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December 22nd, 2012 • Kate
  • Saw The Hobbit with @doycet and @barrygoldblatt tonight. One question, Twitter: where have you been keeping Richard Armitage all this time? #
  • (That last is especially for @katelinnea, who I know will have an answer for me!) #
  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter http://t.co/QpB9gDj4 #
  • Going to see White Christmas downtown with Trixie and @doycet! http://t.co/knMQLrGN #
  • Intermission. I must remember to bump the DVD of White Christmas back up to the top of my Amazon Wish List. The musical's fun, but no Bing. #
  • Though it is super fun to see everyone in the theatre in their Christmas finery. Red sweaters galore! #
  • And Trixie is having a blast! #
  • And once again, "We'll Follow the Old Man" always makes me cry. #
  • Diving back into playing LOTRO after loving The Hobbit on Friday night. I need me some more Middle-Earth! #
  • Morning run to Target/Starbucks, then the UPS store to mail some gifties! #fb #
  • Sometimes I want to follow people with stupid bumper stickers so I can accost them outside their cars and say, "Really?" #
  • Sean x4! http://t.co/IesSpxdQ #
  • Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! “@BrendansWeather: Winter Storm Watch now posted. 4 – 8" possible, though may be high #cowx ?? #
  • Just finished Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1 by Sarah Rees Brennan http://t.co/XPctkRF1 #feels #fb #
  • On line at the post office. Expect to be here for the rest of the day. Maybe ALL the days. #
  • In related news, there should be 1 line for people who are just mailing for work & know what they're doing, & a separate line for n00bs. #
  • I'm out of here. Goodbye, Instagram. Please follow me on Twitter as @DaphneUn or Flickr as ktbuffy. http://t.co/U48hHbcv #
  • Reflecting on Christmas lights. http://t.co/0PG78evY #
  • Snow!! http://t.co/wgtquaOp #
  • In related news, finally getting my snow tires put on my car! #
  • Now, because I'm masochistic, I'm off to the post office again. #
  • It's a Christmas miracle! No one on line at the post office!! #fb #
  • Running all the errands – check off Petco and Target, now off to the UPS store. My life is so glam. #
  • Query Status Report: As of 4:42 pm Mountain time today, I have responded to all queries. See post for more details: http://t.co/6SufHiIv #
  • Why yes! RT @alsonnichsen: So, scanning through the list of amazing clients on @DaphneUn's website, do you see anyone you recognize? #
  • New Blog Post: Welcome to the KT Family! http://t.co/6AkkleMp #
  • RT @alsonnichsen: Here's my little post about signing with superagent @DaphneUn . I can't stop smiling! (for obvious reasons) –> htt … #
  • I'm contemplating a submissions procedure change. Can you recommend agents who have online (not email) submission pages for queries? #fb #
  • In seasonally-appropriate bedtime reading news, just started The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with Trixie. Fun! #fb #
  • Fabulously honest post by @theames: On Always Painting the House http://t.co/rQfhUv07 #
  • Watching a several-weeks-old #Leverage Wouldn't a more-than-200-year-old wine have gone to vinegar? #
  • New Blog Post: Diving into the Archives for the Twelve Days of Christmas http://t.co/o8sg5sev #
  • Just scheduled 12 days of Christmas vacation posts on the blog! I feel so accomplished (in advance). #
  • It's so quiet today, and I'm waiting for my laundry to be finished so I can pack for the holidays. Anyone got questions for me? #askdaphne #
  • You ask, I'll answer! #askdaphne #
  • So many books on my TBR pile! And yet… packing. Do I buy them again in e-book form, to have on my Kindle? #
  • Trixie's classroom had their holiday party, and her mom & I manned the cookie decorating table. #sugarhigh #
  • Now to get the boy, and head to the Denver Zoo for Zoo Lights! #holidaze #
  • Via @doycet, totally my face if I got to play in a sand-speeder. Or any cool sci-fi vehicle most likely. http://t.co/69D6FQG6 #
  • Hey @matthew_cody, you hear about this? The CW is Doing a Female-Centric Retelling of Robin Hood. Huzzah! http://t.co/W2Qdqsvl #

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  1. Her Grace Says:

    So glad you discovered Richard Armitage. He's dreamy.