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December 1st, 2012 • Kate
  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter http://t.co/niQqd5CJ #
  • How excited am I that one of Beau's new favorite words is "book"? Very very. #proudmomma #fb #
  • Was going to hit Littleton Main Street for Small Business Saturday, but instead went with #Nia naptime, and backyard play with Beau. #fb #
  • A boy and his dog. #fb http://t.co/YF2b66Rs #
  • Family holiday cards ordered! @mypublisher #
  • Super fun read! RT @sarahkuhn: Today's your last day to get the Kindle edition of One Con Glory for only 99 cents! http://t.co/puJmI954 #
  • Help make it happen for Share the Word on @indiegogo http://t.co/RGq7zX6t Win a critique by kt lit client Rebecca Petruck! #
  • I think it's time to make some oatmeal cookies. Some with raisins, some with chocolate chips. I'm an equal opportunity baker. #fb #
  • Taking a poll of my followers: do you start decorating for Christmas ASAP after Thanksgiving, or wait for some other date? #fb #
  • All you people who decorate early – can I assume you go with a fake tree? #
  • Monday! No one's seen that pesky Monday Dragon around, have they? #
  • New Blog Post: “Combines the smarts of Veronica Mars with the attitude of Buffy” http://t.co/RCRS0Eyj #
  • Trying hard to come up with multiple items for Beau's Christmas list. So far I've got balls, books, and rocks. #fb #
  • Yay! Time for a roaring fire and snugglies. http://t.co/d1VRIMgS #
  • What's on your Christmas/holiday wish list? No fair cheating with "world peace," let's get material, girl! #fb #
  • RT @maureenjohnson: WHAT IS GOING ON?? "@HotKeyBooks First of a two part documentary vid, life inside Hot Key Books right now: http://t. … #
  • RT @HotKeyBooks: It's our turn for a BIG REVEAL: http://t.co/rucNaNqY. Want to know what all the crazy was from yesterday? Squeeeeee! #
  • RT @raidswindmills: All I want for Christmas is to know what @maureenjohnson @cassieclare and @sarahreesbrenna are up to. Also Lego. #
  • RT @HonestToddler: If you're embarrassed to carry a blanket I don't know what to say other than you care too much. #
  • Sigh. My first gen Kindle may be ready to head to pasture. Running it with wireless on at all drains the battery almost immediately. #fb #
  • Today's packages. #yikes #fb http://t.co/m90HS5yR #
  • Argh!! Netflix streaming is running slow — sound is running ahead of picture, and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any ideas? #fb #
  • Blowing kisses from inside his new box. #happiestlittledude #fb http://t.co/zcJsCXYt #
  • New #Leverage Yay! #
  • RT @TrishDoller: MY NEXT BOOK IS NOW CALLED…http://t.co/IShOpI2X #
  • New Blog Post: News from Trish Doller http://t.co/HxAgJcag #
  • I look at House Hunters International as window shopping for future vacation spots. Costa Rica looks lovely! #
  • Why yes, I think I will buy the forthcoming #Nashville soundtrack. Thank you, ABC. #
  • Feeling foot-moose, with hand-tlers. #myboysanartist #fb http://t.co/0Z3Qrgk3 #
  • RT @HotKeyBooks: Maureen Johnson to Hot Key Books | The Bookseller http://t.co/1Ai9OBvC via @sharethis (Lots of dancing round the office.) #
  • Just spent three and a half hours getting the Scholastic Book Fair set up at Trixie's school. This is when I love volunteering! #
  • *Raises hand* “@sarahshum: I have booked my travel to ALA Midwinter in Seattle in January. Yay! Who will I see there?” #
  • WANT. RT @maureenjohnson: http://t.co/hzc3eCnp #
  • I love making dinner for the whole family, but I am REALLY BAD at crock pot cooking. I never remember to start at the right time! #fb #
  • Must click. RT @twitofalili: It's greased lightning! http://t.co/kNaRtwHi #

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