October 23rd, 2012 • Kate

I feel like I need some happy news and joy around me right now. And what better way to make that happen than to host a GIVEAWAY! Let’s make it simple, shall we? You comment with a… let’s see… with something that makes YOU happy, and I will pick one random commenter to win a galley or book by one of my clients OF THEIR CHOICE! That’s right! Want an ARC of The Madness Underneath? Yours. Want a copy of Talking Pictures? You got it.? Got a yen for the latest Remy Chandler novel? All yours.

The comments are open!

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57 Responses to “Giveaway!”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Hockey makes me happy (which is inconvenient since the NHL is locked out right now, but at least I have the AHL)!!

  2. @undefined Says:

    Giveaways make me happy!!! Oh wait… that's lame. Playing board games with a glass of wine and cheesy 90's music playing in the background… THAT makes me happy!

  3. @undefined Says:

    Bah, I can't connect via twitter. I'm @notforbreakfast on twitter though, not "undefined" πŸ™‚

  4. @undefined Says:

    There will be three new babies in my family in 2013 and that makes me so happy!

  5. Courtney Says:

    Hmm twitter didn't work? hopefully this will! anyway, my comment was that there will be three new babies in my family in 2013 and that makes me so happy!

  6. DaphneUn Says:

    Hooray!! Triplets, or three individual births? Either way, yay!!

  7. Robin reads Says:

    Babies make me happy, especially if I get to snuggle them.

  8. DaphneUn Says:


  9. Meghan Says:

    Halloween makes me happy!

  10. Annabelle Says:

    Cooking makes me happy, even if I don't wind up eating half of the stuff I make πŸ™‚

  11. Kelly Says:

    Kitties make me happy! Just at this moment, I'm thinking of the stray tomcat that adopted us. This Thursday will mark four years since he became an indoor cat, and officially ours. πŸ˜€

  12. colleen Says:

    My wonderful children and husband make me happy.

  13. Monica Says:

    Reading makes me happy, because when I am stressed it takes me to a different place.

  14. Susan Adrian Says:

    Reading, and my kidlet make me happy. And chocolate, and Irish Breakfast tea with vanilla creamer, and about a billion other things…

  15. Paige G Says:

    What makes me happy is when my nails turn out pretty when painting the nails on my dominate hand. It's the small things that make me happy.

  16. Robin Duff Says:

    Holidays make me happy. Everyone acts all extra special and excited. It’s great.

  17. @undefined Says:

    Completely random happiness this morning: I was resetting my iPhone (it fell into a mop bucket of cab yesterday at a winery–but that's a random UNHAPPY story) and the television was on a ski movie called "Warren Miller's Winter Playground" on MPlex TV. The movie mentioned Whistler BC where we vacation a bunch and I looked up in time to see my son–at least the seven-year-old version of him–lugging his first pair of skis up a hill with a bunch of ski school kids. I was SHOCKED. There was a lump in my throat. I never knew about this footage until I saw it. (And yeah… I logged onto Amazon and bought a copy of the DVD right away.) BTW, I hope that your day goes better.

  18. DaphneUn Says:

    That's so cool!

  19. Monica Says:

    Connecting the teens I work with to a book that they love = pure happiness! And singing along loudly with good music in my car πŸ™‚

  20. Sandi Says:

    Harry Potter, Doctor Who, & chocolate make me happy. πŸ™‚

  21. Kayla Says:

    Seeing my family makes me happy! My Little Pony makes me happy! Ace-ing a paper makes me happy!

  22. Katharine Says:

    I get a boost of happiness from accidental, random coincidences. Like when my underwear matches my bra or Sam’s Club has free samples of the fancy cheeses.

  23. Sarah Says:

    New books from my favorite authors make me happy! πŸ˜‰ Soft things, green things, my roommate's cat, mac and cheese, David Tennant…

  24. RobinC Says:

    When a shopping quest ends in success! And chocolate, chocolate is always good.

  25. DaphneUn Says:

    Congrats, Robin! You are the winner. What's your book of choice?

  26. RobinC Says:

    Yay! Just e-mailed you my choice. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  27. Leslie Says:

    Happy = baby asleep, cookies in oven, and the chance to win the follow up to the best book I read last year.

