, on behalf of Sara Megibow of kt literary.

AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list in late September and the enthusiasm has been outrageously exciting (and world-wide!).

Margaret leaves for her west coast tour in a few weeks – check out her tour schedule and more about this incredible book on her website:

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“Rogerson’s moody debut novel is suffused with an intoxicating and palpable romantic longing.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

16 November 2017


I’m thrilled to share that Maureen Johnson’s next amazing YA novel, the murder mystery TRULY DEVIOUS, has been chosen for the Winter 2017-2018 Kids’ Indie Next List! From the selection:

“Johnson delivers on everything a great YA book needs: a bit of romance, some quirky teen characters at a quirky boarding school, and a delicious murder mystery that leaves the reader guessing at every turn. I couldn’t put it down!” —Melissa Fox, Watermark Books, Wichita, KS

The book has also received a starred PW review!

Johnson kicks off a riveting mystery series set at the Ellingham Academy, a prestigious school built on a Vermont mountain by industrialist tycoon Albert Ellingham. His goal was to make learning a game—and free—for the exceptional students accepted to the school. But soon after it opened in 1936, Ellingham received a mysterious threat written in rhyme (and signed “Truly, Devious”), Ellingham’s wife and daughter were kidnapped, and a student was killed. In the present, 16-year-old Stevie Bell is obsessed with true crime (and often beset by panic attacks), and she feels a bit like a fraud at Ellingham. With Holmesian powers of observation, she hopes to solve the Ellingham case, but the school’s deadly past resurfaces when a student from her dorm is killed. Jumping between past and present, Johnson’s novel is deliciously atmospheric, with a sprawling cast of complex suspects/potential victims, surprising twists, and a dash of romance. As in her Shades of London books, Johnson remains a master at combining jittery tension with sharp, laugh-out-loud observations.

Preorders are available now! And if you order from Books of Wonder in NY or Blue Willow Books in Houston, you can get a signed copy and an exclusive stocker!

And in case you didn’t know, you can follow MJ on Twitter, @maureenjohnson.

15 November 2017


Gerald Brandt’s international bestselling cyberpunk trilogy wraps up with today’s release of THE REBEL. Congratulations Gerald and a huge round of thank you to the team at DAW Books for launching this amazing series!

When THE COURIER hit bookshelves in March 2016, Barnes & Noble gave it a glowing review saying, “The Courier Brings Cyberpunk Roaring Back to Life.”

In November 2016, Book #2 in the series released and followed its prequel right to the bestseller list. On A Dark and Stormy Night called THE OPERATIVE, “Quick, and violent, engaging, and intense.”

Today we celebrate THE REBEL – Book #3 in Gerald’s San Angeles series and the most intense story yet!

All three books are also available in audiobook from Recorded Books – narrated by the fabulous Ali Ahn and James Colby!

Learn more about THE REBEL and the San Angeles series on Gerald’s website:

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The third and final installment in the San Angeles trilogy, a thrilling near-future cyberpunk sci-fi series

Kris Merrill has lost everything. Her family when she was thirteen, her identity when she joined the anti-corporate movement, and now the man she loved. Living in a small room the resistance gave her, she feels alone. Abandoned.

A year ago, Kris’s life was torn apart when a delivery went wrong. The last year spent training with the anti-corporate movement had been the closest she’d ever gotten to normal.

Now, war has broken out between the corporations, and the lower levels of San Angeles are paying the price. Water and food are rationed. People are being ripped from their families in massive sweeps, drafted to fight. Those remaining live in a wasteland. The insurgents are trying to help, but Kris is being left out, given menial tasks instead of doing what she was trained for.

She is torn between working with the insurgents as they become more like the corporations they are fighting, and helping the people of the lower levels.

Caught in one of SoCal’s draft sweeps and being hunted by an enemy who will stop at nothing to have revenge are just the tip of the iceberg. Kris is pregnant, and she might have to choose between bringing down the corporations that destroyed her family or saving the life of her unborn son.

14 November 2017


Congratulations to debut author K Arsenault Rivera whose debut fantasy THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER was just named “Reviewers’ Choice: The Best Books Of 2017” by!

“Poetic, complex, beautiful, and ultimately a love story in a fascinating fantasy world far beyond the Great Wall of Europe. Plus magic, demons, swordplay, and everything one could want in a fantasy novel. A stunning debut that reminded me of the power of the genre.” – Paul Weimer,

Check out the entire Reviewers’ Choice: Best Books of 2017 List here!

THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER was an October 2017 Indie Next Pick and a SCIBA bestseller. Also, we just announced the second printing (already!) for this incredible book!

Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review saying, “Rivera’s immense imagination and finely detailed worldbuilding have produced a series introduction of mammoth scope.”

New York Times bestselling author VE Schwab said, “The Tiger’s Daughter is a love letter to my favorite kind of fantasy – rich, expansive…simply exquisite.”

Check out K’s website for more information on this incredible book:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @ArsenaultRivera

And get ready for Book #2 in Their Bright Ascendency series – THE PHOENIX EMPRESS, coming in July 2018!

9 November 2017


“Fall in love with author Margaret Rogerson’s new fantasy book, AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS” – Cincinnati Channel 19

“I was inspired by my own background as a portrait artist” – Margaret

Watch Margaret’s TV interview here!

In more good news, please help us celebrate – AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS just won the Parents’ Choice Award from Children’s Media and Toy Reviews!

Learn more about New York Times bestselling AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS on Margaret’s website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @MarRogerson

8 November 2017


“Quick, and violent, engaging, and intense, I loved THE OPERATIVE as much as I loved THE COURIER” – On A Dark And Stormy Night review

Internationally bestselling author Gerald Brandt wraps up his cyberpunk trilogy this month with THE REBEL (November 14, 2017 from DAW Books).

Before getting to THE REBEL, though, pick up THE COURIER (Book #1) and, as of today, THE OPERATIVE (Book #2) – now available in mass market paperback!

The second installment in the San Angeles trilogy, a thrilling near-future cyberpunk sci-fi series

Kris Merrill was a survivor. She’d lost her parents as a young girl, and she’d been forced to flee the dubious shelter of her aunt’s home at thirteen to escape the unwanted attentions of her uncle. She’d lived on the streets of San Angeles, finding refuge in the lowest level of the city. When she got the chance, Kris found a room to rent on Level 2, earning a precarious living as a motorcycle messenger, a courier delivering sensitive materials the megacorporations would not trust to any method that could be hacked.

A year ago, Kris’s life changed irrevocably when a delivery went terribly wrong, and she was targeted for termination by the Meridian corporation, one of the most powerful of the megaconglomerates that controlled the government. Salvation came in the form of Ian Miller, who rescued Kris from certain death, recruiting her for the underground resistance group of which he was a part.

Since then, Kris has been hidden with the resistance, training to become an operative. Just as her training with the anti-corporate movement is nearing its end, their compound is destroyed by surprise attack.

Ready or not, Kris and the other trainees are recalled to the dangerous metropolis of San Angeles. But their transport is shot down and Ian Miller, the man she loves, is captured. Someone, it seems, is using him to get to Kris.

With the help of a retired operative with PTSD, and the mysterious man who fled the scene when Kris’s parents were killed, Kris searches for any sign of Ian. As the corporations battle civil unrest—and each other—the city slowly shuts down. Kris and San Angeles are running out of time….

Read an excerpt of THE COURIER here!

Read an excerpt of THE OPERATIVE here!

Lern more about the San Angeles trilogy on Gerald’s website:

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7 November 2017


Congratulations to Paige Orwin whose IMMORTAL ARCHITECTS came in at #10 on the mass market paperback bestseller list at Borderlands!

“I can’t state strongly enough that this is superb writing…The story never goes where I think it will and the characters never act predictably. The nuances are sharp enough to be cutting but each of the characters are very likable in all their faults and foibles.” – Eccentric Librarian

Edmund Templeton, a time-manipulating sorcerer, and Istvan Czernin, the deathless spirit of World War I, are the most powerful agents of the magical cabal now ruling the U.S. East Coast. Their struggle to establish a new order in the wake of magical catastrophe is under siege: cults flourish and armies clash on their borders. Perhaps worst of all the meteoric rise of a technological fortress-state threatens their efforts to keep the peace.
As if that weren’t enough, a desperate call has come in from the west. A superstorm capable of tearing rock from mountains is on its way, and it acting unlike any storm ever seen before. Who better to investigate than two old friends with the sudden need to prove themselves?

Learn more about THE INTERMINABLES and IMMORTAL ARCHITECTS on Paige’s website:

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6 November 2017


Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, Deva Fagan!

I am so excited to welcome Deva into kt literary family. Her lush MG fantasy centers around two magical girls with very different strengths, who must learn to work together and brave monsters, mermaids, and murderous statues, in order to save their magic teacher from being falsely accused of treason.

Deva Fagan writes fantasy and science fiction for kids, teens and adults. She lives in Maine with her husband and her dog. When she’s not writing she spends her time reading, doing geometry, playing video games, hiking, and drinking copious amounts of tea. She is the author of Fortune’s FollyThe Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle and Circus Galacticus. You can find her online at

Please feel free to check out her fabulous books and to congratulate her on twitter!

