February 28th, 2014

Are you guys ready to get your critique on? It’s time for another About My Query! Dear Daphne, I’m submitting this query for review because […] I admire both your blog and your dedication to awesome shoes. Days of Thunder, a YA fantasy complete at 90,000 words, is described below. When Avery Imbyr ties her […]

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My #10queriesin10tweets

February 14th, 2014
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Yesterday, I took a look in my query pile, and liveblogged my reactions to 10 queries. If you follow me on Twitter, you already saw this, but if not, here’s a recap. [View the story “My #10queriesin10tweets” on Storify]

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About My Query: LUCK

February 14th, 2014

Here’s to another Friday About My Query post! As always, these queries are submitted to me specifically for critique — I’m not reaching into my regular query inbox and picking on anyone. With that said, let’s go! Dear Daphne, When Ila and Lilly O’More’s grandfather is murdered by a dragon in Ireland, they realize that […]

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Get To Know: Josie Bloss

February 4th, 2014

I’m delighted to post another in my continuing series of blogs about my amazing clients, this time about YA contemporary author Josie Bloss. From her website: Josie Bloss grew up in East Lansing, Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan, where she was a member of the best college marching band in the country and […]

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About My Query: HALF-TRUTHS

February 3rd, 2014

Apologies for not posting this Friday as promised, but I took a snow day/superhero birthday party prep day. Without further ado, I’m thrilled to share the first 2014 About My Query post. Dear Ms.Testerman: Thank you for the opportunity to submit my query for your critique. I am delighted to have you review HALF-TRUTHS, my […]

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