“Combines the smarts of Veronica Mars with the attitude of Buffy”

November 26th, 2012 • Kate

Not sure this review could be much better, from School Library Journal, for Bad Hair Day by Carrie Harris:

In this sequel to Bad Taste in Boys (Delacorte, 2011), 17-year-old Kate Grable’s confidence has shot way up. Not only did she cure the zombie virus that terrorized her town, but she also snagged popular quarterback Aaron as her boyfriend. When Kate joins the Future Doctors of America program, she gets an opportunity to work with the county medical examiner until he’s arrested for murder. In an unlikely turn of events, she finds herself taking charge of the morgue. When one of her friends is attacked, Kate conducts her own investigation and discovers that it’s not zombies she has to worry about this time, but something just as deadly. She has to autopsy dead bodies, solve a murder, chase down a monster, and keep a flirt from stealing her boyfriend. Kate combines the smarts of Veronica Mars with the attitude of Buffy. What the novel lacks in substance, it makes up for with Kate’s unique, funny voice. She’s fearless, likable, and everyone’s go-to girl. At times both gory and completely over-the-top, Bad Hair Day is a fast-paced read sure to entice both male and female readers, and stands on its own.

Do you think Carrie would mind if I pretended that bolded quote was actually about me, and not her heroine Kate Grable? I mean, that’s tattoo-able!

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2 Responses to ““Combines the smarts of Veronica Mars with the attitude of Buffy””

  1. lexacain Says:

    What a great review — and an awesome quote! Congrats to Carrie and you on the success of BAD HAIR DAY. Yay! 😀

  2. Carrie Harris Says:

    You don't need to pretend. I'm saying that about you right now. And you can quote me. 🙂