Happy Book Birthday to debut author Paige Orwin!

July 5th, 2016 • Sara Megibow

interminables-coverAn author’s debut book always feels so special – please help us congratulate and celebrate with Paige Orwin whose debut THE INTERMINABLES releases today! Extra huge thanks to our amazing publisher Angry Robot!

Paige talks about writing THE INTERMINABLES:
“The Interminables began as a lifeboat.

There once was a superhero MMO called City of Heroes, and it shut down for good two years ago, stranding thousands upon thousands of characters in the digital aether.

Most players said goodbye and moved on. I didn’t. I couldn’t. It seemed criminal. I was too attached to these people—they were people by the end, to me and others—and I decided, well, I’ll just write a book then, and they can continue to have adventures there. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yes, I’ll just write a book.”

It’s 2020, and a magical cataclysm has shattered reality as we know it. Now a wizard’s cabal is running the East Coast of the US, keeping a semblance of peace.

Their most powerful agents, Edmund and Istvan — the former a nearly immortal 1940s-era mystery man, the latter, well, a ghost — have been assigned to hunt down an arms smuggling ring that could blow up Massachusetts.

Turns out the mission’s more complicated than it seemed. They discover a shadow war that’s been waged since the world ended, and, even worse, they find out that their own friendship has always been more complicated than they thought. To get out of this alive, they’ll need to get over their feelings, their memories, and the threat of a monstrous foe who’s getting ready to commit mass murder…

Follow Paige’s book launch on her website: www.paigeorwin.com

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @PaigeOrwin

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