#AskKTLit Twitter Chat September 26th at 12 noon MDT

September 16th, 2016 • Kate

twitterchat#AskKTLitPlease join the agents and staff of KT Literary on Monday, September 26th at 12 noon MDT (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern) for an #AskKTLit Twitter chat! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about what an agent does, the querying process, how to navigate the challenging worlds of traditional and self publishing, subsidiary rights, and more. If you’d like to comment below with any advance questions, we’ll start with those, and move on to more questions as they come in.

We’re also putting out a call for #OwnVoices submissions. We would love to see even more of these in our query inboxes, and to that end, if you have an #OwnVoices manuscript and want to query us, for the rest of September and the month of October, we’re promising a 48 hours turnaround on any queries sent as per the usual submission guidelines, but with the #OwnVoices hashtag.

As always, we’re committed to working with authors to produce and publish stories that reflect the world around us, and are proud supporters of the We Need Diverse Books and Own Voices movements. If you have a manuscript that you believe fits the bill, even if you prefer not to self-identify, we’d love to see it.

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3 Responses to “#AskKTLit Twitter Chat September 26th at 12 noon MDT”

  1. Kristi A. (YA disaster thriller in progress) Says:

    Greetings KT Lit!

    In re: to Monday’s #AskKTLit twitter chat, a couple of query questions.

    1.) How/if to include a story’s inspiration in a query. For example–a YA disaster thriller based on a true, current warning issued by a US govt agency. Would you to include a brief bullet on what inspired your story in the query?

    2.) If you have a high-concept story with sequel/series potential – should you mention your ideas on series potential in the query? Example: X is complete, with series potential–and here’s my (one sentence/very) brief idea for its sequel.

    Thank you in advance for the guidance, looking forward to the chat!

  2. Roxanne Says:

    1) How can I weave in the diverse characters in my query without that becoming the main focus?

    2) Current MS has scientific elements but I don’t want to call it Sci-Fi since the main element is romance. Would you call that Speculative Fiction?

    Thanks in advance! Q&A sessions are the best!

  3. Athena Says:

    Hello everyone!
    Thank you for the opportunity to ask you questions about the querying process, among others. Here are some problems I am dealing with, and I would appreciate your insight.

    1. Having an appropriate word count has been troubling me for a while, since I started writing the book which I am currently revising. My book in question is a YA high fantasy novel, and a first in a planned series. I have researched this a lot, but opinions vary regarding both YA and fantasy in general. Would you please give me an estimated word count range that would be appropriate for an unpublished author querying a YA high fantasy novel?
    2. The biggest difficulty I'm facing is finding good comparison titles aka comps. Can you give any advice on how to find a good one, or what makes a title a good comp? While trying to find "the one" comp, which parts of a book should I focus on: the writing style, plot themes, MC? Also, do you think that is negative if the query doesn't mention any?
    3. About author bio in a query. What would you, or agents in general, like to know about us--the querying authors? Apart from writing credentials, publication in journals, etc.

    Thank you again for organizing this. I am looking forward to the event.