A Giant Giveaway Gets Even Bigger!

October 20th, 2011 • Kate

Not Quite This BigOMG, you guys. Your stories! Your kids in need! I wanted to help EVERYONE, and I only had this one box of books. Luckily, there’s the internet. I asked, and you answered: other literary agents, authors, my own clients, and more have volunteered their own boxes of books. I can’t promise that EVERY needy library will find themselves gifted with a box of books, but I’ll do my best to help as many of you as possible!

So, please, if you need a box of books, leave a comment on yesterday’s post. And thanks again to all those who have promised to help out, including:

  • Jennifer Laughran
  • Barry Goldblatt
  • Shana Cohen
  • Robin Wasserman
  • Mandy Hubbard
  • Lisa McMann
  • Holly Root
  • My kt literary clients
  • My subagent, Rebecca Mancini

If I missed anyone who offered another box, send me a note on Twitter or leave a comment on this post. I’ll go through all the comments on Monday and start matching donors with donees. (Donees? That doesn’t look right. What are people who receive donations called?)

And thanks again. To everyone!

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2 Responses to “A Giant Giveaway Gets Even Bigger!”

  1. Kendall Says:

    This is so, so cool! Is there any way for this to continue, so people who constantly get books have a way to get it to people who constantly need books? I used to be a journalist and probably received hundreds of books that I didn't need or use. It always made me sad to put them out in recycling when I knew there must be people who would have given them a good home!

  2. Stacey Says:

    You were right, they're called donees. I'm a lawyer, we specialize in knowing silly words like that. 😉