Kirkus likes TUNNEL VISION’s “Danger, intrigue, a dash of romance, and a good, hard look at ethical dilemmas”

October 27th, 2014 • Kate

Thumb_TunnelVisionFinalCongrats to Susan Adrian, whose debut YA TUNNEL VISION just received an awesome Kirkus review. An excerpt:

An exciting plot paired with a sympathetic protagonist makes for a roller-coaster adventure that asks some big moral questions: Is it ethical to tunnel into another person’s mind, even to do good? Which is more important, the individual or the country? The action moves at a quick pace that fans of adventure fiction will appreciate while still leaving room for deeper contemplation. Toward the end of the book, convenient plot twists drive the action, but readers may not notice, caught up as they’ll be in the web of terror and deceit.

Danger, intrigue, a dash of romance, and a good, hard look at ethical dilemmas—a pretty complete package.

The full review is online.

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2 Responses to “Kirkus likes TUNNEL VISION’s “Danger, intrigue, a dash of romance, and a good, hard look at ethical dilemmas””

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    Very good

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