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October 13th, 2012 • Kate
  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post:… http://t.co/vsdgtnYB #
  • Don't do this. MT @doycet: Someone just described a book as "like Buffy meets Angel," which is pretty much "like Ironman meets Ironman 2!" #
  • Busy Saturday! Swim class for Trixie, checked out craft fair, then Nia while Beau plays at Child Watch, then home for naptime, then lunch! #
  • And that barely gets me to 12:30! Still more to do this afternoon and evening. Weekends are BUSY! #
  • Be awesome, follow directions x5? RT @elizabethscraig: 6 ways to get your query noticed: http://t.co/aqdoXVqt #
  • Getting ready for the #Nia jam tonight! #
  • Nom nom nom! @doycet made breakfast hash with kielbasa and wrapped it all in a burrito. Yummy! #
  • The children are playing in Beau's room, @doycet is roaming through EVE, and I'm reading queries in my pjs. A good Sunday. #
  • GOOD MORNING, AUNTIE @maureenjohnson!!! #
  • Queriers: why would you put more stock in an old interview w/ me than my own website? My site will always have the most up-to-date sub info. #
  • Also, aired episodes of Leverage do not novels make. Unless you're writing novelizations. Which require authorization. #pubtip #
  • No, 718 words does not a middle grade novel make. #pubtip #
  • What fun is that? RT @maureenjohnson: I should maybe not say words. #
  • This is cool: Civil Rights Captcha Harnesses the Power of Empathy http://t.co/d1iJZeuH via @The_MarySue #
  • Also, if you're not regularly reading @The_MarySue… why not? Smart writing on girl geek culture. #
  • Processing over 400 photos from the big #Nia jam last night. Think I got some good ones. Hooray! #
  • Love #Nia So many pictures, so many smiles, so much JOY!! #
  • Watching Sesame Street videos with my boy. #happiness http://t.co/xxmcoCDy #
  • I meant to put dinner in the crock pot a couple of hours ago. If I put in now on high, will it be done by 6pm? #
  • Further info: making beef stew w/ cream of mushroom soup. #
  • Family bike ride: accomplishment unlocked! #
  • My little boy refused to go down for his nap at naptime, but adorably fell asleep riding on the back of momma's bike. #
  • More trends from the query trenches: so many manuscripts about Atlantis! #
  • Hey @barrygoldblatt! Apparently, I'm getting your queries now. #
  • Great Q! RT @ColleenMuske: #sundaypubchat If I have a manuscript/portfolio review from an agent/editor, what three questions should I ask? #
  • All the time!! RT @muchadoabout77: #SundayPubChat How often do you get pitched to by random strangers when they find out what you do? #
  • Yes, I would recommend. RT @chasingray: Should you initiate a fresh round of marketing when book comes out in pb? #sundaypubchat #
  • If we miss your question feel free to retweet! #Sundaypubchat #
  • Yep.RT @Chumplet: Opening the book with a near death experience, and then backtracking to what started it all. #sundaypubchat #overdone #
  • For me, only if you're in group with 1 of my authors. MT @JulieFalatko: In query bio, do I say I'm in a critique group? #SundayPubChat #
  • Not for long, no. RT @muchadoabout77: Do you often have authors that get too intense or pushy? #SundayPubChat #
  • Sorry, all, we're out of milk and the boy is crying. Back later. @ me any direct questions and I will answer! #Sundaypubchat #
  • Got milk. #
  • Snack and #OnceUponATime time! #
  • Someone's been having fun on the London Underground: http://t.co/cxDpI2fW via @doycet #
  • Doing lots of reading today, since it's otherwise nice and quiet. Time for a lunchbreak, though! #
  • For lunchbreak, please read: reading outside my office. #
  • Deep in Season 3 of my #Angelrewatch I liked Cordy better when she was brunette and snarky than blonde and angelic. #
  • God, I hate Connor as a sullen teen. #Angelrewatch #
  • Crap! I forgot to make stew in the crock pot AGAIN! #
  • New Blog Post: Some Trends in the Query Pile http://t.co/rBnKbaA0 #
  • Hey @sarabeitia! Saw this and thought of you! Do I Really Need A…Crock Pot? http://t.co/Xu73RyqM #
  • New Blog Post: SUPER Audio Review! http://t.co/kZrZPyUe #
  • Heh. I forgot how Angel intimated that 2 of the 3 Blue Men were demons. #Angelrewatch #
  • Woot!!! Do it! “@theames: YES IT'S HAPPENING. You could win a copy of THE REECE MALCOLM LIST! http://t.co/jYJHucgh” #
  • Have you entered @theames' contest to win an ARC of The Reece Malcolm List yet? http://t.co/jYJHucgh #
  • New Blog Post: Congratulations to Rebecca! http://t.co/J6TXLpCY #
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