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December 8th, 2012 • Kate
  • A good night for reading: finished a revision of a client ms AND the novel for my book club meeting. Woot! #fb http://t.co/L1LnG2ko #
  • Also, this: #stayfree http://t.co/nLWXPVqJ #
  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter http://t.co/36uHZfSc #
  • Beau, playing with both Momma and Daddy's phones. Momma: Beau, how many phones do you need? Beau, clear as day: Two. #toddlertalk #fb #
  • Man, I miss when NickJr. didn't use to show commercials. Trixie just shared that she "thought" of a new toy for her wishlist. Ugh. #
  • Book club meeting and Pinterest recipe success! Now to Home Depot for more holiday lights, and outdoor decorating! (It's 65F here.) #fb #
  • Out-fucking-standing! Les Misérables Wedding Flash Mob Is Pure Insanity – @Jezebel http://t.co/S1GWU18s #fb #
  • The boy has his first holiday pageant tonight. Can't wait to see him and his classmates singing on stage! Video to come. #fb #
  • I got us seats (almost) front and center for the boy's dramatic debut! #fb #
  • My boy's gonna be a STAR!! #fb #
  • So, every class in Beau's school had at least one ham. My boy was the star of his classroom! #ofcourse #fb #
  • Because people are stupid… #whatdoyoumeanfiresarehot #fb http://t.co/PDqeTt51 #
  • Did not make it out of Day Three volunteering at the Scholastic Book Fair at Trixie's school without pocketbook casualties. #fb #
  • Beau hams it up at his daycare's annual holiday performance: http://t.co/GLRipW7C #fb #
  • RT @megcabot: My love for House Hunters and Beauty and the Beast has now been combined into one video. I am now dead of joy.
  • Ugh, hiccups. #
  • Hiccups seem to have disappeared. I think I sneezed them away. #fb #
  • Bad news: little man woke up crying from a bad dream. Good news: I got to cuddle with him til he fell back to sleep! #fb #
  • I think Beau has been reading @HonestToddler. He pushed his way into the bathroom this morning to hang out with momma. #fb #
  • Just finished a rewatch of Netflix's available seasons of Eureka. I have a crush on Sheriff Carter. @CraigyFerg #
  • Does anyone know where I can rewatch Season 5 of Eureka online? #
  • Just finished a rewatch of Netflix's available seasons of Eureka. I think I have a crush on Sheriff Carter. @colinferg #
  • So, Hulu and http://t.co/byIFAkUz only have the last five episodes of Season Five of Eureka available online. Sigh. #
  • Have followed up with every editor currently looking at a submission from me. Doesn't everyone want a clean slate before the new year? #fb #
  • New rewatch! "There are twelve models. I'm Number Six." #BSGagain #
  • New Blog Post: Sneak Peak of REECE! http://t.co/f7EZWHE6 #
  • Today, they left me in charge of the book fair (at least for minutes at a time). Oh, the rush of power!!! #fb #
  • Santa!!! “@arielleishere: I feel like this picture might have gotten lost in @maureenjohnson's pre-surgery madness: http://t.co/KiP9Uvmx” #
  • Loved #Nashville #039;s winter premiere! Loved. #
  • trishisthinkingagain: If you loved SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL, I’d love it if you’d vote for it in the Young… http://t.co/vZnAbX62 #
  • Crying over a full manuscript that I stayed up late to read. These are the good days. #fb #
  • Does anyone who has the new iTunes know how I manually move a playlist from my computer to my iPhone? #
  • Do I Really Need A…Stand Mixer? http://t.co/PFZCj09g.. My answer? Yes. And more importantly, I WANTS IT, precious!!! #
  • Jamie Bamber looks SO YOUNG in the BSG miniseries. #BSGagain #
  • I am a very popular Clifford. #fb http://t.co/kVrBCXUv #
  • Just posted Weeks 48 & 49 in my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits project. And realized that — holy cats! — only 3 more weeks in the year! #fb #
  • My sister sent me gift ideas for my 13-year-old nephew. All socks. What kind of aunt would I be if I bought him SOCKS!? #
  • Photo: maureenjohnsonbooks: THE MOST IMPORTANT PHOTO YOU’LL SEE ALL DAY. (Thank you @arielleishere )… http://t.co/IllcZ7KT #
  • RT @AnnaNotKarenina: Winner of the Ongoing Contribution award is @twitofalili – congrats, Lili Wilkinson! First published age 13 in @Voi#
  • May be my favorite new photo of me and my boy, thanks to photographer Rachel Gomez. #fb http://t.co/JRSkbyuI #
  • Hey @duoboots, may I suggest this for your next ad campaign? http://t.co/p8BBFq15 #
  • Benefit of working from home and being my own boss — hitting the mall in the middle of a weekday for Christmas shopping! #fb #
  • Watching "Rock of Ages." They made this movie as a joke, right? #

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