31 October 2017


Congratulations to K Arsenault Rivera whose debut fantasy THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER hit the SCIBA Indie Regional Bestseller list!

SCIBA (Southern California Independent Booksellers Association) is a part of the ABA (American Booksellers Association) – thank you to all our amazing independent bookstores and booksellers for your enthusiasm for this book! We wouldn’t be here without you!

“The epistolary tale at the heart of THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER unfolds with deceptive elegance, leading the reader to a conclusion at once unexpected, touching and apt” – author Jacqueline Carey

Check out K’s website for more information on THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @arsenaultrivera

30 October 2017


Just a quick update about all the lovely agents of KT and their schedules for queries over the coming months:

Hilary will be closing to unsolicited queries November 1st, reopening January 1st.

Kate, Sara, Renee, and Hannah will be closing to unsolicited queries on December 1st, reopening January 1st.

So take some time after NaNo to revise and revise and revise again, and enjoy the holiday season! We look forward to reading all your lovely submissions in the New Year!

27 October 2017


Please help me welcome my newest client, Jennifer Gruenke, to the KT Literary family! Jennifer’s dark YA fantasy is SIX OF CROWS meets FROSTBLOOD with a diverse cast of characters, and it grabbed my attention right away. Her bold writing, tight pacing, and stellar plotting won me over and I’m thrilled to be working with her. Here’s the query:

Ren Kolins is a silver wielder. It’s a dangerous thing to be in Erdis, a kingdom where magic has been outlawed for a century, and Ren is just trying to survive. She’s content with a life of petty thievery, card games, and pit fighting for profit, but when the rebel leader offers her six hundred and fifty thousand gold coins to join the revolution, it’s too tempting to pass up. The caveat: she doesn’t get the money until after they overthrow the king.

Behind the castle walls, a brutal group of warriors known as the King’s Children are engaged in a competition–the first to find the rebel leader will be made King’s Fang, the right hand of the King of Erdis. Adley Farre isn’t only fighting for the title, she’s fighting against her feelings for the girl she loves. Because as a King’s Child, falling in love is a crime punished by death.

But with the Royal Carnival approaching, time is running down for all of them. The crown prince is on a path to fulfill a deadly prophecy, a power-grab that would bring darkness to the kingdom, and the rebels have to take the throne before he does — that is, if the King’s Children don’t capture them first.

Jennifer is a former journalist and a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where she studied communication and professional writing. She now lives and writes in a cozy Brooklyn apartment with one roommate, one cat, and a lot of books.

Once again, welcome, Jennifer! We’re thrilled to have you!

Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @jenngruenke

26 October 2017


Congratulations to author Spencer Ellsworth whose debut space opera A RED PEACE has been nominated for the prestigious Compton Crook Award!

“Cozy, classic space opera is twisted in innovative, awesome ways in Ellsworth’s debut A RED PEACE. Humankind is the nasty invasive alien in space that’s about to get its comeuppance, and wow, do the pages zoom by. I impatiently await the next book!” – Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger

From the BSFS website, “The members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc. (BSFS) created the Compton Crook Award in 1982 to honor the best first novel of the year…in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror genre.”

Check out A RED PEACE on the Compton Crook ballot!

Congratulations Spencer! Happy reading everyone…and just in time too as the second book in the trilogy, SHADOW SUN SEVEN, releases November 28, 2017.

Learn more about the STARFIRE trilogy on Spencer’s website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @spencimus

26 October 2017


A huge round of congratulations to Karen Fortunati whose debut young adult novel, THE WEIGHT OF ZERO, won the Connecticut Center for the Book’s Best Book For Young Readers Award!

THE WEIGHT OF ZERO is an ILA Young Adult Honor Book, a New York Public Library Best Book for Teens, a 2016 Indies Introduce book and was featured in Seventeen Magazine.

Kirkus gave this book a glowing review saying, “An honest, informative, and ultimately optimistic novel about living with mental illness.”

Publishers Weekly said, “Debut novelist Fortunati tackles social stigma and mental health realistically and honestly through the candid voice of Catherine Pulaski, a 17-year-old with bipolar disorder…Fortunati doesn’t shy away from detailing Cath’s despair but is very clear that with treatment, there is hope.”

Read more about the CT Center for the Book and the winners of the Connecticut Book Awards here!

Learn more about THE WEIGHT OF ZERO on Karen’s website:

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @KarenFortunati

25 October 2017