Some Trends in the Query Pile

October 8th, 2012 • Kate

I mentioned some of these on Twitter over the weekend, but for those of you who may have missed it, I noticed a couple of recent trends in the query pile. First of all, a number of manuscripts featuring dual narrators, or two P.O.V. characters, telling in alternating chapters their side of a single story. Also, lots of manuscripts about Atlantis, or somehow including Atlantis as a plot point. Plus, several queries comparing their manuscripts to Percy Jackson. And of course, I’m still seeing loads of manuscripts featuring characters who can control one or more of the elements, and Chosen Ones.

So what does this mean if your manuscript includes one of these trends? Well, if it’s outstanding, it may be the next dual-narratored Atlantis novel about Elementals that becomes a bestseller! But for most authors, it’s an opportunity to consider if your manuscript is as strong as it can be, if it can compete with multiple other novels on the same or a similar subject.

And speaking of queries: I am caught up on all queries sent prior to September 25th. If you sent me a query before then, followed my submission instructions, and did not get a response, please feel free to resubmit, mentioning when you do that you are resending a query.


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3 Responses to “Some Trends in the Query Pile”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Thank you for the query update!

  2. lexacain Says:

    Thanks for giving queriers more insight. 🙂

  3. KSparkes Says:

    Interesting! I’d love to know why this happens. Common inspiration? Unfaithful muses?

    I do have dual POV in my novel- it took me three drafts to realize I needed it, but it’s working well very nicely now. Would you say that the the effectiveness of that depends on the characters’ voices? That was the hardest thing for me to work out.