  28. Leslie Says:

    Also, Smurfs and the Magic Flute is now available on Netflix. Evening complete.

  29. Megan Says:

    I made my own TARDIS costume for Halloween this year. I’m super happy about that. This is even more impressive if you know how absolutely horrible my sewing skills are!

  30. DaphneUn Says:

    Way to go!

  31. Rob Says:

    Hearing my 9 year old reading to my 4 year old makes my cup run over.

  32. Sheri Says:

    When my 20 year old daughter calls me from college, just to talk.

  33. DaphneUn Says:


  34. Myrna Foster Says:

    Reading with my kids makes me happy.

  35. Alana Says:

    Writers taking about writing makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  36. Sarah Says:

    The opportunity to sit back and suspend my disbelief by venturing into a fictional world makes me happy.

  37. Tamara Says:

    Sitting in front of my bookshelf makes me happy. Just looking at the journeys I've been on, and can revisit whenever I want πŸ™‚

  38. @undefined Says:

    Having the opportunity to study abroad in England this year makes me indescribably happy. That, and reading for fun.

  39. Mary @ BookSwarm Says:

    What makes me happy: reading, when my students really *get* something or turn in a great writing piece, my dogs, my house, a great night out with friends, social media (which can also cause some unhappiness but that's another story), online friends, writing, listening to music, Doctor Who and other SciFi geekery…

    Guess I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl!

  40. Jennifer Fischetto Says:

    Rain makes me happy. The sound, the smell. While the people around me are cursing it, I'm smiling. πŸ™‚

  41. Art Smith Says:

    NaNoWriMo makes me happy. Crazy (ok, crazier), but happy. πŸ™‚

  42. Rachel Says:

    Oh this is great! I definitely could use something to make me happy….. like drinking tea on a cold October day, that really makes me happy πŸ™‚

  43. Miranda Says:

    Chocolate chip cookies.

    And it would totally make me happy to get an ARC of The Madness Underneath!

  44. Jordyn Says:

    Reading a book or watching a good show with a cup of coffee makes me happy! I’m also excited about the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  45. Sasha Says:

    Holidays, cooking, reading, autumn, nerdy things, friends, the smell of books, matzo ball soup, and twitter ALL make me very happy.

  46. Krista Van Dolzer Says:

    Clients eligible? Count me in!

    Lazy days at home with the husband and kids make me happy. Oh, and easy-to-enter giveaways:)

    If I win, I want BAD HAIR DAY (although THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH is awfully tempting)!

  47. Crystal Says:

    Baking things makes me happy! πŸ™‚ Especially when said things involve pumpkin and make the house smell drool-worthy.

  48. Lea Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!!
    Fall is my favourite season, and it manages to make me happy every day, really. Even when I'm stuck at my desk, just looking outside at all the wonderful colours makes me feel better.

  49. Chelsey Says:

    Has no one said Maureen Johnson books? Duh, guys, duh.

  50. Kate Says:

    Puppies, English Accents, and Autumn Smells all make me happy, preferably when I can experience all of them at once (though I think it might be quite hard to find a puppy with an English accent to play with me).

    The new Maureen Johnson would make me really happy too.

  51. Danielle Says:

    Watching the sunset on the beach makes me very happy. I lived in Florida for a year and I miss that quite a bit. It's very peaceful and beautiful.

    And actual, physical books make me very happy too. Getting a new one is always a happy moment.

  52. Kristen Jett Says:

    Whenever I need a quick cheer, I watch the youtube video of the little penguin who goes to the fish market by himself. Ah-dorable.

  53. Edi Says:

    I keep a whole journal of things that make me happy so it's hard to choose, but one thing that makes me very happy is the rare times when I get to stay home all day, watch good movies, and cuddle with someone nice.

  54. Cordelia Says:

    Holidays and days off from work certainly make me happy!

  55. Sophia Chang Says:

    What makes me happy is that my childhood friend who I call my "little sister" asked me to be her maid-of-honor and I'm now in Nashville running timed trials of lacing up her dress.

  56. Lori M. Lee Says:

    Things that make me happy right now–feeling the baby move inside me πŸ™‚ No better feeling sometimes.

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