October 31st, 2014

thumb_VillainousGot a superhero in your life? Then maybe you should enter this awesome contest hosted by Matthew Cody and Knopf Books for Young Readers. Details below:

Who would you like to see flying through the sky to save the day? In ways big and small we all have someone in our life that is a superhero. To young readers, you yourself may be a hero — a teacher who protects a group of students during a tornado, a librarian who helps you find the perfect book that to turn you a reader…

Have your students and readers tell us about their real-life hero in 500 words or less and they could win a SUPER cool prize: Matthew Cody, the author of Powerless, Super and Villainous will write the winner of this contest into a short story as a SUPER.

Submit real-life superhero stories by December 20th, 2014 to:
Snail Mail: Sadie Trombetta
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Matthew, along with four fantastic ace readers from Knopf Books for Young Readers, will select the winners. The grand prize is the short story and a full set of signed copies of Matthew’s books. Five others will receive signed copies of all of Matthew’s books. As a bonus, any teacher who submits stories from her entire class will be eligible to win a class set of Matt’s books, as well as some select additional titles from Random House. The winner will be selected by January 15th, 2015.

And since I can’t not post a picture of my cutie in his Halloween costume, here’s MY superhero.

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thumb_MoreThanExeseBookIf you love reading about studly musicians (and who doesn’t?), you’ve got to check out Elizabeth Briggs’ steamy new novella MORE THAN EXES, which released this week! Want to know more? Check this out:

Keyboardist Kyle Cross may look like a bad boy with his tattoos and piercings, but he’s really the good guy who’s always stuck fixing his band’s problems and never gets the girl. His band is competing in a college Battle of the Bands, but when their bassist doesn’t show, Kyle must track her down with the help of the person he least expects: his ex-girlfriend Alexis Monroe.

Kyle hasn’t seen Alexis since she dumped him in high school, and she’s dropped her preppy image for fiery red hair and a bold new attitude to match. With only hours before his band goes on stage, Kyle has to be a little bad if he wants to win both the Battle and the girl he’s never gotten over. But when their old problems resurface, the good guy might just get his heart broken all over again.

MORE THAN EXES is available everywhere ebooks are sold!

And I can’t resist one more little tease…

29 October 2014


Thumb_TunnelVisionFinalCongrats to Susan Adrian, whose debut YA TUNNEL VISION just received an awesome Kirkus review. An excerpt:

An exciting plot paired with a sympathetic protagonist makes for a roller-coaster adventure that asks some big moral questions: Is it ethical to tunnel into another person’s mind, even to do good? Which is more important, the individual or the country? The action moves at a quick pace that fans of adventure fiction will appreciate while still leaving room for deeper contemplation. Toward the end of the book, convenient plot twists drive the action, but readers may not notice, caught up as they’ll be in the web of terror and deceit.

Danger, intrigue, a dash of romance, and a good, hard look at ethical dilemmas—a pretty complete package.

The full review is online.

27 October 2014



In our house, we’ve only just decorated for Halloween, but with snow on the mountains this morning, it’s not too hard to think ahead to winter. Grab your copy of My True Love Gave To Me, out today, and you’ll be set for any coming blizzard or snowstorm. Fall in love twelve times, with amazing, romantic stories by authors Holly Black, Ally Carter, Matt de la Pena, Gayle Forman, Jenny Han, David Levithan, Kelly Link, Myra McEntire, Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, Laini Taylor, and Kiersten White.

Four starred reviews can’t be wrong!

14 October 2014


You’re a writer, toiling away on your manuscript for months, for years, finally getting that big break, that momentous publishing contract! Years more may still go by, but finally, you can hold it in your hand, or better yet, buy it in a store — your book. Your blood, sweat, and tears, honest-to-goodness BOOK.

So now what?

For many authors, putting aside the obvious answer of “write the next one!”, the time comes to somehow commemorate the occasion. KT Literary client Josie Bloss celebrated the publication of her first novel Band Geek Love with a tattoo, which may work for your first novel, but do you want ink for every book? Back in 2008, when I first blogged about this momentous milestone, I suggested a nice piece of jewelry, and I’m still a fan of that idea. But if you’re Amy Spalding, and you have super talented friends, maybe you get one of them to illustrate a scene from your book instead!


Thanks to amazingly talented artist Hope Larson, Amy now has a piece of forever art to celebrate The Reece Malcolm List, and lots more empty frames to fill.

What will you do/did you do to celebrate your book’s publication?

