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August 24th, 2015 • Kate

sound-coverThanks to everyone who entered our Back to School Giveaway last week. Winners are being notified, and books are ready to be mailed! As promised, I have another giveaway ready to go, this one open to everyone in the US.

My office was still in boxes when this review came out, so first of all, please join me in congratulating Alexandra Duncan on the starred Kirkus review of Sound, the companion book to her Andre Norton Award-nominated debut Salvage.

On a research mission to deep space, a girl makes bold and terrifying choices.

Miyole forged her papers to work on the Ranganathan, a 128,000-acre research-and-development ship. She’s 16, not the required 18, but she’s always wanted to travel into space and was impatient to leave Mumbai, where she was taunted as “the darkest” and “the exotic outlier” because she’s Haitian, not Indian. Onboard, she bioengineers bees and butterflies to pollinate terraformed planets. Then life takes a sharp turn: pirates attack a nearby spacecraft, and Miyole meets a girl named Cassia. Making the stunning decision to steal a shuttle so she and Cassia can pursue the pirates who kidnapped Cassia’s brother, Miyole pilots them into deep space. As they bargain with unsavory dealers, visit a frozen moon’s underwater settlements, and discover horrifying things, Miyole battles post-traumatic stress from an early-life catastrophe, including flashbacks that will be especially meaningful to readers who saw that tragedy unfold in Salvage (2014). Connections among her personal history, her ancestral history (the real-life Haitian Revolution; the science-fictional destruction, centuries ago, of Haiti by floods), and the atrocities she discovers in deep space are meaningful and well-wrought, as is the portrayal of Miyole’s tender and bumpy romance with Cassia.

Unpredictable plot, vivid settings, and a queer, dark-skinned black girl as a protagonist in far-future science fiction: essential.

And I’m thrilled to share Alexa’s awesome book trailer as well. Check it:

And so to celebrate, this week I’m giving away THREE set of books and swag — each winner will receive a galley of Sound along with a hardcover copy of Salvage. Already read Salvage? No worries! Give the copy to a friend and get ’em hooked, while you read Sound before it’s released in September!

Want one more tease? Oh, all right…

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To enter, leave a comment and let us know your favorite scifi book, tv show, or movie! I will do my best not to be swayed by people who respond with Firefly or Serenity, although either is, of course, the correct answer. To ensure my lack of bias, winners will be chosen by a random number generator.

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7 Responses to “SOUND and SALVAGE giveaway!”

  1. Danni Perreault Says:

    One of my favorite scifi YA books is Beth Revis’s Across the Universe!

    Would love to win these books. Thanks!

  2. Nicole Mogavero Says:

    Am I eligible? I’ll read it either way–loved Salvage!

    One of my favorite authors has always been Anne McCaffrey. Sassinak, written with Elizabeth Moon, was an awesome book with a kick-ass MC.

  3. Summer Webb Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeed these broken stars by Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman

  4. Kelly G. Says:

    I love Firefly so much that two of my dogs are named Kaylee and Jayne. We even did some cosplay for the x-mas cards a few years back!

    I don’t want to be a suck up, though, so I’ll pick a book instead: Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy!

  5. Julia Muldoon Says:

    You totally took the series right out of my mouth. Was doing a rematch of Firefly the other day while working on a sewing project. Oddly enough I love that it’s one season and a movie, because it makes it easy to re-watch over and over again, and a quick go to. 🙂

  6. Sharon Mentyka Says:

    My pick has to be Octavia Butler’s BLOOD CHILD

  7. Kate Says:

    Sorry for the delay, but all the winners have been notified. Check your email to see if you won!