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December 15th, 2010 • Kate

woman-readingI still have a week or so of work to do (though I’ll once again remind you all that I’m closing to queries after Friday the 17th), and some more work reading to do, but after that, I’m really looking forward to diving into my TBR piles and making some serious dents. I have a dream of stacking some of my books in BabyUn’s room, and being able to get a ton of reading done during feedings and such. We’ll see!

But in any case, I thought I’d throw up a little pimp thread here for you guys to talk about the books that made you stand up and take notice this year. Feel free to mention kt literary clients, of course — I wouldn’t want you to forget those! — but I’m most interested in hearing about titles that I otherwise might not know about, or that, while I know about them, might not yet have made it to my hot little hands.

For instance, just this morning I read this review of The Iron Duke, and I immediately put it on reserve at the library to read. So — what other recommendations have you got for me? And what’s on YOUR holiday reading list?

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11 Responses to “Vacation Reading”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I am reading "How to Train Your Dragon" because my son is seriously irritated that the movie and the book are completely different. They are …. completely different, but so far, I like both.

    I re-read the 7th Harry Potter book in anticipation of the movie(s).

    Wow, my reading was light this year. Hmmm … I think I just thought of a New Year's resolution that I can keep. More reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Derrick Says:

    I read POWERLESS by Matthew Cody this year.

    Awesome book. Awesome author.

  3. Krista V. Says:

    I asked for ANNA and MATCHED for Christmas, so I'm hoping to add those to my holiday reading list. And I'm just about to start BEHEMOTH, which I'm excited for.

    Have you read Neal Shusterman's BRUISER, Kate? It reads like a contemporary, but with a magical realism twist. It was the first thing I read of his, and I really enjoyed it. Great voice, interesting setup.

  4. Becka (Fie Eoin) Says:

    I just finished Shiver and Linger and loved them. Even if you've read them, you can always read them again (I plan to!). I also read White Cat by Holly Black a couple weeks back and loved it too. I'm currently reading Tithe by Holly and am intrigued although I'm only two chapters in.

    And of course my all time favorite books The Light Bearer and Lady of the Light (the Light Bearer is HUGE, so it should last you many feedings).

  5. Erin Says:

    I really enjoyed THE IRON DUKE! I found that a few months ago through a recommendation on Ilona Andrews' website (I am obsessed with Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels urban fantasy series).

    I just read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. It was amaaaaaazing! *swoons*

    I also recently finished CORONETS AND STEEL by Sherwood Smith (I loved CROWN DUEL and INDA so I had to get this one), and it was exciting, kind of The Princess Bride meets Pride and Prejudice meets The Princess Diaries. Totally my kind of book in other words. I definitely recommend it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This holiday (or at least before April) I am planning a re-read of A GAME OF THRONES in preparation of HBO's series adaptation. I'm. So. Excited. For. This. Show!

  6. Kate Says:

    Erin — Just added CORONETS AND STEEL to my library hold list. I loved both CROWN DUEL and COURT DUEL!

  7. Trish Says:

    I've read a lot of contemporary YA that I've loved:

    THE FREAK OBSERVER by Blythe Woolston

    THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF |-1| by Steve Brezenoff


    NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL by Siobhan Vivian

  8. Carrie Harris Says:

    After you and Rexroth inflicted FEED on me (darn you bad influences), I ran out to buy the first in her faerie series: ROSEMARY AND RUE, written as Seanan McGuire. LOVED IT. MUST GET NEXT IN SERIES NOW.

    I keep meaning to tell you this, so there you go.

  9. Rachel W Says:

    This year I've read and reread the Ashbury High series by Jaclyn Moriarty. It could easily be my favorite series were it not for Harry Potter. Ashbury High consists of four incredible books written entirely in notes, letters, essays and jounal entries. With really cool mysterious plots they are amazing. It's definately something you should check out.

  10. Lisa Aldin Says:

    Anna and the French Kiss was one of my favorites this year and so was The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon. =)

    I've got Matched and Mockingjay (Yeah, I haven't gotten to it yet…)in my TBR pile.

    Will Grayson, Will Grayson was another favorite. The Duff was a quick read.

    Room and I'd Know You Anywhere, not YA, but both super good. But both make me not to want to walk along anywhere. Ever.

    Happy Holidays!

  11. kristi helvig Says:

    I loved Matched and Before I Fall. I just finished the ARC of Delirium and thought it was a great premise, but Before I Fall is still my favorite book by Lauren Oliver. Also, I've pre-ordered Bad Taste in Boys by the uber-awesome Carrie Harris and can't wait to read it. Happy holidays and best of luck with BabyUn! ๐Ÿ™‚