8 October 2014


It’s easy to get a little disheartened about the publishing industry sometimes: the long delays when you’re waiting for a response, the single bookseller that can tank or make a book’s success, the pitiful excuses for marketing plans… but then, sometimes, you get this:

Readers have spoken, and publisher Penguin has listened. Readers of Stephanie Perkins’ popular Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After are getting hardcover editions that sport covers that match each other. See, Penguin redesigned the cover concept after the first two books in the series had already launched, so when Isla came out, readers ended up with a book that didn’t look like its predecessors. [...] So Penguin unit Dutton Young Readers is releasing hardcovers of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door with the new, Isla design, an unusual move by a major publisher and a testament to the power of avid readers.

Wanna see?


As Stephanie writes:

I am very, very happy. And proud of you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for speaking up.

Click over to the USA Today story for her full letter to her readers about the matched set.

8 October 2014


No, not these aspen:




Rebekah Crane’s latest novel is on sale RIGHT NOW for the low low price of only 99 cents. You can’t even get a coffee for that! But you can get a great read. Check it out.

And if you missed Renee’s big announcement on Twitter, join me in welcoming Rebekah to the KT Literary family!

3 October 2014


FINALFINAL_9780399167751_Soundoflife_CAT copyIt’s amazing how quickly Spring 2015 comes upon us, but I’m delighted now to share the cover for Krista Van Dolzer‘s amazing middle grade debut, THE SOUND OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING, which Putnam is publishing in May 2015. What’s it about, you ask?

A fascinating speculative historical fiction debut set in 1950s California—perfect for fans of When You Reach Me.

Twelve-year-old Ella Mae Higbee is a sensible girl. She eats her vegetables and wants to be just like Sergeant Friday, her favorite character on Dragnet. So when her auntie Mildred starts spouting nonsense about a scientist who can bring her cousin back to life from blood on his dog tags, Ella Mae is skeptical—until he steps out of a bio-pod right before her eyes.

But the boy is not her cousin—he’s Japanese. And in California in the wake of World War II, the Japanese are still feared and despised. When her aunt refuses to take responsibility, Ella Mae and her Mama take him home instead. Determined to do what’s right by her new friend, Ella Mae teaches Takuma English and defends him from the reverend’s talk of H-E-double-toothpicks. But when his memories start to resurface, Ella Mae learns some shocking truths about her own family and more importantly, what it means to love.

The beautiful artwork by Rose Wong actually wraps around the entire jacket, so head on over to Krista’s blog for the full look.

3 October 2014


thumb_SteeringTowardNormalLove this interview with Rebecca Petruck, author of STEERING TOWARD NORMAL, on the research that went into her debut, and having to literally kill her darlings, as the common writing advice goes:

“The big thing for me was acknowledging that the steers are beef cattle – they have no other purpose – they’re going to be sold to the packer,” she says. “Loading day is called the Day of Tears pretty much across all the state fairs. And none of the boys were embarrassed admitting that. They were glad to have had a year to love their animals. It was the circle of life.”

Still, Petruck initially attempted to work some authorial magic until she had some sense talked into her by an early reader.

“I saved the steers in the first seven drafts,” she says. “I brought them home. I let them hang out in pastures. And it was a thirteen-year-old 4-H (member) who read an early copy for me who said, ‘It’s kind of a Cinderella ending.’ I realized later I wanted to be true to their experience year after year.”

1 October 2014


TVAcademyHonorIn case you missed it on Twitter this morning, I’m delighted to welcome new KT Literary client Sarah Watson to the fold! I could paraphrase her bio, but I’ll just put it here, shall I?

Sarah is a television writer and proud to have been a part of the entire six season run of the NBC drama, Parenthood, where she currently serves as Executive Producer. Her other credits include About A Boy, The Middleman, The Unusuals, Lipstick Jungle, and Standoff, among other series. She has sold pilots to ABC, FOX, and CBS. Her work has been positively reviewed in The New Yorker, listed as a part of Entertainment Weekly’s “50 Best TV Scenes of the Past Year”, and described by People Magazine as, “dumb but fun”. Sarah grew up in Northern California but decided she wanted to live where the beaches were actually warm after reading GIDGET as a kid. This brought her to UCLA where she majored in English. Learning to surf was a total bust, but Sarah continues to live next to the beach in Santa Monica with her golden retriever, Daisy, named after the heroine of one of her other favorite novels, THE GREAT GATSBY. When not writing on Parenthood Sarah can be found in various Los Angeles coffee shops working on her first novel MERCURY, an excerpt of which was selected as a finalist for the James Kirkwood Literary Prize.

I’m more than enough of a geek to get excited about working with someone who regularly rubs elbows with the beautiful people on my TV, but her novel (and her subsequent revision) absolutely blew me away, and when we met at WonderCon this past April, we hit it off in person as well. And she came highly recommended to me from fellow nerds I love and trust!

Hopefully we’ll have more great news soon, but for now, Welcome, Sarah!

30 September 2014



From a GREAT post by Anne Ursu on Tumblr.

26 September 2014