Giant Giveaway!

October 19th, 2011 • Kate

Like this.The other night, Rexroth came down to my home office for a conversation. As we were talking, however, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes glancing behind me to the bookshelf of client materials I keep on hand. “Those shelves are going to collapse. Soon,” he predicted. And, looking behind me, I couldn’t help but agree. When they get all bowed like that? And what do you mean bookshelves aren’t meant to be stacked two deep with hardcovers, and piled high with paperbacks?

So, in an effort to make some space, and save my existing shelves, I’m reorganizing, and hoping to find new homes for some well-loved books.

And that’s where you come in! Are you a teen librarian looking to expand your collection? A teacher hoping to interest her classroom in some popular YA? Let me know! Tell me why you want this box of books, which includes a selection from my own clients as well as some titles from my own personal collection. I’ll pick one winner next week for the whole lot, so feel free to wow me with your entry. Videos, pictures, haiku, limericks — all are welcome!

UPDATE: You guys are killing me with these stories. I want to send boxes of books to ALL of you, but I don’t have enough. Luckily, Jennifer Laughran, Barry Goldblatt and Robin Wasserman are stepping in with contributions as well, so we’ll be awarding FOUR boxes, at least!

EVEN MORE UPDATE: And Mandy Hubbard! And Lisa McMann!

The fine print: the winners, to be picked at my sole discretion, will each receive a single box of books, not to be resold, for private use only. All decisions are final. No bribes will be accepted. All sound reasons for receiving said box will be weighed equally. I like you. You’re nifty.

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57 Responses to “Giant Giveaway!”

  1. mclicious Says:

    I'm in grad school now doing a dual degree in children's literature and library science, so I will be a YA librarian in the future! At the moment, I just love having new books to read and blog about, and with most of the books I review now that I live in Boston, I take them to 826 Boston and donate it to their bookshelf, because they are an awesome organization that promotes literacy and both academic and creative writing. Looooove them! And love the idea for this giveaway. Thanks, regardless of whom you give the boxes to (though i would love one). ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jaye Robin Brown Says:

    An art teacher with books?
    Crazy some might say
    Shouldn’t she be focused on paint,
    and glue, and clay?

    Okay, well yeah,
    we like colors, the primary three
    But the art teacher’s a writer
    and she talks books with glee

    She loans us ones she buys
    and asks that they return
    When John Green comes to town
    she gets tix and says, “your turn”

    So if you see it fit
    for our rural small high school
    To give Ms. J.Ro books
    Whoa dude, we’d think you rule.

  3. @acouchwriter Says:

    This is my second year as the librarian at a rural High School & Middle school in the mountains of Virginia (you read that right, i work with 5th-12th grade). The previous librarian never bought books. The shelves were full of books that I had read as a kid, none of which are relevant to teenagers now. Last year I received a really nice budget and was able to update the library quite a bit. The students have become voracious readers and I can't keep books on the shelves. My budget for this year has been frozen because the state (and nation) can't pass a budget. I've been told it is potentially frozen for the next three years. It kills me that last year I was able to get so many wonderful books, turn the students into readers, and then offer them nothing new this year. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated by my students. Thank you for doing this.

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  5. Bee Says:

    I’m just a regular book lover who loves talking about books on her blog, and I would love to win this box simply so I can spread the book love! ๐Ÿ™‚