Get To Know ‘Em!

April 26th, 2012

As I mentioned previously, I recently signed three new clients, and I’m certain they’re all going to be stars. Over time, I have no doubt you’ll come to know them very well, but until then, I thought you might enjoy reading a few posts and interviews with them. Any editors seeing this, feel free to […]

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Where to Find Me! (Online Edition)

April 23rd, 2012

I realized over this weekend, while I chatted with a few of the awesome members of the Southern Utah/Idaho chapter of SCBWI, that there are like a million different ways to keep in touch with me. Ok, ok, fine, not quite a million, but a lot. And I thought it might help if I laid […]

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A Peek in the Query Pile

April 16th, 2012

I know my Live Blogs of my queries are usually a big hit, and since I’ve spent a good amount of time this weekend reading, I wanted to share some thoughts about some of what I saw. My fellow Colorado lit agent Sara Megibow often tweets a weekly #10Queriesin10Tweets, so think of this as a […]

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Ask Daphne! About My Query XCIII

April 13th, 2012

Congrats to Ryann Jansen, who won a query critique on my new client Krista Van Dolzer’s Mother. Write. Repeat blog. Without further ado, here’s Ryann’s query: Dear Ms. Unfeasible: Seventeen-year-old Audrey thinks having a hooker for a mom means her life can’t get any worse. At least, until her mom is murdered and she and […]

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So now you’re “pre-published”?

April 11th, 2012

I’ve been working on getting caught up on my massive query pile, and in one I read today, I came across the term “pre-published.” Now, this wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this particular phrase, but it needled my craw today. For one thing, the querying writer used this to describe themselves, as if the […]

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