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August 21st, 2012 • Kate

I had a great time at Leaky Con earlier this month, which is truly turning into a fantastic literary conference as well as an amazing fan con, with all due thanks to Maureen Johnson! This year’s Lit Track guests included agents Jennifer Laughran, Rebecca Sherman, and myself, editor and author Dan Ehrenhaft, and authors Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman, John Green, Stephanie Perkins, Holly Black, Lev Grossman, Margaret Stohl, Laini Taylor, Megan Whalen Turner, and Amanda Hocking, all of whom I had some chance to chat and hang out with, many of whom I can’t wait to see again. And Chicago is a pretty awesome city — it handily reminded me how much I miss living near the water.

In any case, we panelists were treated amazingly well, and in gratitude to that, and anticipation of next year’s Leaky Con, in both Portland, OR and London, I’m giving away two very special prize packs to my lucky readers. First up, a eye-catching red LeakyCon messenger bag, LeakyCon sticky note pad, a set of FIVE Maureen Johnson stare tattoos, and a rubber bracelet that reads “If found, return to @maureenjohnson.” Seen below:

Second prize is a set of three MJ stare tattoos, and a black LeakyCon 2011 bag. Check it:

So what do you have to do to win? Let’s make this fun, shall we? Below please find one of my favorite pictures from LeakyCon, of kt literary clients Maureen Johnson and Stephanie Perkins. Your mission — caption this photo! The funniest, best, most entertaining, caption (as judged by me) wins first prize, with the second prize pack going to the runner up.

Your Caption Here

So, to the comments! Add your caption and win a prize!

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25 Responses to “LeakyCon Giveaway!”

  1. bd09 Says:

    "Your head looks like a watermelon, I shall eat it now!"

  2. Maribeth Says:

    That Leaky Con bag would go great with my hair.

  3. @lchardesty Says:

    "She's giving me the Death Stare, isn't she? Right, then. Initiating Crazy Eyes."

  4. thegetoutgirl Says:

    Hahaha win!

  5. @gottaluvharry7 Says:

    As The Stare starts to become a bit too mainstream, Maureen adds The Snarl to her facial expression repertoire.

  6. @ecfrance1 Says:

    Dammit. I must have dropped my invisibility cloak on my way out of the Continental Ballroom. Perkins can see me, can't she?

    (If you must know, I was in the ballroom spying on the other Leaky Cup team, okay?)

  7. Caitlin Whitaker Says:

    Maureen swore she'd go red with Stephanie for Leaky Con–SWORE IT. When the panel was over and the conference goers dispersed

  8. @Saycaity Says:

    What the fudge? It cut the last part of my caption–the good part! (see entire caption in separate reply)

  9. Raewyn Says:

    Stephanie realised she was too far in. She must follow Maureen’s plan to the end.

  10. @Saycaity Says:

    Maureen swore she'd go red with Stephanie for Leaky Con–SWORE IT. When the panel was over and the conference goers dispersed, Maureen Johnson was never heard from again.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Stephanie: Smile or I'll stab you with this knife I'm holding out of frame.
    Maureen: I shall smile for now, but I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! (except probably in some sort of more Maureen-Johnson-y way)

  12. Derrick Says:

    Stephanie: Is that guy still staring at my red hair?
    Maureen: (talks through a fake smile to not make it obvious) Uh… yeah… who isn't?

  13. Anne C Says:

    Cameraman: “Who farted?

  14. Kathleen Doyle Says:

    Don't look! I'm gonna pretend to smile. Maybe that will distract it!

  15. Amy Says:

    "Maureen, Lola IS designing your outfit for London's Leaky Con. And you WILL wear it."

  16. @MarkWCarson Says:


  17. nlforst Says:

    Stephanie: I shall win this staring contest.
    Maureen: Victory is mine! I'm the Queen of Staring. Just look at my grin. Guess what you blinked, Victory!

  18. @ecfrance1 Says:

    Perkins: You're co-writing your next novel with WHO?! KIM KARDASHIAN?!?!
    Johnson: It will be genius. Genius, I say.

  19. gingerkat Says:

    "Oh, that was YOUR mocha latte?"

  20. Virg Says:

    "Must not blink! The Greater NorthAmerican Red Crested FemmeFatale can sense fear. This one could take my face off with one quick slash! What a specimen!"

  21. Molly Goossens Says:

    This is my CREEPY SMILE. #creepyin2012

  22. Rebecca Petruck Says:

    You painted the roses red!

  23. Julianna Helms Says:

    Hey, eh, Kate? I think Steph likes my shoes!

  24. kt literary » Blog Archive » We Have Our Winners! Says:

    […] news, at long long. Without further ado, the first prize winner of the red LeakyCon bag and swag is Amy, with this gem: “Maureen, Lola IS designing your outfit for London’s Leaky Con. And you […]

  25. K Callard Says:

    Convinced she was a Metamorphmagus, Maureen knew she could beat Stephanie at the "fun hair game" if only she concentrated hard enough.